Has Bush Been a Conservative?

Is President George W. Bush a conservative in practice? And if he is, what kind of a conservative?

George W. Bush came into office amid election controversy not seen since 1960. The mandate of this “Compassionate conservative” was diminish as he has tried to mend the fences and work with the Democratic Party. 9/11, a little less than a year after the election night controversy and subsequent political melee, temporarily tempered the criticism from the Democrats, and the War on Terror became the number one issue in America.

The question that I would like answered is: Has Bush ’43 stuck to a conservative agenda, domestically and abroad. For this argument a conservative agenda would be one defined as a tax cutting, fiscally responsible, family value centered, and strong on defense. No one prong can prove a conservative agenda and a holistic approach would be the best approach to evaluating whether Bush ’43 has been a conservative president.

Tax cutting: On this prong Bush would rate high has he made it a priority and scored on cutting taxes across the board. 3/4

Fiscally responsible: this is tough prong to evaluate considering the war on terror, however, it seems that even without the war on terror Bush has not held tight to the purse strings and instead has proposed spending increases from education to the space program. 0/4

Family value centered: from his promotion of abstinence only sex education, getting money into religious organizations through his faith based initiative, promoting marriage through education and his pronouncement that he is against gay marriage, he has shown a very strong adherence to promoting family values. 4/4

Defense: His evolution from criticizing of Nation building under the Clinton administration to a complete reversal has been quite amazing. However, it is the strategy of preemption and recognizing that to delay war is to the advantage of the enemy is a clear example of real-politics in action. But is this a conservative agenda? I would say yes, but not emphatically. 2/4

Total: 9/16

Posted by Miguel at January 18, 2004 6:08 PM