Christmas Wishes

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, and is having a great holiday season. This is one of the most special times of the year, and I hope that you all are having a great time, and that you have a safe and happy New Year’s as well.

Christmas, during a time of war, has always been especially significant in our nation’s history. This is the first Christmas since our War on Terrorism began during which our troops have been active in wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. There are many serious problems that have been occurring in these very tense situations.

There is a great deal of news - good and bad - that we have been hearing from places overseas. War situations are always going to be very difficult, and this is definitely true during the holidays as well. But here are some very interesting and refreshing items about an amazing event that happened during a previous war.

Peace in No Man's Land ~ Christmas 1914, Jennifer Rosenberg
The Christmas Truce ~ Fact and Fiction, BBC
The Christmas Truce - 1914
The Christmas Truce of WWI

Some of those were from my Christmas Eve entry from last year. The great conservative Christian blogger Mark Horne had a good entry this year about this as well.

I also wanted to include here a very insightful and thought-prokoving column from around this time two years ago by Col. David Hackworth, the renowned American war hero, military expert, and soldiers' advocate. Col. Hackworth's newest book, Steel My Soldiers' Hearts, was published not too long ago, and his other books are also available for purchase online or at your local bookstore. In addition, many American veterans, military personnel, and others have been reading Col. Hackworth's famous 'Defending America' column for the past few years. The column archive is available at, and is also published at, where there is also a forum for discussing the columns. Col. Hackworth bears the distinction of having been decorated more times than anyone else alive today.

Here is the column, at the site of Soldiers for the Truth, the organization that Col. Hackworth co-founded:

A Christmas Wish Ė Letís End Our Role as Globocop, Dec. 26, 2001

What the Colonel counsels in that column is very good advice, something that our government leaders should definitely heed, in the present time, and for the future as well.

I also remember coming across another excellent Christmastime column by Col. Hackworth during my first year of college:

Wanted: Peace Goodwill, and a Wise Leader, Dec. 21, 1999

Another very good piece, with very good advice for our country, our people, and our national leaders.

There are a lot of things going on today in our country, and throughout the world... And during this holiday season, we have the opportunity to reflect on all that has occurred during this year, and in years past. We do not know for certain what will result in the near and distant future, with regards to the situations, circumstances, and vital issues facing our communities, our country, our citizenry, and our world. But by learning all that we can about these topics, and by studying history, and learning from the successes and misdoings of the past, and by discussing, debating, and thinking about the situations and issues of the present, we can better the chances that things will go well in the future. We must work, hope, and pray for the best.

Posted by Aakash at December 30, 2003 1:47 AM