Khilafah: the new Evil Empire

Some time ago, I wrote a short essay which is related to and, in my opinion, clarifies the Bush Doctrine. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

An evil ideology is violently spreading throughout the world. Its adherents inflict countless death, suffering, and destruction. Many countries have already fallen to it: from Mauritania and Sudan to Malaysia and Pakistan. The ideology’s influence is spreading quickly into the Free World, particularly Europe. Its goal is the establishment of a worldwide totalitarian state that will crush all human freedom and decency. By attaching itself to religion, the ideology has become more virulent than even Communism and Nazism.

Unfortunately, there is still no one commonly-used word to refer to the ideology. Without such a word, it is difficult to discuss it or even to think about it. This works in the ideology's favor: we see that, paradoxically, there is still no solid opposition to it in most places. The adherents of the ideology seek to create a worldwide totalitarian super-state which they call Khilafah. Because of this, I think it is proper to call the ideology Khilafism, and an adherent of the ideology either a Khilafi or a Khilafist.


Posted by Alex at December 27, 2003 7:22 PM