Today in History

I did a blog entry last year on December 19th, with regard to a historic event that happened on this date a few years ago. Today is the fifth anniversary of a very significant and historic occurrence - one of the most historical political occurrences in many of our lives, in fact. It was a very exciting time to be a high school student following politics and current affairs. In the exciting and educational time period prior to what happened on this date in ‘98, I had been volunteering in the office of my Congressman. Last year, I wrote that, “It will be hard to forget the news, views, and debate which went on during this period” in our nation’s history, but now, looking at what has happened since then, it seems that the much of the public has formed many strong opinions about the current administration… We have been witnessing the same types of sentiments - anger, frustration, outrage, doubt, disappointment, skepticism, betrayal, admiration, praise, pride, amity, respect, and reverence - being strongly expressed, on both ends of the ideological and political spectrum, and everywhere in between. I am definitely not trying to compare different leaders, just noting that whoever is in charge, strong emotions, enthusiasms, passions, and anxieties are going to be present.

Though it has been five years, what occured during the last administration greatly impacted our lives - all of our lives, whether directly or indirectly. And those policies and actions of that administration continues to impact all of us today. I remember that there were many people who seemed very disinterested with politics and government in past years, but whether you're interested in it or not, it is undoubtedly interested in you. The events that have occured within the past few years are related to those occurrences of past years... And what this administration is now doing is bound to impact our country, and our people, for many years to come. It is imperative, therefore, that all of us - regardless of our age, occupation, income, or other status - pay close attention to current affairs and contemporary issues and debates. The more information and insight that we can obtain, the better chance there is that we will be able to form educated and reasoned opinions about what is going on in our communities, our nation, and our world today. There is more information available, and easily accessible, today than there has ever been in the past, and we should be taking advantage of this to learn as much as possible about the issues and events that have the potential to greatly impact our lives. Knowledge is power - and by doing as much reading, listening, discussing, learning, and thinking as we can, the greater the chance will be that we will have the knowledge and abilities to make the right decisions regarding issues that will impact our communities, our country, and our citizenry. And with so many educated voices and informed citizens in our nation, the better off our country and government will be.

Posted by Aakash at December 19, 2003 11:56 PM