The Domino Effect

… is starting. Tony Blair is announcing: Libya’s Gaddafi has voluntarily agreed to dismantle the nation’s WMDs and limit the range of its missiles to 300 km.

“This proves that this kind of action can be taken voluntarily and non-violently”, said Blair. He also said “this would have been unthinkable a few years ago.” (No link since I’m watching this live on CNN).

Wow! Long tenured dictators are beginning to cower. I wonder why.

PS: the peaceniks should still carry placards saying “Not in my name”.

Update: story here.

Update: William Safire weighs in:

After acknowledging Libyan responsibility, he has been trying to get U.S. oil companies back by promising to pay damages to the families of his victims.

That was not what caused this tyrant suddenly to confess to buying and developing chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and to promise to reveal all to inspectors. He was transformed into a pussycat by the force of American arms in stopping the spread of mass-destruction weaponry.

Why did Qaddafi have his spy chief, Musa Kussa, approach Britain's Tony Blair not France, Germany or the milquetoast U.N to get off George W. Bush's short list of rogue nations? The reason: Britain was America's primary ally in the war against Saddam and was the bridge to Washington. This shows that it pays to be a staunch friend of the U.S. in extending freedom and does not increase a nation's strategic importance to be America's political adversary.

Posted by Vivek at December 19, 2003 5:36 PM