Cutting out the weasels

Not to beat a dead horse, but about the Iraq contracts:

  • It is the US’s prerogative to spend spend its tax dollars as it sees fit.
  • It is absurd to reason that those countries that tried their best to derail the US should now be able to siphon off that money.
  • Equally rewarding those opposed to the war is tantamount to penalizing those that did support the war —- with their money, political capital, and lives.
  • Those cut out say that this discourages them to help —- but they weren’t helping anyway. All they gave were empty promises.
  • Isn’t it duplicitous for anti-war countries to now be clamoring over the spoils of a war they opposed tooth and nail?
  • A real incentive is now in place for countries that decide to change their position.

I’m sorry — but this is so blindingly obvious that the whole debate seems a bit funny to me.

Posted by Vivek at December 12, 2003 5:55 PM