Gov. Schwarzenegger leading a Revolution

San Francisco Chronicle on Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ascension to the top job in the nation’s most populous state is the culmination of one of the most earthshaking political sagas ever witnessed in America. Even six months ago, it seemed unfathomable that a Republican movie star could oust Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, a 30-year political veteran just elected to a second term.
With this move, the Republicans are becoming more of a populist power. And Democrats keep moving to the fringes of the American political psyche.

It is not that I see Republicans taking control of the political process, I just see the Democrats moving further and further to the left, possibly to some quasi-socialist group. I see the emergence of a third party or two that has a strong message as opposed to the current Democrat platform which pretty much involves "Uh, whatever they don't like, we like. So yeah." As far as the third party that will come out of this, I do not know. It will be apparent that if Bush wins in 2004 and even if Republicans maintain the status quo, a third party is going to take a huge step forward. More and more people will find that Democrats offer no real alternative to Republicans (one only has to look at the most successful Democrat in the last quarter century, Bill Clinton: Republican lite, to see that they offer no other solution).

I am more interested to see what those on the liberal side are thinking about the latest round of governorships that have gone to Republicans that have been traditional Democratic hold outs. Is this the beginning of the end for the Democrats?

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