Pew Survey on 2004 Political Landscape

The Pew Center’s latest survey gauges trends important for the coming 2004 election. Some snippets:

  • In registered voters the two parties are neck-to-neck: 33% Republican, 34% Democrat, 33% other.
  • Bush ties with an unnamed Democrat for President, but wins by at least 6 points over the current Democratic candidates —- the closest is Gephardt. However, historically this is common at this stage in the campaign.

  • The Gender Gap: men favor Bush 50% - 36%, women favor a Democrat 49% - 38%.
  • "The government should help the needy": 72% Democrats in favor, 39% Republicans.
  • "Corporations are too powerful": 87% Democrats agree, 62% Republicans.
  • "The best way to ensure peace is through military strength": 44% Democrats agree (lowest ever - down 55% from last year), 69% Republicans. Surprisingly, for the first time there is no gender gap on this issue. Also, only 41% college grads agree, which is the lowest so far.
  • Who is Big Brother? 77% are worried about businesses collecting too much information about them, and 57% say the same for the government.
  • "In both 2000 and the current surveys, Democrats do best among the most and least educated groups (those with a post-graduate education and those who did not finish high school), while Bush holds slim margins among those in the middle. "
Posted by Vivek at November 12, 2003 6:29 AM