Bush Doctrine: Global Democratic Revolution

At last, Bush coherently explains the doctrine behind his foreign policy. He calls the doctrine Global Democratic Revolution. Its goal is to preserve individual freedom in the face of dictatorial regimes throughout the entire world. In the recent past, the Free World has withstood the Nazi attack. Under American leadership, it liberated the people of the world from Communism. Now, it is time to bring freedom to the Middle East and to finally bury the Khilafah, the totalitarial empire which the terrorists and the dictators of the Middle East are trying to build.

In his speech, Bush recounted all that America has done to preserve freedom in the recent past. He mentioned how America restored West Germany and protected Greece from Communism during the Cold War. The funny thing is that today, America is (almost) alone in her fight for freedom. Europe, and Greece in particular, again wants to appease a totalitarian scourge.

There is a common myth, propagated by Khilafi leaders, and willingly swallowed by the multiculturalists, that it is impossible to have freedom in the Khilafah for "cultural" reasons. Somehow, the Western culture accomodates freedom, while the Middle Eastern culture is an anathema that only promotes "submission" to dictators. Such sentiments are false and blatantly bigoted. Freedom is a basic human need: "culture" has nothing to do with it. I was happy to hear that, in his speech, Bush specifically renounced the myth, saying that everyone deserves freedom.

Posted by Alex at November 6, 2003 4:28 PM | TrackBack (1)