Opponents take aim at abortion bill

No more than one hour after President Bush signed a much-needed bill banning partial-birth abortions, opponents of the bill are already challenging it. A district judge even went so far as to issue a temporary restraining order on the ban.

“U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf issued a temporary restraining order citing concerns that the law did not contain an exception for preserserving [sic] the health of the woman seeking the abortion,” The Guardian said Wednesday. “He said his order would apply only to the four doctors who filed the lawsuit in Nebraska.”

However, the bill “includes an exception to protect the mother’s life” BPNews reported earlier today. “It also declares in its findings that the method [partial-birth abortion] is neither safe for women nor necessary to preserve their health.”

Opponents will use anything to get around this one, even if it includes a little fibbing.

Posted by Deleted Author at November 5, 2003 5:08 PM