All the reasons not to vote for Kucinich, in one convenient place

Muslims for Kucinich is a blog in support of the Democratic candidate for President that, ironically, lists all the reasons not to vote for him. Here is just a sample of the recently posted reasons:

Why Muslims Should Support Dennis Kucinich for President: Kucinich is a pacifist who opposes the right of free countries to defend themselves against the Khilafi onslaught: he voted against the Patriot Act, and, should he be elected President, promised to repeal it; he is “the most vocal opponent” of the war in Iraq; and he is against Israel’s right to defend itself against the PLO.

What’s more, Kucinich advocates more government regulation of business. He is endorsed by CAIR [more about them here] and by the Greens [about them]. Etc, etc, etc. If you want to see more, visit the blog.

Posted by Alex at October 30, 2003 6:24 AM