Fresh off his win in California and a moving day scheduled for next month, Schwarzenegger’s victory is furiously being played down by prominent Democrats. And while his win may not mean Bush can take California in 2004, as some Republican strategists hope, its magnitude should not be overlooked.

But that’s not how California Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres sees it. He even went so far as to call the Republican mandate “an aberration,” USA Today reported last night.

A quick look at the facts shows that the Golden State may may be shifting:

  • "Schwarzenegger and McClintock got 41% of Latino votes. Bush got 29% in 2000."
  • "The two Republican gubernatorial candidates got two-thirds of the votes of people who consider themselves moderates. Bush was supported by 38% of moderates."
  • "59% of women voted for Schwarzenegger or McClintock. In 2000, Bush got 37%."

In spite of this, Democratic spinsters see the election as having been, as USA Today put it, "driven by fury at Davis, not the appeal of the Republican Party."

But not only did Republicans receive five points more than the entire Davis recall vote, Democrats pulled a meager 30+ percent, compared with 60+ for Republicans. If that doesn't scream appeal, I don't know what does.

Posted by Deleted Author at October 24, 2003 5:21 AM