Machiavellian Advice

Don’t give Dean a free ride! Have you ever noticed that, despite the repeated promises to the contrary, every campaign goes negative at some point? Itís a fact of politics and the higher the stakes the dirtier it gets. The secret is being able to attack your opponent with a smile on your face; be negative in a positive way. Yeah I know, itís a contradiction but you get the point. So far Lieberman is showing himself to be the wisest of the bunch, forecasting that “The Bush recession would be followed by the Dean depression.” If you know a fight is inevitable, there is no shame in taking the first punch. Dean is likely McCain-esque and prone to mistakes when heís angry. The Dems need to realize that they have to beat him before they beat Bush

Posted by Mike Van Winkle at September 5, 2003 3:13 PM