Candidatos Democratas

I hardly think the Democrats could make their desperation and “divide and conquer” politics more obvious. In Thursday’s debate they stood beneath a bilingual debate sign and even attempted to turn a phrase or two in espaņol. The problem is that Latinos are a different kind of bloc. They tend toward very conservative social politics but liberal economics. Bush was able to win lots of Latino votes in 2000 based on his “progressive” attitude toward immigration. But since 9/11 that attitude has changed substantially. Democrats are probably going to try to push him on this and will probably regain most of their lost Latino votes. The risk however is two fold. The Dems have to be careful not to offend their labor constituents who are often anti-immigration. So don’t expect Gephardt to pander as much as the others; he has the most to lose. The other risk is appearing weak on border control, i.e. National Security.

Posted by Mike Van Winkle at September 5, 2003 3:12 PM