Democracy in Iraq moves forward

Thanks to the liberation of Iraq and the wise policies of George Bush, Iraqis finally have a chance at mastering their own destinies:

Iraqis have inaugurated a broadly representative governing council months after the collapse of former President Saddam Hussein's regime. The establishment of the council will give Iraqis a certain measure of political control over a war-torn country still occupied by the U.S. and British forces.

The Iraqi Governing Council will join hands with the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)--a U.S-led body that administers Iraq's occupation--to play a central role in rehabilitating the country.

A full three months has passed since Saddam's ouster. This shows that it is not an easy task to fill the political vacuum created by the fall of the long-running dictatorial regime.

(The Japanese writer ironically fails to mention how long it took for Japan or Germany to have their own governments more than half a century ago.)

The actual speed of the US in getting Iraqis to govern themselves is surprising even to supporters such as myself. Surrounding governments may be caught off guard by the speed of democracy spreading in a former fascist state.

Soon, it won't only be Iraqis who are glad George Bush was elected president in 2000.

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