The Terminator California's next govenor?

What a Schwarzenegger might look like.

Guest columnist Sheri Annis at the National Review has a fairly glowing report on Arnold Schwarzenegger and the possiblity that he might become the governor of California in short order. Annis was press secretary for Schwarzenegger during his recently successful initiative drive for a popular after-school program.

Although Schwarzenegger is known best as an actor, he is just as much a businessman and CEO of the Arnold empire. He has managed large budgets and understands the importance of focusing on the bottom line. The recall's winner will be handed the dubious prize of a $38-billion budget gap. Schwarzenegger might be just the person to take a crack at terminating California's record deficit.

But first he must do battle in a very different arena. During the campaign to increase after-school programs, I saw how entertainment reporters were often fawning toward Arnold. They are accustomed to ingratiating themselves with stars so they will get first crack at future interviews and photo spreads.

Political reporters were deferential toward Schwarzenegger last time, but in a gubernatorial campaign they will dig much deeper. This time the actor would be putting himself, not a mother-and-apple-pie cause, on the line.

The basis for Schwarzenegger's chances at the top spot in California is simple:

California voters are on the brink of deciding whether to green-light a ballot measure to recall Davis, the most unpopular governor in Golden State history, who was reelected last November during a pathetically low-turnout election. While such a recall is the definition of bad public policy, requiring simply that the officeholder be considered "unsatisfactory," the effort is moving along at warp speed.

If the measure receives the required 900,000 signatures, voters would make a simultaneous one-two punch on whether to oust Davis and, on the same ballot, pick his successor. That means Schwarzenegger could propel himself onto the recall bandwagon without having to win a divisive Republican primary. He can appeal to fiscally responsible, socially moderate California voters from all parties. It is, in short, the perfect storm for launching his long-anticipated political career.

Governor Terminator anyone?

Posted by Deleted User at July 2, 2003 7:51 AM