No Peace While Hamas Exists

I’ve come to the conculsion that there will never be peace in the Middle East until Hamas (and Islamic Jihad, etc) are annihilated. Ariel Sharon is right to declare all out war on Hamas; each time it appears peace may be on the horizon, Hamas blows up another busload of women and children.

Ehud Barak some years ago offered the Palestinians 97% of what they wanted but they didn't take it. Why? Because it is the desire of the "Palestinian leadership" to wipe Israel off the map, not to peacefully coexist. Just last week a Hamas leader vowed once again to kill "every Jew in Palestine." I believe he was further quoted as saying "even your women and children are valid targets" or something to that effect. You can not reason or negotiate with someone or an organization that is so committed to the destruction of their enemy. The only way that Israel will ever live in peace is when they have destroyed (pre-emptively!) those Arabs who seek their destruction. (Or they offer to fling every Jew in Israel into the sea, but that would be counterproductive...)

Now, last last week I heard that President Bush and some other top-ranking officials are making noise that we may need to send troops to help Israel destroy Hamas. While part of me does agree with this position, I have to disagree overall. Israel is more than capable of wiping out Hamas, they just need to decide to do it. I think they have finally made that decision. What the US needs to do is give them free reign to do what is needed. Colin Powel and the President need to offer words of support, not calls for restraint, as Israel goes about their mission.

Posted by joeyGibson at June 16, 2003 10:41 PM