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12/28/2018: The Weaponizing of Felipe Alonzo-Gomez & Jakelin Caal
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10/31/2018: The Caravan - The Border With Mexico is Congress' Job
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12/31/2017: Think Locally; Act Locally: In Praise of Being Narrow Minded
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02/02/2017: Liberals
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12/29/2016: A Liberal World View
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05/26/2016: They Will Shoot at Rick Santorum
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05/18/2016: Whose Convention Will Be Filled With More Angry People?
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05/05/2016: Two Unclean Choices Ahead for Conservatives
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04/27/2016: Trump Steams Kristol Dreams
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02/23/2016: Could Rubio Shift and Shuffle His Way to the Nomination?
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01/29/2016: Sweden and Certitudes on Illegal Immigration
01/27/2016: The Fox, the Manhattan Mammal, and the Wolves: a Fable
01/25/2016: Hello Joe
01/19/2016: There ain't enough beer in the world to make that woman look good
01/16/2016: When young people who want to get rich think of ways to do it, politics should not be among the top choices.
01/15/2016: The Moment Ted Cruz Looked Like a Frat Boy
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01/08/2016: Is Gun Violence Really a Pathology?
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12/27/2015: Change outcome by changing habits & behaviors
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08/17/2015: I would not vote for Trump
08/16/2015: Members of the community often know the killers. If black lives matter, maybe share that information with the authorities
08/13/2015: How did we lose Iraq?
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02/28/2015: Fracking for the best reasons
02/24/2015: After Scott V. Jeb, How's Ben Doing?
02/23/2015: The Question Giuliani Asked
02/19/2015: Fighting ISIS: Resolute Leadership From Other Countries
02/12/2015: What the Left Gets With Liz Warren
02/11/2015: Joni Ernst and State Rights
02/05/2015: Does Amnesty Bother Mitch As Much As Ted and Jeff?
02/02/2015: What Did Jeb and Mitt Talk About?
01/29/2015: Necessary Questions: What Should Be Addressed at the SoD Hearings (but Won't)
01/27/2015: Sarah Palin, Once Upon a Time
01/22/2015: Oil: Saudi Arabia's WMD and Weapon of Economic Revenge
01/20/2015: Russia: More Dangerous Than Before
01/16/2015: Out of Focus on Terrorism
01/12/2015: Not Fatalism in the Face of Fanaticism
01/05/2015: Gohmert vs. Boehner Speaker Challenge
12/31/2014: The GAO's Smooth Descending Line
12/26/2014: U.S. 3rd Quarter GDP Best Since 2003
12/23/2014: Blood on whose hands
12/22/2014: Looking for real leadership
12/18/2014: Constitutional right to protest
12/17/2014: Obama did good on Cuba
12/16/2014: Lighten up 2
12/15/2014: To Drone or not to Drone
12/09/2014: Different Democrats
12/08/2014: Economy is finally getting back where it belongs
12/05/2014: The reason we need rule of law, not mob hysteria
12/04/2014: Hands up, don't shoot
12/03/2014: The Departure of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
12/01/2014: Causes of black poverty and inequality
11/27/2014: What would Martin Luther King say about Furguson?
11/25/2014: Profile in courage - justice done in Ferguson
11/24/2014: Saving and risking black lives
11/24/2014: Old accusations: Jackson, Cosby et al
11/21/2014: Obama out to destroy America?
11/20/2014: What we learned from Barack Obama - Advice for the next Republican
11/19/2014: Dealing with inequality
11/18/2014: Defend the rule of law
11/17/2014: Ferguson & the rule of law. Protestors should stay home.
11/16/2014: Amnesty for Illegals
11/14/2014: GMOs restoring nature
11/13/2014: How stupid are you?
11/12/2014: Breathtaking Democratic hypocrisy on Keystone pipeline
11/10/2014: Being grateful for the Koch Brothers
11/08/2014: Presidential ambitions. Hillary, really?
11/08/2014: Old white people
11/07/2014: The Death of Gaddafi and Libya Three Years Later
11/05/2014: Something new
11/04/2014: No joy for Democrats
11/04/2014: Drama in Virginia & Elsewhere
11/04/2014: An oil man in the White House again
11/02/2014: Identifying the right solution requires identifying the right problem
11/01/2014: Democrats playing with the fire of racism
10/30/2014: The Real War Against Women
10/27/2014: Bitcoin Swatting in New York
10/23/2014: Could the Ottawa Shooter Have Been Stopped?
10/20/2014: Panetta Spills the Beans on Obama's Foreign Policy
10/14/2014: Colorado Please Just Vote
10/11/2014: Free markets & peace
10/10/2014: If you vote Democrat this fall you are voting for Obama
10/09/2014: News today about dropping energy prices
10/06/2014: The Secret Service Debacle: Terrifying
10/01/2014: Obama and the ISIS Blame Game
09/26/2014: Farewell Eric Holder!
09/24/2014: The Disconnect between the President and His Generals
09/22/2014: Scottish Independence From the Viewpoint of An American
09/18/2014: The dilemma of dilettantes
09/16/2014: The Obama Presidency a Failure According to a Majority of Americans
09/11/2014: Welles Crowther: The Man in the Red Bandanna
09/11/2014: 9/11: Benghazi 2 Years Later & No Answers
09/08/2014: The GOP and Paycheck Equity
09/05/2014: At a Loss over Putin
09/03/2014: No Strategy, No Leadership
08/31/2014: Obama compared to great presidents
08/28/2014: The Militarization of U.S. Police
08/26/2014: Islamic State: the Greatest Threat to the U.S. Is a JV Basketball Team
08/21/2014: An honest discussion of race
08/19/2014: A Real Political Witch-Hunt: the Indictment of Rick Perry
08/18/2014: Libertarians, Conservatives, and the GOP
08/12/2014: Parsing the Possible GOP 2016 Candidates: Part III, the Leaders.
08/11/2014: Parsing the Possible GOP 2016 Candidates: Part II, the Middle Ground.
08/08/2014: Democrats for impeachment
08/05/2014: Parsing the Possible GOP 2016 Candidates: Part I, Bottom of the Pack
08/01/2014: Hamas Tunnels
07/29/2014: The Realm of Possibility: Impeaching President Obama
07/27/2014: Too late now to regret voting for Obama
07/22/2014: Attorney General Holder: Racism, not Poor Job Performance Fuels Anger Against Obama
07/15/2014: Governor Perry and President Obama: Difference of Opinion on the Border
07/09/2014: Goodbye Clinton, Obama for Warren in 2016: What If It Is True?
07/07/2014: Clinton moves away from Obama
07/05/2014: Hobby Lobby Disinformation
07/03/2014: President Obama Polls As Worst President since WWII
07/01/2014: Hobby Lobby Case
06/30/2014: Iraqi PM Nouri Al Maliki: a Case Study in Delusion
06/25/2014: Lighten up
06/24/2014: The Trials of Hillary Clinton
06/18/2014: A Proper Response to Iraq
06/09/2014: Sen. Paul on the GOP Candidate in 2016: How He Is Right and Wrong
06/06/2014: D-Day 70 Years Later: a Moment for Reflection
06/04/2014: U.S.-Polish Relations: Undoing What's Already Been Done
06/02/2014: President Obama at West Point: Foreign Policy Without Focus
05/31/2014: Carney and Shinseki: Two Resignations in a Day Don't Instill Confidence
05/20/2014: Federal Minimum Wage Increase: More Money for What?
05/16/2014: Charlie Crist: Just Stop It
05/13/2014: Is Putin Making a Move Towards Totalitarianism? You Tell Me
05/08/2014: Jon Huntsman: the Eternal Outsider
05/07/2014: The Kingdom Realizes Its Own Strength
05/05/2014: Most Americans make it to the top 20%
05/01/2014: America still gives opportunity to everyone
04/28/2014: U.S. Supreme Court Takes Action Against Affirmative Action
04/23/2014: Senator McCain and the Ukraine: Overenthusiasm
04/21/2014: Teethering on the Brink: Eastern Ukraine
04/12/2014: How privileged are you?
04/10/2014: School's "Zero Tolerance" Does "Zero Good"
04/08/2014: Iran's UN Appointment: Deserving of a Measured Response
04/03/2014: Cutting the Tomahawk Missile: Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish
04/02/2014: What do we "owe" society
04/01/2014: Obamacare: April Fool's Joke is On America
03/28/2014: The death of common sense
03/22/2014: The culture of poverty
03/14/2014: Koch brothers: liberals current straw men
03/09/2014: Lower long-term prospects
03/04/2014: Frack you, Valdimir
03/03/2014: Inequality - good, bad and neutral
03/01/2014: The righteousness of the free market
02/24/2014: Minimum wage rise kills jobs
02/23/2014: Better behavior leads to success
02/22/2014: Take appearance into account when you are out in public.
02/21/2014: Each day better energy news
02/20/2014: Management, workers and unions
02/17/2014: Big plans usually come to grief - lessons from a German energy plan
02/15/2014: A smile and a shoeshine
02/14/2014: Hunting for the common good
02/13/2014: Don't mess with the weatherman
02/09/2014: NAACP rally against IDs demands ID
02/07/2014: Are we just getting used to poor performance?
02/05/2014: ObamaCare lets people not work - this is horrible
02/03/2014: Build those pipleline, railroads & energy infrastructure
01/30/2014: Sports have a great role in any healthy society, but a sports obsessed society is not healthy
01/28/2014: Nothing is better than Obama policy
01/24/2014: Liberals lack empathy
01/18/2014: ObamaCare continues to fail in ever more imaginative ways
01/17/2014: War on poverty
01/16/2014: Health care prices and competition
01/14/2014: Losing ground
01/13/2014: Unemployment falls to 6.7% as more Americans quit looking for work
01/08/2014: How to fight poverty
01/06/2014: Healthy McDonald's diets with Coca-Cola
01/03/2014: Stingy v Generous
01/02/2014: Medicaid increases visits to emergency rooms
01/01/2014: Sticking it to the Man
12/31/2013: 80% of world poverty already eliminated in our lifetimes
12/30/2013: Insidious & underrated cause of growing inequality
12/27/2013: We won in Iraq ... and then pissed it away
12/26/2013: The real stimulus at work
12/25/2013: Needing to cut costs is a blessing
12/24/2013: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
12/19/2013: Obama lied; ObamaCare died
12/17/2013: Tea Party members smarter than others about science
12/16/2013: How the world has changed
12/15/2013: Obama scammed his way to victory
12/14/2013: Hating equality
12/12/2013: Obama wins lie of the year award
12/11/2013: Raise the minimum wage
12/09/2013: Medicaid scam - we don't need no stinking picture ID
12/07/2013: Scott Walker progressive in the Wisconsin tradition
12/05/2013: The Patriot Fast
12/04/2013: Fracking stimulus beats Obama doldrums
11/30/2013: Worthless rich folks
11/27/2013: Conservative policies working better to curb greenhouse gases
11/26/2013: Did Democrats understand ObamaCare?
11/25/2013: Is Obama substandard?
11/22/2013: A silly little communist killed Kennedy
11/20/2013: Obama reach exceeds his grasp
11/18/2013: "Substandard" & debacles of ObamaCare proportions
11/17/2013: Best U.S. High Schools
11/14/2013: Obama down, out?
11/13/2013: If the Feds ran supermarkets, would you expect cheaper food ...
11/09/2013: Charles Krauthammer and C&J
11/07/2013: Reach for the practical center
10/29/2013: Obamacare Flop
10/24/2013: Green AND Growing - U.S. CO2 emissions drop again
10/19/2013: Dissappointing Obama
10/18/2013: Good forestry not easy for everybody to understand
10/16/2013: Obama expected 500,000 to sign up for Obamacare this month
10/15/2013: Still can't get Obamacare. Will you have to pay the penalty for not doing what cannot be done?
10/14/2013: Time to end racial & gender profiling
10/13/2013: Bureaucratization of everything
10/12/2013: Time for foreigners to pull their own weight
10/09/2013: Opening the parks and Wisconsin schools Obama
10/08/2013: Occupy America
10/06/2013: Memories real and imaginary
10/05/2013: Best job growth ever (thirty years ago)
10/04/2013: Why not fund some things if we cannot fund all things?
10/04/2013: U.S. world's #1 energy producer
10/03/2013: Fair compromises
10/02/2013: Women earned majority of doctoral degrees in 2012 for 4th straight year, and outnumber men in grad school 141 to 100
10/01/2013: Senate rejects House bill; government shuts down
09/30/2013: Men work more than women; rich work more than poor
09/26/2013: Media Outlash On Ted Cruz
09/24/2013: Fracking 99% successful
09/17/2013: Why American women don't choose to study STEM
09/16/2013: Good environmental news again
09/15/2013: Driving less now and forever?
09/14/2013: Lost generation v greedy geezers
09/13/2013: New York back to the bad old days
09/11/2013: Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?
09/09/2013: Measuring the true stimulus
09/08/2013: Reasonable North Carolina voting ID law
09/06/2013: Obama Doldrums continue
09/05/2013: High cost of Obamacare
09/04/2013: Obama Still Has Time for Tweeting
08/27/2013: Making fun of liberals.
08/19/2013: Voting rights achieved; racism greatly diminished
08/18/2013: The beatings will continue until morale improves
08/16/2013: Peak gasoline
08/14/2013: AFL-CIO Struggling With Membership Signals Greater Problem
08/13/2013: Sequester is working
08/07/2013: Mr. Hollywood or Mr. President?
08/06/2013: Al Qaeda Threat Halts US Diplomatic Activity
08/03/2013: Millennials in the Workplace
08/01/2013: America #1 again
07/31/2013: The real stimulus
07/30/2013: Obama's middle class
07/29/2013: The most important man you've never heard of has died.
07/19/2013: Romany Malco Writes 'Message to Trayvon Martin Sypathsizers'
07/14/2013: George Zimmerman not guilty. Discuss
07/14/2013: Vegetarians are bad for the environment
07/13/2013: Being a good American
07/07/2013: Wood: renewable fuel of past/future
06/28/2013: Success secrets: you weren't paying attention
06/23/2013: Success Secrets from a Surprisingly Successful Lazy Man
06/20/2013: That immigrant debate is so yesterday's problem
06/19/2013: Official: Obesity is a Disease
06/17/2013: Let's talk about government
06/16/2013: When killing yourself makes sense
06/14/2013: House Republicans Bucking Party Hierarchy
06/13/2013: Red Line Crossed: Now What?
06/12/2013: Automatic Weapons and Taxes: the IRS
06/11/2013: Security or Liberty... you can't have both.
06/10/2013: Help! I am not partisan enough
06/09/2013: You are consistent thing in all your bad relationships
06/08/2013: The menace of getting too much for free
06/07/2013: What does racism mean
06/06/2013: Obama data mining Verison - good
06/05/2013: Obama's honesty
06/03/2013: Republicans Reiterate to Holder: Perjury Is a Crime
06/02/2013: Green infrastructure
06/01/2013: The future belongs to liberals
05/30/2013: Scandals knocking down Obama's approval rating
05/29/2013: Believing gay is natural is so not liberal
05/27/2013: Socializing risk
05/24/2013: ObamaCare still not popular
05/22/2013: Which of the Obama scandals is the worst?
05/20/2013: Obama folks spying on reporters
05/20/2013: Good news on race in America
05/19/2013: Gun violence dropping for twenty years
05/18/2013: How can we close the gender gap?
05/17/2013: Scarcity v Abundance
05/16/2013: The list of IRS victims grows
05/15/2013: Common origins
05/12/2013: New saints
05/11/2013: Democrat war on women
05/10/2013: IRS targeting conservatives
05/09/2013: Stop being victims
05/07/2013: Don't spend a dollar for a nickel solution
05/06/2013: Reasonable regulation
05/05/2013: Gotta do it
05/02/2013: Some liberal things just don't work
05/01/2013: Learn Latin
05/01/2013: A World Undone
04/29/2013: Energy crisis is over - we won
04/28/2013: End racial preferences now
04/27/2013: Greenpeace gets kicked back
04/20/2013: The forestry secret of happiness
04/19/2013: This Week in a Nutshell
04/18/2013: Senate Rejection of Background Checks
04/14/2013: Turning points for a conservative
04/04/2013: Good forestry or politicized environmentalism
03/27/2013: Worse than a crap shoot
03/26/2013: Human imagination trumps shortages
03/20/2013: Defeat for the stupid greens
03/20/2013: Bringing down healthcare costs
03/19/2013: Fed balance sheets
03/17/2013: Individuals and groups?
03/16/2013: Good news for America (at least outside the beltway)
03/12/2013: Changes in government spending
03/08/2013: Global warming benefits
03/05/2013: Hugo Chavez Dead
03/01/2013: Sky didn't fall
02/27/2013: Most Americans materially better off than their parents
02/14/2013: Accomplishments: real and imaginary
02/13/2013: An expense, not an investment
02/13/2013: Where we agreed
02/12/2013: Education: what works?
02/11/2013: Trends don't continue
02/09/2013: Polar bears populations growing - an inconvenient truth
02/06/2013: A Federal education program that works
02/04/2013: As good as it gets?
02/02/2013: We did it before and we can do it again
02/02/2013: Learning from success and mistakes of others
02/01/2013: Obama second in big race; Republican leader next to last
01/31/2013: Coca-Cola is good for you
01/30/2013: U.S. economy contracted by 0.1 percent
01/29/2013: Does the President have to obey court rulings?
01/28/2013: Forced to buy imaginary fuel, pay government with imaginary money?
01/27/2013: Immigration world turned upside down
01/23/2013: Women in combat
01/22/2013: Bush = Obama
01/20/2013: Obama's white guys
01/18/2013: Don't pay politicians if they don't do their jobs
01/17/2013: End the ethanol mandate, other subsidies
01/16/2013: Habits of the heart
01/14/2013: Might it be good to have a budget before we borrow and spend?
01/13/2013: Time and time again
01/12/2013: What changed? Obama's flu?
01/09/2013: Come on and take a free ride
01/06/2013: Take poverty personally
01/03/2013: Anti-science liberals
12/30/2012: Science beats fear
12/26/2012: Obamacare will cost us all more than he said
12/23/2012: Science is politically incorrect
12/22/2012: Forward to a better environmental future
12/20/2012: Propaganda
12/18/2012: American's only black senator is a Republican
12/16/2012: Choosing to be fat
12/14/2012: Prayers Instead of Politics...
12/14/2012: Let the rich pay
12/12/2012: "There will be blood"
12/10/2012: Soul-crushing dependency
12/08/2012: Are they better off today?
12/05/2012: Climate change challenges
12/04/2012: Republicans Will Take All the Heat...
12/02/2012: The college bubble
11/25/2012: Improbable energy future
11/25/2012: Is tipping your favorite waitress a form of corruption?
11/24/2012: Challenges of true people
11/17/2012: Unions kill twinkies.
11/13/2012: And Frustration Begins ... Again
11/11/2012: A Bright American Future
11/09/2012: Saving paper kills trees
11/09/2012: The future belongs to us
11/08/2012: A personal interlude after the elections
11/06/2012: Congratulations
11/05/2012: The best man wins
11/05/2012: Repeating History...
11/02/2012: Unemployment rate rises to 7.9%
11/01/2012: Bigger classes better?
10/31/2012: Where are Obama's Priorities?
10/30/2012: Women & men get paid what they are worth
10/28/2012: Knowing you're doing the right thing in your forest
10/26/2012: Affirmative action: end it
10/24/2012: Obama Makes Midday Stop in Denver
10/24/2012: The energy world turned upside down
10/23/2012: John McCain Says Romney Will Keep America Safe
10/20/2012: Romney's tax cap is a brilliant idea
10/19/2012: Obama/Romney good humor
10/17/2012: 'Binders' Full of Women? Really?
10/16/2012: Romney wins
10/15/2012: Clinton Responsible for Security of Diplomats?
10/14/2012: Support the President
10/13/2012: Reading list
10/12/2012: Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for forth year
09/29/2012: A triator to my generation ...
09/26/2012: Debates Only One Week Away
09/24/2012: America still #1 in something that really matters
09/21/2012: Has anyone on this blog given more to charity or paid more taxes than Romney?
09/20/2012: Sorry, Did Romney's Video Offend You?
09/18/2012: Scott Brown Clarifies His Tax Cut Vote
09/17/2012: How bad regulations force bad loans
09/13/2012: Median Income Falls Again.
09/10/2012: CIA not guilty
09/08/2012: Regression toward the mean
09/05/2012: We used to be #1 & can be again
09/01/2012: We Did it Again (Take that you pessimists)
08/29/2012: Ann Romney Makes a Splash at RNC
08/27/2012: The RNC Goes On
08/25/2012: Educational Reform & Distance Learning
08/22/2012: Asia Set to Top World's Wealthy By 2050
08/19/2012: Market forces Bring U.S CO2 Emissions to 20-year Low
08/17/2012: Ryan Releases His Tax Returns
08/15/2012: Biden Had a Blunder-ful Trip in VA
08/11/2012: Heroes of the Non-Working Class
08/08/2012: Obama's Credibility Dwindling
08/05/2012: Genetic Determinism & Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors
08/01/2012: Investments for the Future
07/29/2012: Batman v the occupy Wall Street types
07/26/2012: Chick-fil-A & free speech under attack
07/24/2012: Democrats Love to Segregate Policy
07/19/2012: Right Sizing
07/18/2012: Same Sex Marriage Propaganda
07/17/2012: 7 Habit of Highly Effective People
07/11/2012: Gov. Ventura Takes A Stand Against TSA
06/25/2012: Federal Confusion in Arizona
06/23/2012: Old Dogs
06/16/2012: Right Thinking
06/15/2012: One Size Doesn't Fit All
06/13/2012: An Unconventional Republican
06/11/2012: Boehner's Life Lesson To All
06/09/2012: Who Wants to Live Forever?
06/07/2012: U.S. New World Leader in Reducing CO2 Emissions
06/03/2012: CO2 Emissions: Green Can Be Less Efficient
05/30/2012: Obama's Big Spending Denial
05/29/2012: Republican Enthusiasm Is the X-Factor
05/29/2012: The Maturing American Dream
05/26/2012: Robin Hood
05/26/2012: The Near Perfect Stimulus (this one will work and is already contributing to our recover more than most government spending))
05/20/2012: North Dakota Tops Alaska in Oil Output
05/12/2012: Authors
05/07/2012: Against Austerity & Reality
05/06/2012: Arguing from/for Ignorance
05/04/2012: Obama Doldrums & a Better Future for My Kids
05/01/2012: Collective Effort versus Collectivism
04/28/2012: Environmental Paradoxes
04/27/2012: Ask not what your country can do for you ...
04/24/2012: Pigs, Chickens and Human Beings
04/23/2012: End of this immigration wave
04/22/2012: How Cute
04/20/2012: Rock-Paper-Scissors Solutions
04/15/2012: Creating Wealth is Your Responsibilty
04/03/2012: Mistakes of Others & Ours
03/31/2012: Environmental Reformation
03/27/2012: Who Marches for Them?
03/16/2012: Blame for High Gas Prices
03/15/2012: Gender Imbalances
03/13/2012: Are you the 99% or of the 1%?
03/08/2012: Not Pulling Their Own Weight
03/07/2012: An Energy Two Step
03/03/2012: Occupation Returns
02/25/2012: Desire v capacity
02/19/2012: Regulations' High Costs
02/16/2012: End of the Race
02/09/2012: Rain Dancers
02/08/2012: Oil & Gas to the Rescue
02/05/2012: An American Trinity
02/03/2012: Groundhog Day
01/28/2012: Progressive Wisconsin
01/22/2012: Trying to Understand the Great Depression and the Recent Recession
01/21/2012: We are alone in the vast universe
01/15/2012: Illegal Logging
01/14/2012: Romney Ethical & Honest; Attackers Liars
01/13/2012: Index of Economic Freedom 2012
01/11/2012: Romney Adding Value and Creating Success
01/10/2012: Making the Grade
01/07/2012: How Violence has Declined & Why you Didn't Notice
01/02/2012: The Democrats' Secret Weapon
01/02/2012: Return to Reason with my Man Mitt
12/31/2011: Ghosts of New Year Past
12/31/2011: Homeless not Hopeless
12/30/2011: Nanny State not progressive enough
12/29/2011: Why Men (Still) Usually Make More Money Than Women
12/28/2011: Thanks
12/27/2011: Political Expedients Trump Good Energy Policy
12/25/2011: Shut Up & Be Grateful
12/20/2011: Clean Up Wall Street & Reform Finance.
12/18/2011: Fact Checking
12/17/2011: Our Responsibilities to Each Other
12/12/2011: Guilty Minds
12/11/2011: Change comes on little cat feet.
12/06/2011: Accountable Regulators
12/04/2011: What Government Does for People They do Not for Themselves
12/02/2011: High Cost of Higher Education
12/01/2011: The Good, the Bad and the Horny: Part II
11/28/2011: The Case Against Crony Capitalism
11/26/2011: Differences worth Noting
11/25/2011: The Good, the Bad and the Horny: Part I
11/23/2011: Results of the Pipeline Pocket Veto
11/22/2011: The Poor & the Near Poor and other BS Categories
11/21/2011: Does Obama Deserve a Second Term or Why Should Not Old Men Be Mad?
11/20/2011: What do you think of this?
11/19/2011: Obama's Money Machine
11/15/2011: The Obama Buck Stops Nowhere
11/12/2011: Can We Get Along w/o Illegal Workers?
11/11/2011: Cain Accused, or, Show Me the Money
11/11/2011: Things we should not forget
11/10/2011: Your Taxes
11/05/2011: We are all the 99%; Let's stick it to "the Man"
11/05/2011: Simple Answers to Energy & Economy
11/04/2011: Obama says that if he loses the U.S. is in for a painful period of self-reliance
11/03/2011: Equality, not Possible or Desirable
11/02/2011: Mind your Business; Doing What you Can
11/01/2011: Be Angry (maybe even sleep raw in the park to show your rage)
10/30/2011: Things 99% of us Agree About
10/27/2011: Throw Bread & You Attract Pigeons and Rats
10/27/2011: Cain Is More Than Able
10/26/2011: People Before Profits?
10/22/2011: Witch Doctors
10/19/2011: Doing Something Right
10/02/2011: Diversity = Inequality; Equality = Uniformity. Which do you like?
09/29/2011: I Love Government
09/28/2011: Cheap Energy ... And Not
09/26/2011: Where We Should Put Government "Green Energy" Money
09/21/2011: Garbage In
09/18/2011: No Such Thing as Green Energy
09/06/2011: Ten Years
08/21/2011: Creating Prosperity
08/19/2011: Trashing or Defending Texas
08/12/2011: Society's Diseases
07/31/2011: Eric Holder's Newest Witch Hunt
07/25/2011: Liberal or Conservative?
07/22/2011: Norway
07/15/2011: House Votes to Block Funds for Light Bulb Standards
06/26/2011: Bioenergy, Fuel & Food
06/25/2011: Commodity Speculators...Good or Bad?
06/24/2011: Broader Economic Concerns Behind Oil Reserve Release
06/23/2011: Nanotech is Big
06/16/2011: No Future w/o Biotechnology
06/08/2011: The GAS is Greener
06/05/2011: The Bump in the Road is the American Worker
06/04/2011: Unwinnable wars against human nature
06/01/2011: Coming to Terms with Income Redistribution
05/31/2011: Scary Myths Laid to Rest (Again)
05/30/2011: Practical v Political Realities
05/27/2011: Meeting the Tests
05/24/2011: Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You ...
05/24/2011: Obama’s Folly: The Illegal War in Libya
05/22/2011: Isaac -vs- Ishmael Feud Continues
05/13/2011: Obama and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
05/12/2011: Cell Phones And The Federal Government
05/10/2011: This is Confederate Memorial Day in North and South Carolina
05/09/2011: Reasonable Distinctions
05/09/2011: A Nation Of Fools And Future Slaves
05/06/2011: US Congress: Shut Off The Money To Pakistan
05/05/2011: Dead & Suffering Bad Guys
05/05/2011: Obama Treats Americans As “Sheeple!”
05/03/2011: America Gets A Boost With The Killing Of Bin Laden
05/02/2011: At This Rate Obama Wins By Forfeit!
05/01/2011: Bin Laden Has Gone to Hell
04/29/2011: The Sorry State of Education in America
04/28/2011: Some Americans Still Dream
04/26/2011: I Fear For My Country
04/26/2011: Does Obama's NLRB Dislike Job Creation?
04/24/2011: It is better for reputation to fail conventionally than to succeed unconventionally
04/22/2011: People Aren't Stupid
04/21/2011: Disasters That Didn't Happen
04/19/2011: Another Myth Bites the Dust
04/17/2011: Right Sized Government
04/12/2011: A Challenge for Alternative Energy
03/28/2011: Texas, South Atlantic and Rocky Mountain States see major growth
03/14/2011: 'Recall' Reality
03/11/2011: Free Market Capitalism
03/11/2011: The 'New Age' of Civility
03/10/2011: Wisconsin Republicans Out-Maneuver Exiled Dems
03/04/2011: Democracy Versus Liberty
03/04/2011: The 'Hidden' Cost of Democracy
03/03/2011: How to drive gas prices ever higher
03/02/2011: Hucked Up!
03/01/2011: New Primer on Government Inefficiency - 'Fed Style'
02/23/2011: Is American Exceptionalism Dead?
02/18/2011: Lead and They Will Follow: Governor Walker Shows Courage and Leadership in Battleground State
02/17/2011: Winning the Future With Trains and Windmills
02/11/2011: Hospitals Shift Smoking Bans to Smoker Ban
02/09/2011: Sentence First - Verdict Afterwards - Forget the Science
02/06/2011: Packers Win
02/04/2011: The Great Ronald Reagan & Me
02/04/2011: Wanted: A Few Good Writers
01/12/2011: A Template
11/02/2010: Does Hillary lurk beyond impending Dem defeat?
05/02/2010: The Spirit of the Game
05/01/2010: The Root of the Arizona Immigration Debate
04/20/2010: Don't "Misunderestimate" Obamagic
04/08/2010: Lying in Plain Sight
04/03/2010: Obama Casts Light on Liberalism's Bigotry
03/26/2010: Poverty of results
03/24/2010: Want to Write for This Column?
03/24/2010: Against the people
03/23/2010: The Best Health Care System in the World is Gone
02/27/2010: "Real" Conservatives
02/26/2010: American Democracy
02/23/2010: The 'Teachable' Moment and the Cost of Leadership
02/20/2010: Obama won the war that Bush lost
02/19/2010: Irrationality and Irrationality
02/13/2010: Stupid American Proletariat
02/12/2010: Christmas in February
02/11/2010: Visualizing a Political Continuum
02/09/2010: The Three Corners of Government
01/31/2010: With friends like this . . .
01/27/2010: Obamacare fails...
01/23/2010: Corporate Free Speech
01/20/2010: Mass. Disaster
01/19/2010: One way or another…
01/15/2010: Cognitive infiltration?
01/13/2010: The Twisted Contortions of Racial Politics
01/09/2010: Say what you want about WalMart. They deliver low prices.
01/07/2010: Chasing unicorns, reaping ruin
12/31/2009: Awareness Campaign for Terror
12/22/2009: A Peaceful Easy Storm Season
12/20/2009: On the precipice
12/10/2009: Rejoice Comrades!
12/04/2009: When science is fiction
11/13/2009: Learning Lessons
11/04/2009: It could happen here
10/26/2009: Ram it through!
10/02/2009: The Rule of Confusing Law
09/27/2009: Watching the children
09/24/2009: Subject or citizen?
09/15/2009: Choosing Winners and Losers
09/05/2009: Finally, A Republican Plan
09/02/2009: Healthcare Pitches vs. Health Law Product
08/24/2009: It's God's will
08/17/2009: Palin 1, Obama 0
08/11/2009: Single-Payer Health Care Does Not Work
08/08/2009: Seeing the Light
08/06/2009: Speaking truth to power
08/05/2009: Foodcare Reform
07/30/2009: If I Was Sergeant Crowley . . .
07/28/2009: Health Care Bill Promotes Euthanasia?
07/24/2009: RNC Ad on Health Care Reform
07/10/2009: A new leftist era?
07/03/2009: The coup that wasn't
06/24/2009: Obama Agenda: Failure to finish
06/21/2009: Destroying America
06/19/2009: Obama’s Decision: Right or wrong
06/18/2009: History Doesn’t Repeat, but it May Rhyme
06/15/2009: Voter Fraud: Widespread in 2009 elections
06/11/2009: Three letter word
06/08/2009: Health Care: Crisis unhealthy for Americans
06/05/2009: Obama in Cairo: Dictating Policy or Furthering Political Agendas
06/04/2009: Economic decisions
05/31/2009: Petty dictators
05/27/2009: NK has nukes. So what?
05/21/2009: Socialism is slavery
05/14/2009: Tortured Denials
05/02/2009: A Middle Road for Health Care Reform
04/30/2009: 7 in 10 Catching On
04/28/2009: Keeping a Message Simple
04/24/2009: The Legacy of a King
04/21/2009: Obama and Values
04/17/2009: Texas!
04/15/2009: Tea Anyone?
04/07/2009: A Good Sign for Iraq
03/29/2009: The transformative path
03/27/2009: Power's Price
03/24/2009: De-Mythologizing Left and Right
03/23/2009: Fishy
03/21/2009: The BEST and the BRIGHTEST
03/20/2009: Deficit Nation
03/20/2009: Taking Billions, Making Change
03/18/2009: Pointed Fingers
03/15/2009: Smallness of our politics
03/11/2009: Fundamental transformation
03/10/2009: Testing Obama's Mettle
03/10/2009: This Is The Man Joe Biden Warned You About
03/07/2009: First they came for Rush
03/04/2009: A Bath in the Envy Pool
03/03/2009: The Dimmest Generation
02/28/2009: Congressional Dems Showing Shell Shock over Iraq
02/27/2009: The Multiplier
02/26/2009: It's OK to Say No
02/21/2009: Why Stimulus Won't Work
02/19/2009: Odious
02/12/2009: Another Secretary Down for Count
02/12/2009: Professional Technicians Update.
02/10/2009: From Professionals to Technicians
02/09/2009: The Steady Hand
02/06/2009: Keeper of the Hen House
02/05/2009: Simplistic Message Befuddled in the Real World
02/03/2009: The Tax Monster
02/02/2009: Rules?
01/30/2009: The Only Thing to Fear: Money Vanishing into Thin Air?
01/28/2009: Just Do It
01/28/2009: Changes, they are a Changin'
01/20/2009: The Worst that Could Happen
01/20/2009: Celebration of Democracy
01/19/2009: Israel's Detractors Wave Nuclear Flags
01/17/2009: Midnight Bush-Bashing
01/14/2009: Geithner is Better than You
01/08/2009: Agencies of Trust
01/07/2009: The New World (dis)Order
01/03/2009: The Good News
01/02/2009: Peculiar
12/30/2008: Maybe We Were Wrong About Blagojevich
12/30/2008: Clouding Global Warming
12/24/2008: Misregulation
12/20/2008: Krugman on Madoff
12/19/2008: Two Cheers for the (Latest) Bailout
12/18/2008: Sovereign(age) Default
12/18/2008: Good Ponzi, Bad Ponzi
12/14/2008: When Atlas Shrugs
12/12/2008: Standing up for a Bad Governor
12/04/2008: Health Insurance versus Health Care
12/01/2008: Corrosive Cynicism
11/27/2008: The High Board
11/25/2008: When You REALLY Want Change...
11/22/2008: Center-Right Country, My Right Gluteus Maximus
11/19/2008: How Biased Is the Media?
11/17/2008: Intellectual Supremacists
11/14/2008: Thank You Vets
11/13/2008: Obamanageability, Fun Times, and Tea Leaves
11/11/2008: The Merit and Future Scope of Nuclear Energy
11/08/2008: Conservative Debaters are Missing the Boat on Climate Change
11/04/2008: Most Important Issue Got Short Shrift in Campaign
11/03/2008: Conscience of a Conservative
11/02/2008: The Definition of Arrogance
10/29/2008: Gifts and Loans
10/28/2008: Obama's “Change” Will be a Leftward Swing, Not a Fundamental Shift
10/28/2008: Ruler of Law
10/27/2008: A Journalist on Media Bias
10/27/2008: It Refuses To Go Away
10/24/2008: Elite Anxiety
10/24/2008: Advertising Humanity
10/23/2008: Democrats for Coverage
10/22/2008: Gay Marriage Laws Sacrifice Principles for Tolerance
10/22/2008: The Union Label
10/21/2008: Plumber's Helper
10/20/2008: Warm and Fuzzy Re-regulation
10/18/2008: Taxing Arteries
10/17/2008: "Good" Government
10/16/2008: Nobody Yelled "Kill Him"
10/11/2008: Leveraging Prejudice
10/11/2008: Economics in the Age of Obama
09/30/2008: Fixing Blame: Finding the Roots of the Credit Crisis
09/30/2008: Dear Madame Representative
09/24/2008: $700,000,000,000.00
09/23/2008: Annenberg
09/20/2008: The Trust Economy
09/17/2008: Palin and those 'scary' Christians
09/17/2008: Eye of the Storm
09/15/2008: Clinton in McCain's House
09/11/2008: Liberals On Palin
09/04/2008: The Base Loves Her
09/04/2008: Sarah Palin: Outstanding at the RNC
08/31/2008: Our "Little Barracuda"
08/29/2008: Governor Palin
08/29/2008: Suprise Veep for McCain
08/28/2008: Storm Warnings
08/26/2008: On the Issues
08/26/2008: The Underground Connection
08/26/2008: Electoral politics and the GOP VP
08/25/2008: The Audacity of Vague
08/24/2008: Obama/Biden: The dream ticket or just a bad dream?
08/18/2008: Civility at Saddleback
08/12/2008: Farewell Friends
08/07/2008: War for Oil
08/06/2008: Obama Falls to Earth
06/29/2008: The Content of their Characters
06/23/2008: Generous Americans; New Paradigms
06/23/2008: The Coming Fascist State
06/22/2008: Exploring for American Energy
06/21/2008: Obama's Long Tail
06/20/2008: Obama: Not a Flip Flop; Just a Lie
06/19/2008: Another Bad Idea From Capitol Hill
06/17/2008: Obama and High Gas Prices
06/16/2008: Change: Liberal v Conservative
06/15/2008: Obama's Real Lobbyist Judgment Problem
06/14/2008: Boy Scouts
06/12/2008: On a Manifestation of Inexperience
06/09/2008: It’s Okay to Vote for Obama … Or Not
06/06/2008: Time to Put Unemployment Out to Pasture?
06/06/2008: George W. Bush’s Accomplishment
05/30/2008: Enough with the Apologies
05/23/2008: Can’t Wait for Those Debates
05/22/2008: Vote Out All Incumbents - THIS Year
05/21/2008: A Few Good Men
05/20/2008: The Farm Bill
05/19/2008: Obama Not an Appeaser, Yet.
05/18/2008: USA: The Most Competitive Nation (again)
05/15/2008: The Oil Price Conspiracy
05/11/2008: Energy Is Not Free (Not Even Cheap)
05/09/2008: The End of American Super Hegemony
05/07/2008: Too Happy to be Liberal
05/06/2008: Stupid
05/05/2008: Obama & the Reagan Legacy
04/29/2008: Obama Kicks Wright to the Curb
04/29/2008: A Winning Strategy, Redux
04/28/2008: Today’s Problems are Yesterday’s Solutions
04/27/2008: Disinterested Pragmatism
04/25/2008: Things Get Better
04/24/2008: Hilary Unites Pennsylvania – Against Obama
04/23/2008: Don't Fear A Nation at Risk
04/21/2008: Divisive Politics
04/21/2008: Want to Write for This Column?
04/18/2008: Polygamist Hoax
04/17/2008: Supreme Court Rules on Kentucky Death Penalty Case
04/16/2008: Desperately Clinging to Guns & God
04/15/2008: Tax Day and Government Strangeness
04/10/2008: Honest Lawyers
04/08/2008: Religious Wierdness, Bigotry, and Harm
04/08/2008: Am I the Only Clinton Supporter Left?
04/07/2008: My Man McCain (2)
04/05/2008: The Absolut Reconquista Ad
04/04/2008: Obama Vanquishes the Clinton Noise Machine
04/02/2008: Obama Flying Too Close to the Ground
03/30/2008: Obama, Clinton & Rain Dancing
03/28/2008: Continuing a Health Care Discussion
03/27/2008: Pop Quiz
03/27/2008: A Foreign Policy for the Real World
03/26/2008: Hillary's Close Call
03/22/2008: Getting Rights Right
03/20/2008: Obama: Excusing the Inexcusable
03/17/2008: The Real Chinese Threat
03/17/2008: The Benefit of the Doubt
03/17/2008: Christianity, Obama, Identity Politics and Liberation Theology
03/13/2008: The Landed Oligarchy
03/13/2008: The Jerry Springer Party
03/12/2008: California's Lesson on Conservative Principles
03/09/2008: A Truly Honest Candidate Cannot Win
03/06/2008: Like a F*rt in a Phone Booth
03/03/2008: If I Were A Supreme Court Justice or Law Clerk....
02/29/2008: Obama (Inadvertently) Promises Long Stay in Iraq
02/29/2008: Adventures in American Presidency
02/26/2008: Will Obama crash and burn after August 27th?
02/26/2008: Liveblogging the Democratic debate, part 1
02/24/2008: The Blank Slate
02/23/2008: Hell Hath no Fury ...
02/22/2008: Festivus for the Liberals in US
02/21/2008: Proud of Our Country (on many occassions)
02/19/2008: I Voted Obama
02/16/2008: The Meaning of Change
02/11/2008: Have Conservatives Lost in 2008?
02/10/2008: With Friends Like This...
02/07/2008: My Man McCain
02/03/2008: What, Really, Are our Values?
02/01/2008: Why I (Still) Support Mitt Romney
01/30/2008: Two Schmucks for the Price of One
01/29/2008: McCain is not Able
01/27/2008: Obama & the Clinton Express
01/24/2008: Index of Economic Freedom 2008
01/20/2008: U.S. Historical Periodic Table
01/17/2008: Hillary Goes Down
01/17/2008: Reagan's Heir Apparent?
01/16/2008: So Can We!
01/11/2008: My Questions for Huckabee
01/10/2008: Unity08 withdraws from presidential race... sort of
01/08/2008: Crazy Rudy
01/07/2008: Crunch Time for Hillary Clinton
01/04/2008: Remarkable Obama & Remarkable America
01/04/2008: You're to Blame for Everything
01/03/2008: Free-for-All 2008: Caucus-Day Edition
01/01/2008: Religion in (Political) Season
12/30/2007: High Gas, Low Home Prices, All Good
12/27/2007: Former Pakistan Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, Assassinated
12/27/2007: Exploiting Children in the Name of Climate Change
12/26/2007: FYIGMO v FUBAR: Bush Invictus
12/18/2007: How to Measure Schools?
12/18/2007: John McCain: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
12/14/2007: Faith: Sacred & Profane
12/14/2007: Free-for-All 2008: Christmas Rush?
12/12/2007: GMOs and Global Warming
12/10/2007: Defending Christmas
12/07/2007: The Huckarise
12/07/2007: China, Drugs, and National Security
12/06/2007: Why I Don't Like to be Called an Environmentalist
12/06/2007: Romney's Bold Risk
12/04/2007: Fifth Circuit hears Ramos and Compean Appeal
12/04/2007: Give Bush Credit for Curbing CO2 Emissions?
12/01/2007: Bigotry and the You-Tube Debate
11/30/2007: Four More of the Same?
11/29/2007: A Billion Trees
11/29/2007: I Am An Animal
11/28/2007: A Winning Strategy
11/23/2007: Don't look, the sky is falling!
11/22/2007: Invoking a terrifying enemy
11/21/2007: Free-for-All 2008: Primary Games
11/20/2007: Why are Iraq films failing?
11/20/2007: Predictions Outstripping the Worst Predictions
11/20/2007: Tis the season to be PC
11/15/2007: Counterfeit freedoms
11/14/2007: A Call for Tocquevillian Federalism
11/13/2007: Sunshine on the Draculeft
11/08/2007: Tortured Logic
11/07/2007: Urgently Needed Flip-Flop
11/03/2007: The LOST, or How I learned to be a face in the crowd
10/30/2007: Giuliani, Thompson and Huckabee, Oh My!
10/28/2007: Reality in juxtaposition
10/22/2007: Democrats Hoisted on Their Own Petards
10/18/2007: The Deathtrap of Scientific Humanism
10/18/2007: The Genocide Brand
10/17/2007: Free-for-All 2008: An Experiment In Democracy
10/10/2007: Top Ten Reasons to Support Fred Thompson for President
10/10/2007: The Real Issues 3: The Public Square
10/09/2007: The Uppity Justice
10/08/2007: President Hillary Clinton! Did that get your attention?
10/05/2007: MST: Military Sexual Trauma
10/03/2007: In Defense of Blackwater and the Modern Day ‘Merc’
10/01/2007: The Real Issues 2: Real Wealth
09/28/2007: Dingell Proposes 50 cent gas tax
09/27/2007: Dream Act--Amnesty By Another Name
09/27/2007: The Institutionalism of Liberalism
09/26/2007: National Service, Rights and Responsibility
09/25/2007: Political Correctness is Killing US.
09/25/2007: A Spotlight In the Right Place
09/23/2007: Hillary Clinton is a Disciplined Campaigner
09/22/2007: The High-Water Mark of the Hagel Presidency
09/21/2007: Wall Street Wet "Dream"
09/21/2007: Democrats need to lose in Iraq to win Politically
09/20/2007: HillaryCare 2.0
09/19/2007: Illegal Immigration Alert
09/16/2007: The Real Issues
09/14/2007: Moveon.org Betrays US
09/13/2007: Politicizing the Military is Dangerous
09/12/2007: Hope & Fear
09/06/2007: Larry Craig Scandal Unleashes Media & Blogging Firestorm
09/05/2007: Fred Thompson?
09/05/2007: Understanding the Atrocities of the Enemy
09/01/2007: Mixed News on Wealth & Poverty
08/30/2007: You Don't Know Jack
08/30/2007: Goodnight Gonzo: Resignation and Reflection
08/26/2007: Cypress, Not Building Below Sea Level New Orleans
08/24/2007: Government Agency Told To Hush
08/22/2007: Feminism and the Sad Saga of Amanda Marcotte
08/21/2007: Electoral College Reforms Need Redistricting Reforms First
08/20/2007: Misplaced Compassion
08/18/2007: Sub-Prime Victim-Perpetrators
08/17/2007: Chatter Rankings: August 2008
08/16/2007: Pentagon-Funded Evangelism Halted
08/14/2007: Wait Until They Are Dead
08/13/2007: The climate war is lost
08/11/2007: Aug 10 Sources: Strategic Patience in Iraq
08/06/2007: Victory in Iraq
08/05/2007: Bush Vindicated on Terror Surveillance
08/03/2007: Kangaroo Congress
07/31/2007: SHOCKING ... if true
07/30/2007: The Rise of the Anti-Jihadists
07/29/2007: July 29 Sources: A Little Help on the Way?
07/28/2007: Tax Credits to Improve the Environment
07/27/2007: Playing Pong with Wiretaps
07/22/2007: July 22 Sources: Americans Work Too Much?
07/22/2007: Experts Disagree. Maybe Cut the Vitriol?
07/20/2007: Stop Those Ethanol Subsidies
07/18/2007: Some thoughts on the Senate Sleepover and the Iraq War
07/17/2007: Market Affirming Taxes
07/16/2007: Fat Cat Democrats on Pork Patrol
07/15/2007: Deficit Lower - Now Dump the Earmarks.
07/15/2007: Spiro, Our Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You....
07/14/2007: July 14 Sources: China's Speedbumps
07/13/2007: Islam vs. Islamists
07/12/2007: Jack Murtha: Guilty Until Innocent
07/11/2007: Nothing is sustainable; some things last a long time; nothing lasts forever
07/10/2007: Al Gore: Pope of the New Religion
07/09/2007: The Disappointment of Gay Marriage
07/08/2007: July 8 Sources: How to Regulate Greenhouse Gas
07/07/2007: It’s not us; it’s them
07/06/2007: Good News about … Lots of Things
07/05/2007: Reflections on America's Birthday
07/04/2007: Money Buys Politicians
06/29/2007: June 30 Sources: End of QWERTY Ethanol?
06/28/2007: HOW CAFE standards are bad environmental policy
06/28/2007: Subpoenas Issued to White House
06/26/2007: Don’t go to that old CAFE
06/24/2007: June 24 Sources: Income Inequality
06/23/2007: Hate speech hypocrisy
06/21/2007: Fighting al-Qaida in Iraq
06/20/2007: Successes and Setbacks in the ‘Long War’
06/19/2007: Failed States
06/18/2007: What is a liberal?
06/17/2007: The Truth about Evolution
06/14/2007: The Left attempts to define Political Correctness
06/13/2007: Memorial to the Victims of Communism
06/13/2007: A breakdown of US and enemy casualties in Iraq
06/12/2007: The Seductive Temptress
06/12/2007: 180 degrees liberal
06/11/2007: Immigration: Reid Drives into the Ditch
06/10/2007: June 10 Sources: Europe's Productivity Gap
06/07/2007: Insuring Better Decisions
06/06/2007: New Strategy in Iraq
06/05/2007: Enlightened Self Interest
06/03/2007: June 3 Sources: Sewerage = Fertilizer
06/01/2007: Demand Carbon Taxes & Higher Gas Prices
05/31/2007: Bush Helps Save the World
05/29/2007: Reflections on Memorial Day
05/27/2007: Loving George Bush
05/26/2007: May 26 Sources: A Good Variety
05/25/2007: Working Men: Not Doing as Well
05/24/2007: Foreign Aid: America Doing Just Fine
05/23/2007: Poor Americans are Doing Just Fine
05/22/2007: Muslim Americans are Doing Just Fine
05/21/2007: Not Every Disaster is a Federal Case
05/17/2007: Justified Discrimination
05/15/2007: If You See Something Suspicious at the Airport ...
05/14/2007: Another Good Day at the UN
05/13/2007: Seriously Wrong on Rights
05/12/2007: May 13 Sources: Unusually Fair & Balanced News
05/11/2007: China: Testing My Faith in Freedom
05/10/2007: U.S. Most Competitive (Again)
05/08/2007: A Price for Everything (Clean Air Too)
05/07/2007: With Friends Like US, Who Needs Enemies
05/05/2007: Bush knew.
05/04/2007: Gettysburg Address on PowerPoint
05/03/2007: A Waste of Time and Tears
05/02/2007: Good News on the Inside Pages
05/01/2007: What do Americans Owe Illegal Aliens?
04/30/2007: Worried Democrats
04/29/2007: The Day After We Lose, What?
04/29/2007: House of strife
04/25/2007: America the Revolutionary
04/24/2007: Dirty China
04/24/2007: Three squares a day
04/21/2007: April 21 Sources: France & the Crisis of Aging Populations
04/19/2007: "NUTS!"
04/19/2007: Freedom Of The Press Gone Wild
04/17/2007: O'Reilly & Rush Fans Highly Knowledgeable
04/16/2007: Democrat smear machine
04/15/2007: Evaluating Sources: Fox Can Be Right Too
04/14/2007: April 14 Sources: Thanks for All the Fish
04/13/2007: Save the earth, shut down NYCity
04/12/2007: John McCain: The Best Man for the Job
04/11/2007: Can We Still Win in Iraq?
04/10/2007: Pelosi's Foreign Policy
04/09/2007: John McCain: A Man with Integrity
04/08/2007: President Thompson(s)
04/05/2007: April 5 Sources: Germany=Arkansas
04/04/2007: A New Labor Regime
04/03/2007: Africans Should Hang Their Heads in Shame
04/02/2007: Rules of Engagement
04/02/2007: Election 2008: Health Care and Marriage Hot Button Issues
04/01/2007: China and You: Partners in Deforestation
03/31/2007: March 31 Sources: 300 Spartans & Honey Bees
03/30/2007: Ridicule Stupid Celebrities
03/30/2007: The Sultan Of Stink!
03/28/2007: Old King Coal Finds 21st Century Work
03/27/2007: Jimmy's got a gun
03/26/2007: Pass The Applesauce, Please!
03/25/2007: Back In The Saddle Again!
03/24/2007: March 24 Sources: What is the Middle Class?
03/23/2007: Who Hates Ethanol?
03/22/2007: Ecology, Environment & Conservatives
03/21/2007: Speech Free From Religious Zealots
03/21/2007: Surrender to child killers?
03/20/2007: Nowruz
03/19/2007: Clever Attack Ad Causes a Stir
03/18/2007: Dark Horse Hagel
03/17/2007: March 17 Sources: Luck of the Irish
03/16/2007: Save Darfur
03/15/2007: California's February Primary Stinks
03/13/2007: Don't Tax You . . .
03/11/2007: The South Will Rise Again
03/10/2007: Sources for 3/10: Media Loathing President Bush?
03/09/2007: Energy too Good to Be True?
03/08/2007: Living & Working Longer
03/07/2007: Credit Where Credit is Due
03/06/2007: A Truce for America's Sake
03/04/2007: Platitudes that Work & Hypocrisy's Virtues
03/02/2007: Save Secret Ballots from Union Bosses & Democrats
02/28/2007: Conservatives, the Market & the Environment
02/25/2007: The NRA & the Sierra Club Should Be Friends
02/24/2007: Culture of corruption continues
02/24/2007: Democrats Grabbing the Boodle with Both Hands
02/23/2007: Sources for 2/23: Fear Industrial Complex
02/23/2007: The Flawed Economics of Class Envy
02/22/2007: Reminds Me of the Old Days
02/22/2007: Hillary vs. Obama: The War on the Election
02/21/2007: Support the troops, let them win!
02/21/2007: Case for Persian Detente
02/19/2007: Presidents: Mitt Romney
02/18/2007: Democrats promise surrender
02/18/2007: Only Republicans Need Apply
02/17/2007: Sources for 2/17: Making Health Pay
02/14/2007: The Religious Right – Corrupting Republican Principles
02/14/2007: Surge purges Moqtada
02/13/2007: Triumph of U.S./Multilateral Diplomacy
02/12/2007: The Iranian Dilemma
02/12/2007: Parisian Political Parallel
02/11/2007: The Rich Get Richer
02/10/2007: The Right Sources for 2/10/2007
02/09/2007: Obama Official
02/09/2007: The Economy Will Not Improve Until the Dems Take Over
02/08/2007: Africa's Turn
02/07/2007: Wal-Mart Solving the Heath Care Conundrum
02/07/2007: No Atheists in Foxholes…
02/06/2007: Ronald Reagan's Birthday
02/04/2007: Triangulation: Bush & Clinton
02/03/2007: Global Warming Again
02/02/2007: The Type of Tancredo?
02/02/2007: Romney for Chairman?
02/01/2007: Are We Happy Yet?
01/31/2007: Barack Obama's Media Moments
01/31/2007: Economy Surges amid Low Unemployment
01/31/2007: Billions will starve
01/30/2007: An Insurgency We Can Beat
01/29/2007: Now We Are Fighting the Insurgents
01/29/2007: Clinton and Giuliani Campaigning Already
01/28/2007: Happy Days Are Hear Again
01/25/2007: Election Fraud Convictions in Ohio
01/25/2007: Conservative or Reactionary?
01/24/2007: English Should be America's Official Language
01/22/2007: State of the Union: Bush and the Environment
01/21/2007: Madison Politicans Reject Parts of Oath
01/21/2007: Mitt Romney for President
01/20/2007: American fascists
01/19/2007: Jan. 19 Sources: Beware Federal Drug Negotiations
01/18/2007: Explaining Guantanamo
01/17/2007: Economic Freedom is the Key Success
01/16/2007: Nefariously Low Oil Prices
01/16/2007: Operation Desert Storm
01/14/2007: Global Warming: Truth or Myth?
01/14/2007: 100 most corrupt hours
01/13/2007: Raping Justice at Duke
01/11/2007: Redeployment Means Surrender
01/11/2007: Disappointing Democrats
01/10/2007: Dems Divided on Iraq, Other Things Too
01/09/2007: Wealth of Nations
01/08/2007: Government Problems & Problem Governments
01/07/2007: Sources Jan. 6: The Glass is Half Full
01/04/2007: Virginia is # 1: The Importance of States
01/02/2007: Living in the Twilight Zone
01/01/2007: Politics Celebritized
12/31/2006: George Bush: Africa's Best Friend So Far
12/31/2006: Amnesty Unawakened
12/30/2006: Saddam Hussein Hanged
12/29/2006: Buddhists: the Latest Target of Islamic Rage
12/27/2006: The end of democracy
12/26/2006: Teach a Man to Fish; Don't Make Fish an Entitlement
12/24/2006: Dec 24 Sources: The Little Red Hen of Multilateralism
12/22/2006: War With No Boundaries.
12/21/2006: A Study of History & the Perils of Mapism
12/19/2006: Way to Go Chamberlain
12/18/2006: Let Science Decide
12/16/2006: Why Are Politicians So Stupid?
12/14/2006: He Don’t Know Shiite (Neither does Pelosi)
12/13/2006: Kill NCLB; Support the 10th Amendment
12/13/2006: Fighting Tyranny
12/12/2006: Do Not Screw the Kurds (Again)
12/12/2006: Clinton vs. Obama: Reality or Hype
12/10/2006: Political, Economic, and Personal Philosophical Convergence?
12/09/2006: Old Envy Dog Bites The Hands That Feed It
12/08/2006: Lay Down with Dogs & You Get Up With Fleas
12/06/2006: Old dog? New trick.
12/06/2006: Business Press Gets it Right More Often
12/05/2006: Tipping Point?
12/05/2006: Minimum wage and market forces
12/04/2006: December 4 Sources: You Will Miss George W. Bush
12/04/2006: 100% tax on excess profits?
12/03/2006: A Proposal to Fix Affirmative Action
12/03/2006: The Cloward-Piven Strategy
12/02/2006: New Deal, New Direction... eh?
12/01/2006: Liberals: An Evolutionary Anachronism
11/30/2006: Global Mind Control, not just possible, probable!
11/30/2006: Is Clean Coal Possible?
11/30/2006: The Real 2008 Election X Factor: Tom Tancredo
11/29/2006: Scrap the Tax Code; Revamp Tax Philosophy
11/29/2006: What Makes a Muslim Radical?
11/29/2006: Defeat and retreat is not a strategy
11/29/2006: (Y!)United States?
11/28/2006: Rewarding Our Friends (A Little Thing Like Visas)
11/28/2006: Interview With A Soldier
11/27/2006: Religious Folks More Generous
11/26/2006: Democrat child porn producer
11/26/2006: Mr. Bush Goes to NATO
11/23/2006: Can We Agree on Private Social Security Accounts Now?
11/22/2006: Drafty Rangel
11/22/2006: A Syrian Anschluss?
11/22/2006: No Way Jose!
11/21/2006: The promise of equality
11/21/2006: Wasted Abundance
11/20/2006: Global orgasm for peace?
11/19/2006: Democrats and terrorists calling for Iraq timetable
11/19/2006: The Gospel of Global Warming
11/19/2006: Good News on Forests, Fish Not So Much
11/18/2006: One People; One Country; One Dem Leader
11/17/2006: November 17 Sources: Economic Freedom For All
11/16/2006: A Great Man is Dead
11/16/2006: Religious Values vs Religious Dogma in Politics
11/15/2006: Energy Independence Too - Alternatives
11/14/2006: Poor, African, Muslim AND a Democracy
11/14/2006: Department of Peace
11/13/2006: Machine Age Liberals
11/12/2006: Democratic Promises
11/11/2006: Payback!
11/10/2006: Dis-Pence
11/09/2006: Now Dems Can Share the Good News
11/08/2006: Let’s get over it, and learn from it.
11/07/2006: Democrats - Time to Put up or Shut Up
11/05/2006: What 'Can't be Avoided' Must Be Welcomed
11/05/2006: Cheney will shoot!
11/04/2006: More Bad News: Unemployment Drops to 4.4%
11/04/2006: Resignation by Rumsfeld Demanded
11/03/2006: Nov. 2 Sources: John Kerry's Freudian Slip
11/02/2006: Democrats Aiding Insurgents !!!
11/01/2006: Ahhh...John Kerry...Just In The Nick Of Time....
10/31/2006: Politics No Longer Political?
10/31/2006: Many Good Things Lead to Inequality
10/31/2006: Michael J. Fox Stem Cell Research Controversy
10/30/2006: Oil Getting Too Cheap (again)
10/29/2006: The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions
10/28/2006: Liberal Voter Suppression
10/28/2006: If we lose the Congress, what then?
10/27/2006: An Army of Good Americans (& Some Foreigners)
10/27/2006: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
10/26/2006: A Nation of Wimps, Fatsos & Crybabies
10/25/2006: The Republican trump card
10/25/2006: Never mind what we said
10/24/2006: How We Almost Killed Public Diplomacy
10/23/2006: CNN Airing Enemy Propoganda
10/23/2006: More capitalism = fewer terror cells
10/23/2006: November 8, What then?
10/20/2006: October 20 Sources: A Dangerous Nation
10/19/2006: Towel-Heads & Rednecks
10/18/2006: Drive That New SUV. Help Clear the Air
10/17/2006: Kill Animals! Cut Trees! Protect Nature
10/16/2006: 300 Million Americans
10/15/2006: Success in Iraq
10/15/2006: Immigrants; Who Cares?
10/14/2006: Ex-Lesbian Against Sexual Orientation Policy
10/14/2006: Dissent or Division?
10/11/2006: Gas Prices Down & No Big Hurricanes (Bush's Fault?)
10/11/2006: Bounce..Bounce..Bounce..
10/10/2006: Slouching towards Gomorrah,
10/09/2006: Can We Get On With The Program?
10/09/2006: Reforming Election Administration
10/07/2006: Oct 10 Sources: Inevitable Increasing Inequality
10/06/2006: Who Hates Whom
10/04/2006: October Surprise: GOP de-Foley-ation
10/03/2006: America Should Lead the World on Climate Change
10/02/2006: Rummy's The Man
10/02/2006: A defiant Iran is a dangerous Iran
10/01/2006: Dean's Democratic Demographics
09/30/2006: When Population Gets Political
09/30/2006: The Twilight Zone
09/29/2006: Bush is unpopular
09/29/2006: Al Qaeda's desperate plea
09/28/2006: More Bounce..Bounce..Bounce...
09/27/2006: Who will protect us from violent Islam?
09/26/2006: Don’t Blame Bush (or Clinton) but Watch Those Dems
09/22/2006: Don't Join Hugo's Book Club
09/20/2006: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce......
09/19/2006: American Hiroshima Attack "Imminent"; Muslims Ordered to Leave
09/18/2006: Getting Used to The ChangED World
09/17/2006: No apologies
09/15/2006: Sept 15 Sources: the End of Al Franken
09/15/2006: Muslims Stage Worldwide Protests Denouncing . . . History?
09/15/2006: Are We Ready for Hillary?
09/14/2006: Apologizing For Slavery & Other Ancient Sins
09/14/2006: He Spoke, No One Listened!
09/12/2006: Democratic Hydra: Which Head Speaks Today?
09/11/2006: Bush (is) Lied (about)
09/09/2006: (D)eath and taxes
09/08/2006: Is this the Beginning of the End of Free Speech in America?
09/08/2006: Modern Day Sedition Act
09/07/2006: 911 truth or fiction?
09/07/2006: Taking a Giant Step Forward
09/06/2006: The ultimate weapon
09/06/2006: Ecopessimism v Ecoeffectiveness
09/05/2006: Kinda Feels Like Custer's Last Stand
09/03/2006: Time To Get Up Off The Floor
08/29/2006: Swallowing the Democratic Toad in November
08/28/2006: Anybody knows...
08/28/2006: Something Wrong?
08/26/2006: More (D) culture of Corruption
08/25/2006: August 25: Sources. Lots on Terrorism, Some on Katrina
08/24/2006: Fearful skies?
08/24/2006: McCain Believes Americans Misled
08/22/2006: Senator Chuck Hagel's Empty Rhetoric
08/20/2006: Energy, Water & Food/Government, Science & Markets
08/20/2006: Media Support for Hezbollah
08/18/2006: Understanding the Enemy
08/17/2006: Welfare Reform Worked
08/14/2006: Clear Cutting May Be Good & Other Convenient Truths
08/13/2006: Blaming Liberals for Energy Problems …
08/11/2006: Higher Gas Prices Doing Their Good Thing
08/11/2006: An Israeli Victory Must Be Clear, Decisive
08/10/2006: "Massive," Intercontinental Jihad Plot Foiled In UK
08/09/2006: Disinformation: Pathetic But Dangerous
08/09/2006: Lamont Didn't Win, Lieberman Lost
08/07/2006: The Civil War Has Begun (Among Democrats)
08/06/2006: Political Reality
08/04/2006: Choice Makes People Healthier AND Saves Money
08/02/2006: Good Immigrant, Bad Immigrant
08/01/2006: Castro Dead. What About Cuba?
07/31/2006: July 30 Sources: Getting Taxes Right
07/30/2006: Unconditional surrender
07/29/2006: Listen to what they say
07/29/2006: One Issue Wonder
07/28/2006: Democrats: When You Stand For Nothing, You Fall For Anything
07/28/2006: More Tax Supported Elections
07/27/2006: You ARE Safer Today Than You Were 6 Years Ago
07/27/2006: The Democratic hoax
07/26/2006: Ahmadinejad Quivers At The Prospects Of War
07/25/2006: The People - United - Will Never Be Defeated: Go Joe Lieberman
07/24/2006: Kerry's pedestrian pomposity
07/24/2006: Socialism or Death?
07/23/2006: July 23 Sources: Fog and Friction of War
07/22/2006: The Smartest Politician in America
07/22/2006: The Treasonous Times Befriends Hezbollah
07/21/2006: Worse than Nazis?
07/21/2006: Why We Blog (and Who We Are)
07/20/2006: Immigrants, Assimilation and Public Schools
07/19/2006: Hezbollah's War, Hezbollah's Responsibility
07/18/2006: All We Are Saying is Give War a Chance
07/17/2006: Iran's Unanswered War Against The West
07/16/2006: Why Negotiate?
07/16/2006: The Rise of Kos
07/15/2006: July15 Sources: Fat Cats Like Regulation
07/14/2006: Peace across the earth?
07/13/2006: Immigration Realization
07/12/2006: No More Donuts for the Fat Guy
07/12/2006: The Devil in Mr. Jones
07/12/2006: You Can't Know the Facts
07/11/2006: A Dormant US Emboldens N. Korea
07/10/2006: A Strong, Rich & Democratic Russia
07/10/2006: Vote Delay
07/09/2006: July 9 Sources: Our Houses are too Big
07/08/2006: Christian fascism?
07/08/2006: Democrats Need to Get Right with God
07/07/2006: The Mitt Man in '08
07/07/2006: The Death Knell for Valedictory Speeches
07/06/2006: Republicans and "Big Business" are environmentally conscious
07/05/2006: We're Toast
07/05/2006: Market Effect
07/04/2006: An act of war: North Korea
07/03/2006: Hauling Superman Into Court
07/03/2006: Carter: the anti-president
07/02/2006: Bush Solves the Homeless Problem
07/02/2006: Is Disarming The Sunnis an Answer?
07/01/2006: Confirmation Bias
07/01/2006: Politics and Progressive Religion
06/30/2006: Doing the Lord's Work & Finding True Liberation
06/30/2006: Exposing left-wing media bias: Iraq War
06/29/2006: Putin vows to DESTROY murderers
06/29/2006: Save earth: end conditioned air
06/29/2006: Bush Can't do Nothin' Right
06/28/2006: Gaza Strike Continues
06/28/2006: A convenient and selective truth
06/27/2006: Charity is Bad?
06/27/2006: Cut and Run, Cut and Jog, Hut, Two, Three,......
06/27/2006: Senate to vote on flag burning
06/26/2006: The Treasonous Times Must Be Prosecuted!
06/26/2006: Hey Mutha! Wanna Say You're Sorry Now?
06/26/2006: June 26 Sources: U.S. Wins A World Cup
06/25/2006: Islam Versus The West
06/24/2006: Using the T word about the NYT
06/23/2006: Karl Rove Is Right about You and Me
06/23/2006: National Security Be Damned! Says NY And LA Times
06/22/2006: Who Is John "Jack" Murtha?
06/22/2006: Kerry-Feingold Plan on Troop Withdrawal Is Unconstitutional
06/22/2006: Surrender still an option
06/21/2006: WMD FOUND
06/21/2006: The Need For A United Front
06/21/2006: Sense Beats Hysteria (Bush Wins)
06/21/2006: Fighting With Both Hands Tied Behind The Back
06/20/2006: 2006 Election Predictions
06/19/2006: Jack Murtha: Open Mouth, Insert Foot
06/19/2006: Who Needs Amnesty?
06/18/2006: Insurgents Delenda Est
06/17/2006: GOP Scores Major Victory In House And Senate
06/17/2006: Democrats' "New Direction" Utilizes Wrong Compass
06/16/2006: June 16 Sources: Are the Whales Saved Yet?
06/15/2006: Inclusive Environmentalism
06/15/2006: Corruption Or Incompetence: The Lost Cause Of Border Security
06/15/2006: Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel
06/15/2006: Corporate Rule and Wars for Oil
06/13/2006: Canada Coughs
06/13/2006: Cleaning up Baghdad
06/13/2006: Another Fantasy Shot To Hell
06/12/2006: Zarqawi Successor Named
06/12/2006: What a Load of Manure
06/12/2006: Intellectual Dishonesty and the Gay Marriage Issue
06/11/2006: Haditha Round Two...A Potential Defense Begins To Emerge
06/11/2006: June 11 Sources: Are Dems More Like Foreigners?
06/10/2006: Ann Coulter-gate and the Fall of the Democrat Party
06/10/2006: Going Forward and Winning The War In Iraq
06/10/2006: Clever Kennedy con Kills Energy Alternative
06/09/2006: Zarqawi's Death Goes Unnoticed By al-Qaida
06/09/2006: Anti-Americanism: Exceptionalism
06/08/2006: Why they hate America: (Liberals)
06/08/2006: Anti-Americanism: Iraq, Afghanistan & GW Bush
06/08/2006: Zarqawi's Death from the Illiberals' Perspective
06/08/2006: It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Sings!
06/08/2006: Coulter, Clinton, and the Prostitution of 9/11
06/07/2006: Canada, Terrorism, and Illegal Immigration: A Potent Combination
06/06/2006: Senator Joseph Lieberman, Republican?
06/06/2006: Anti-Americanism: Religion, Certainty & Morality
06/05/2006: Anti-Americanism: Power & Security
06/04/2006: Anti-Americanism - Aggressive Isolationism
06/04/2006: THE MIGHTY EAGLE AWARDS.......WOW!
06/03/2006: Casualties in the Propaganda War
06/03/2006: The Hypocrisy of Democrats
06/02/2006: The View From The Eagle's Nest
06/01/2006: Firms Hiring 14% MORE New Grads & Paying Better. Can We Blame George Bush?
06/01/2006: Prophet-ing from Cartoons
06/01/2006: June 1 Sources: You Are Without Honor!
05/31/2006: Tony Blair’s Misguided Vision for The UN
05/31/2006: Which Way Does The Wind Blow Today?
05/31/2006: M.E.O.W.
05/30/2006: DIRTY HARRY........BUSTED!
05/30/2006: Interview With Evil: Ahmadinejad Speaks to Der Spiegel
05/30/2006: Anti-Americanism - Ubiquity & Scrutiny
05/29/2006: In Memory of the Fallen
05/28/2006: Anti-Americanism. Where Does it Come From?
05/28/2006: Sleeping With The Devil
05/28/2006: A 24 Carat Jerk
05/27/2006: A Presidential Address
05/27/2006: May 27 Sources: Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth
05/26/2006: Standing The Test Of Time...And Then Some!
05/26/2006: Stupid Is As Stupid Does
05/25/2006: More Good News. Even Liberals May See
05/25/2006: Israel Preparing For Strike On Iran?
05/25/2006: American Idle
05/24/2006: A different kind of immigration reform
05/24/2006: NEVER AGAIN!!!
05/24/2006: Traitors Everywhere: The ACLU Should Look Into This
05/24/2006: Cycle of hypocrisy
05/24/2006: Let's Not Create An American Babel
05/23/2006: CA 9th Circus Court: Public School Prayer is Constitutional
05/23/2006: Immigration and Religion
05/22/2006: Gotta Love Those Hollywood Elites
05/21/2006: Snatching Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat
05/21/2006: Hey Mexico: Lose the Double Standard or Keep Quiet
05/21/2006: Artistic Freedom? I'm Against It.
05/20/2006: Touring Utopia
05/20/2006: No End in Sight for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
05/19/2006: May 19 Sources: NSA "Spying" is Legal and Smart
05/19/2006: Are the Reports True? UPDATE: False Report
05/19/2006: Iran and Nuclear Proliferation
05/18/2006: Arizona or Anbar?
05/18/2006: Go To Hell Part II......What Say You?
05/17/2006: So dark the con of meme
05/16/2006: Europe Solves Nuclear Dilemma
05/16/2006: The need for a Return to Conservatism
05/15/2006: To Hell With You - Part I
05/15/2006: Fox: Troops Would "Militarize the Border"--So What?
05/14/2006: Paradoxes of Partisan Politics
05/13/2006: Blame this on Bush.....Not!
05/13/2006: Immigration Policy: Overhaul Outlook
05/12/2006: May 12 Reliable Sources - Global Warming Jokes
05/12/2006: You too Europe?
05/12/2006: Knute Rockne Couldn't Have Said It Better!
05/11/2006: Population Bomb a Dud
05/11/2006: ACLU defending criminals over victims
05/11/2006: Phone Call Data Collection
05/10/2006: Tax Revenues Reaching All Time Highs. Cut Spending
05/10/2006: The Letter The President Won't Send
05/09/2006: Big Abusers Win Seats on UN Rights Commission
05/09/2006: Picking up the trash
05/08/2006: Gotta Love That Junkyard Dog
05/08/2006: Love Those High Gas Prices
05/08/2006: Uniform Attraction
05/07/2006: May Day
05/05/2006: May 5 Sources - What is Neocon Foreign Policy?
05/04/2006: Monthly "Bad" Economic News Update
05/03/2006: Addicted to anti-americanism
05/01/2006: No child left behind...
04/30/2006: What 'Merican Model?
04/30/2006: Durbin Can't Believe that Price Gouging BS
04/29/2006: Eric's easy immigration solution
04/26/2006: Nothing Gringo Day
04/25/2006: Cut (some) Taxes
04/24/2006: You Can't Fix Stupid
04/22/2006: Showing Liberalism a Way Out of its Blind Alley
04/21/2006: April 21 Sources - Politicizing Science
04/20/2006: Oil Wars & Energy Independence
04/19/2006: White House Press Secretary
04/19/2006: On the blindness of moral crusades
04/17/2006: A Decent Democratic Scheme
04/17/2006: Immigration Laws: Enforcement Futility and Compromise Impossibility
04/16/2006: No commies here
04/15/2006: April 15 Sources - Replace the Welfare State
04/14/2006: America's Increasingly Religious Nature
04/13/2006: Realists, Not Hysterical Hypocrites
04/12/2006: It is Not Easy Being Pessimistically Green
04/11/2006: Road to Citizenship
04/09/2006: Bush Haters - We Taunt You a Second Time
04/08/2006: Save the earth; destroy humanity
04/08/2006: Iraq Liberation Day
04/07/2006: It's the Economy, Stupid
04/06/2006: Character Flaws
04/05/2006: Government Helping Us Save OUR Money
04/03/2006: The McCain Trashing Begins
04/02/2006: Outraged Americans
04/01/2006: I Like MY Incumbents
04/01/2006: Jobs We 'Won't Take'
03/31/2006: March 31 Sources (Mock the Terrorists)
03/30/2006: Smart Dems, Stupid Dems
03/29/2006: Go Dutch
03/28/2006: Immigration Contemplation
03/26/2006: Iraqi Perspectives. Was Bush Right?
03/25/2006: The Business of America is Business
03/24/2006: March 24 Sources (not hysterical)
03/23/2006: Relying on the International Community
03/22/2006: Every Generation Has Its Heroes
03/21/2006: Sharing Saddam's Secrets
03/20/2006: the Long War
03/19/2006: The Greater Threat
03/18/2006: Impeach Bush Now (Go Dems Go)
03/17/2006: March 17 Hysterical Sources
03/16/2006: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Now
03/14/2006: Immigration Reform: Demographics the Decider
03/13/2006: Universities on the Road to Irrelevance
03/11/2006: When God is a Monster
03/10/2006: Pessimists Vindicated: Unemployment soars 0.1%
03/09/2006: Hysterical Sources March 9
03/08/2006: South Dakota - Gone too far?
03/08/2006: Going Negative
03/07/2006: Democratic Strategy of Outrage
03/06/2006: Stupid Protestors
03/05/2006: Sticking it to the Man or Ourselves?
03/04/2006: East vs. West Part II
03/03/2006: Generous Rich Americans
03/02/2006: Hysterical Sources March 2
02/28/2006: The Limits of Science
02/26/2006: America's Managers and Workers
02/26/2006: America's Future (?)
02/25/2006: Ties to a Terrorist Nation
02/24/2006: A Beautiful Friendship Flowers
02/24/2006: Wrong Instrument to Regulate Morality
02/23/2006: Hysterical Sources
02/23/2006: Bush’s Port Atrocity?
02/21/2006: Hysteria & Reality/Bush & Our Environment
02/20/2006: Hysterical Liberals
02/19/2006: None Dare Call It Corruption
02/19/2006: Goodbye West Wing
02/18/2006: My new 'Best Friend'
02/18/2006: The Fat Cats Love Politicians
02/17/2006: GWB and Iraqi WMDs
02/16/2006: The Poor Get Richer
02/15/2006: Violence and Political Islam
02/14/2006: Creating a Climate of Fear
02/13/2006: Selling our Ports
02/13/2006: The Enforcer
02/12/2006: The Potent Press
02/11/2006: Eurabia: Dream or Nightmare?
02/10/2006: Danish Muslim Clerics put Islam in hot water
02/10/2006: et tu, culture of corruption?
02/09/2006: Mohammed in a jar of urine
02/08/2006: The Boundary of Privacy
02/07/2006: East vs. West Part I
02/05/2006: Bush Right About Democracy
02/02/2006: Lighten Up
02/01/2006: Killing the Patriot Act
01/31/2006: Proud of my President; less proud of my Governor
01/30/2006: Is the United States running out of gas?
01/29/2006: The Google Capitulation
01/28/2006: The People who have it Best are the Most Pessimistic
01/26/2006: The Importance of being Earnest
01/26/2006: When Party Trumps Policy
01/26/2006: Power Grab
01/25/2006: Connecting the Dots
01/24/2006: Operation Elephant Takeover
01/22/2006: Iran: No connection to 9/11
01/21/2006: Preservation, Restoration & Conservation
01/20/2006: Beware Easy Healthcare Fixes
01/20/2006: Osama’s Swan Song
01/20/2006: 'Exiled Saudi Dissident' and other fairy tales
01/18/2006: Women in Power
01/17/2006: You Shall Know the Truth
01/17/2006: God speaks to Ray Nagin. Is he the next prophet?
01/16/2006: "Pullout must look like defeat"
01/16/2006: Lamenting the Dreamer
01/15/2006: Paying for Good Press
01/14/2006: Equality - Not a Good Idea
01/13/2006: Insulting Communists & Liberals
01/12/2006: Our Bloggin' Business
01/12/2006: Hearings on the SCOTUS Nominee
01/11/2006: Raise Taxes
01/10/2006: U.S. Immigration Policy: Biased Against Whites?
01/09/2006: Images
01/09/2006: Fighting corporate America
01/07/2006: Save the Tomatoes!!
01/07/2006: It's the Economy, Stupid
01/04/2006: Economic Freedom Makes Good Things Happen
01/04/2006: Science and Magic
01/03/2006: Who Owns the Past?
12/31/2005: The Real Culprit of Canadian Gun Violence
12/28/2005: Democrats in 2006--Probably Not
12/27/2005: Criminals, Terrorists and Everybody Else
12/25/2005: Science Improving Nature
12/24/2005: Science, the Scientific Method, and Intelligent Design
12/23/2005: There will be poor always
12/23/2005: THEN AND NOW
12/22/2005: A Theory is a Theory... is a Theory
12/22/2005: Domestic Surveillance, Classic Liberalism, and the Constitution
12/22/2005: The Revolution will not be MSM’d, but SMS’d (or maybe blogged)
12/21/2005: The Holiday Greeting Wars
12/20/2005: Laws & Sausages
12/19/2005: Domestic Surveillance: Illegal?
12/19/2005: Iraq Creates Strange Bedfellows
12/19/2005: "Everything I thought I knew was wrong."
12/18/2005: Our Golden Freedom
12/17/2005: Don't Rebuild New Orleans
12/17/2005: Impeach Bush!
12/15/2005: Iraqi Elections are Getting to be Routine
12/14/2005: Why We Are in Iraq
12/14/2005: Taking Responsibility
12/14/2005: Crosses on the Highways
12/13/2005: Sorting Out the Middle East
12/13/2005: 9/11 Movie from Oliver Stone
12/13/2005: 'Tookie' to be Terminated
12/12/2005: Wise Up Dems. It is too Important to be Goofy
12/11/2005: Right to Choose: Men Need Not Apply.
12/11/2005: Doubt and Redoubt
12/11/2005: Making Money Loving the Earth
12/10/2005: A Howard Dean Comment and a Little bit More.
12/09/2005: Americans Hating America
12/08/2005: Sticking it to the Man
12/08/2005: National Energy Needed to Revamp Public Education System
12/07/2005: U.S. Popular Culture Sucks
12/07/2005: What's the 'Vietnam Exit Strategy'?
12/06/2005: Wishful Thinking on Iraq
12/06/2005: Send Saddam to Hell
12/05/2005: Of Corruption, Influence and "Special Interests"
12/05/2005: Defeat, the Liberal Exit Strategy
12/03/2005: A Great Year
12/02/2005: The War on the War on Terror
12/02/2005: Nancy Pelosi Revives Republican Optimism
12/01/2005: Unwinnable
11/30/2005: Winning in Iraq
11/29/2005: Liberals & Communists
11/29/2005: Green Party: Israel must surrender
11/27/2005: Don't Flush - President in the Toilet
11/25/2005: how liberalism warps your mind
11/25/2005: What is an American?
11/23/2005: History or Philosophy?
11/23/2005: Who is the Enemy?
11/22/2005: Wealth and Virtue
11/21/2005: Thank You Mr. Murtha.
11/21/2005: Another Example of Republican Hate Speech
11/20/2005: 'Freedom Fighter' May Be Dead
11/20/2005: The Reasonable v The Democrats
11/18/2005: Bush lied, we must surrender.
11/18/2005: The Biggest Soft Money Loophole--Endorsements
11/17/2005: Intelligent Design
11/14/2005: Liberal Guilt
11/14/2005: Bush lied?
11/12/2005: Hate Doesn't Sell
11/12/2005: Worldwide War Against Terror
11/10/2005: The Economy, Real and Imaginary
11/10/2005: Torture, the Law, and the Executive
11/10/2005: Price TAX Gouging
11/09/2005: Financial Tips: Investing during an Intifada
11/08/2005: The American Military Looks Like America
11/08/2005: Economic Man Meets Reality in France
11/08/2005: Fake But Accurate?
11/06/2005: Racism is Alive and Well, on the Left That Is
11/06/2005: Reporting or distorting?
11/05/2005: Without Thatcher or Reagan You have France & Germany
11/04/2005: The Power of Private Philanthropy
11/04/2005: Tony Blankley's "Nightmare Scenario" Coming True?
11/03/2005: Activist Judges
11/03/2005: Paris is Burning
11/02/2005: Pandemic and Judge Alito
11/01/2005: manipulating intelligence
10/30/2005: The grinch who stole Fitzmas?
10/28/2005: Black Viewpoint Discrimination
10/27/2005: Miers Withdraws
10/25/2005: Proudly Neocon
10/24/2005: Called Code Pink for a reason
10/21/2005: The good guys are winning in Iraq
10/21/2005: Spain and the New World Order
10/20/2005: Myanmar's campaign finance reform
10/18/2005: An Illegal Alien No More
10/15/2005: The Iraqi Vote on the Record
10/13/2005: Goals in Plain Sight
10/12/2005: A Fundamentalist Jurisprudence?
10/12/2005: Aiding al Qa'ida
10/11/2005: Strangling the Internet in its crib
10/10/2005: Is Being an Originalist Supreme Court Justice a Simple Affair?
10/06/2005: The MBA President Depletes His Capital
10/06/2005: the meaning of jihad
10/03/2005: Bush lied - NOT
10/02/2005: It is all your own fault
10/02/2005: US Citizenship: Becoming Worthless
09/29/2005: Louisiana - Money they don't need - Yet
09/28/2005: kill the poor, take the oil *
09/28/2005: We are # 2 (Behind Finland)
09/28/2005: The Incumbent Protection Racket
09/27/2005: Surviving Rita
09/27/2005: If I had the right tools . . .
09/21/2005: On Illegitimate Presidents
09/21/2005: Practical Thoughts on Fixing Campaign Finance
09/19/2005: More on how New Orleans is 'Militarized'
09/18/2005: A Great Statesman
09/18/2005: Politically Correct Currency
09/17/2005: Political Speak - Listen Closely
09/16/2005: Get our troops out...
09/15/2005: Happy poor? It Works.
09/15/2005: Still Better than Kerry
09/14/2005: Roberts the Technocrat
09/14/2005: Line Drawing on Affirmative Action
09/13/2005: Business, government and society
09/12/2005: Big Pimpin' in the Big Easy
09/09/2005: Never antagonize anybody . . . unintentionally
09/09/2005: Country devastated: Democrats ecstatic.
09/09/2005: Political Fallout following Katrina
09/08/2005: I've Had Enough
09/08/2005: Swamps Versus People
09/07/2005: Compassionate Conservatism Lives
09/07/2005: The Financial and Political Aspects of Disaster Relief
09/06/2005: Building The New South
09/06/2005: General Honore
09/05/2005: Western Culture Trumps all other Cultures
09/03/2005: We can never run out of oil
09/02/2005: Why the left will never win another National election.
09/01/2005: Where Were You?
08/31/2005: The Call Girl Principle
08/31/2005: Does Morale Matter?
08/30/2005: Solidarity Forever
08/29/2005: Is Politics the Next Venue for a Speech Code?
08/29/2005: The End of the Boom(ers)
08/29/2005: Celebrate Good Times...Come On!
08/28/2005: Proof of Liberal History Textbooks
08/28/2005: Hiding Hypocrisy in Plain Sight
08/26/2005: Health Care Reform Free Market Style
08/25/2005: Return to Eden (without Saddam)
08/25/2005: Friends of the Devil
08/24/2005: The Conspiracy About Oil Prices
08/22/2005: Public Education the Next Social Security?
08/22/2005: Fraud of the 2004 Election
08/22/2005: If the President lied to get us into Iraq, what was his true motive?
08/21/2005: Lefty's Fallacies
08/19/2005: Parents of Soldiers
08/19/2005: Planned Parenthood v. Children
08/19/2005: stop the war
08/16/2005: Euro Success in Iran (fooled again)
08/16/2005: Current School Choice Models Inadequate
08/15/2005: Why the media has a liberal bias
08/14/2005: Hijacking cause for the downing of Helios 737?
08/12/2005: The Others
08/11/2005: Melting Pot Meltdown
08/10/2005: Iranians Hate Cute Aquatic Mammals
08/09/2005: The Rise of Muslim Civilization
08/07/2005: The PC Thought Police and Sensitivity Training
08/03/2005: Rummy is right on!
08/02/2005: Bolton and the U.N.
08/01/2005: The Newspeak Nightmare
07/29/2005: Why Kelo Should Be A Comfort to Liberals
07/28/2005: The Party of Fiscal Responsibility
07/28/2005: Rape a child, go to hell
07/26/2005: Another Kick Up the Donkey's Behind
07/26/2005: Tired of the Rhetoric
07/25/2005: Assimilation Nation <> Accommodation Nation
07/24/2005: Smart + Stupid = inequality
07/24/2005: Fear Based on Fact
07/23/2005: deeply troubled
07/22/2005: Double Standard
07/22/2005: Civil rights and catching stupid terrorists
07/20/2005: My Fortune Cookie for China Reads: Success and Prosperity in the Future
07/18/2005: Advise and Consent
07/18/2005: Factory Jobs Gone Forever (Good)
07/15/2005: Deceit: Weapon of Choice
07/14/2005: Will McCain's Movie Role Curtail His Political One?
07/14/2005: Bombs and Cough Medicine
07/14/2005: Class Action
07/14/2005: Roving reporters and the "Politics of Truth"
07/12/2005: Multiculturalism is no Threat
07/11/2005: Straitjacketed in this War on Terrorism
07/10/2005: The Iron Triangle of Public Schools
07/10/2005: Free Trade, Free People, Prosperity and CAFTA
07/09/2005: Why I like the Brits
07/06/2005: You have the right to protest
07/03/2005: Predictable Law
07/01/2005: Social Security - Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness
07/01/2005: Let's Fight the War to Win
06/29/2005: Transformational Bush
06/28/2005: Democrats report no abuse at Gitmo
06/28/2005: A Question for the Dems...
06/26/2005: Should Unocal sell to CNOOC?
06/25/2005: Never complain. Never explain. Never apologize.
06/23/2005: Democratic Deception Defeated by its own conclusions
06/22/2005: Stop Kidding Yourself - It is a Holy War
06/22/2005: What is an American Conservative?
06/21/2005: Lobbyists Don't Use Plastic
06/20/2005: Happy Father's Day!!
06/19/2005: Nuke Em
06/18/2005: Enemy America
06/17/2005: It's the UN again
06/16/2005: Saving us From Ourselves
06/16/2005: How 750 Students Saved Florida
06/16/2005: ACLU and Child Pornography
06/15/2005: Gitmo and The Geneva Convention
06/14/2005: Srebrenica
06/13/2005: Fair and Balanced
06/07/2005: George Bush: Champion of the Environment
06/07/2005: Brick Back Bricker: True Conservatives Don't Trade Away Sovereignty
06/07/2005: Pro-Choice, Pro-Child
06/06/2005: Koran Abuse Greatly Exaggerated
06/05/2005: Competition: A Bad Thing?
06/02/2005: Thinking about the environment
05/29/2005: Know your enemy
05/28/2005: "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."
05/27/2005: An American Hero
05/26/2005: Roadrunners & Coyotes
05/26/2005: Borders 101
05/25/2005: 'Wear it on your sleeve.'
05/25/2005: In Praise of Greatness
05/23/2005: The Compromise of the Fourteen
05/23/2005: Being French
05/21/2005: Revoke Bolton's nomination...
05/20/2005: Holy Terror
05/19/2005: Dr. Frist
05/19/2005: Lazy Americans
05/18/2005: P.E.T.A. Hampering Democrat Visions
05/17/2005: Joining the orange, rose and tulip club
05/17/2005: Judicial Filibusters
05/17/2005: Still the (number) One
05/16/2005: How we can lose the war on terror
05/15/2005: Soldiers, statesmen and Scholars
05/14/2005: Overvalued?
05/12/2005: Voinovich Does It Again
05/12/2005: Tax Cuts For the Rich
05/10/2005: The lesson from a children's movie
05/09/2005: Market Solutions to environmental challenges
05/08/2005: John Bolton and the U.N.
05/06/2005: Good News
05/05/2005: Environmentalists Have Their Cake, Want To Eat It Too
05/05/2005: America the land of opportunity - for Arabs
05/05/2005: A Useful Thought Experiment on Torture
05/04/2005: Nobel Prize for Bush and Blair
05/03/2005: Protect our Border - Protect our Kids
05/02/2005: Allied Victory
04/30/2005: U.S. Public Education in Need of Major Reform
04/29/2005: Framing is newspeak for propaganda
04/29/2005: NEW Social Security Calculator
04/27/2005: Why Men Earn more than Women
04/25/2005: The Best Rulers
04/24/2005: The ACLU and the Second Amendment
04/24/2005: Kerry's Entitlement
04/23/2005: Who has the right idea ?
04/21/2005: Advise And Consent Becomes Character Assassination
04/20/2005: This Is the Big Brother, Getting Bigger
04/18/2005: Social Security calculator
04/17/2005: Frist and Republicans Need to Chill Out
04/13/2005: Health Care Hypothetical
04/12/2005: Being Chops
04/11/2005: Genocide and Conscience
04/10/2005: I Support A Woman's Right to Choose
04/09/2005: Don't spend a dollar to solve a five-cent problem
04/06/2005: There Can Be No Serious Debate On This Issue
04/05/2005: Full Disclosure
04/05/2005: Reform, In Theory and Practice
04/04/2005: The environment in the U.S.: not so bad and getting better
04/01/2005: Goodbye, John Paul
03/31/2005: Down with the Punitive Tax System!
03/31/2005: Peace and Social Justice?
03/31/2005: No right turns on campus - yet
03/28/2005: Pro-life ought to mean it
03/28/2005: Affirmative Action: A New Application
03/27/2005: Condi Rice: Superstar
03/27/2005: Easter Bunny Assaulted
03/25/2005: Consider the source. . . please!
03/24/2005: Err on the Side of Life
03/24/2005: Internet: We can't plead ignorance
03/23/2005: Arms Embargo Against China
03/23/2005: A life worth living
03/19/2005: George Bush and a World Transformed
03/19/2005: Proletarian revolution?
03/18/2005: Rowland Sentenced To One Year
03/17/2005: Save the Wails: Tundra & Lightening -- More ANWR
03/17/2005: Europe: The UN-America
03/17/2005: The Ravens of ANWR
03/16/2005: A Proposal for the Future of Social Security
03/12/2005: The 'Purple Party'
03/11/2005: Born that way
03/11/2005: Who is Chuck Hagel?
03/11/2005: Eliminating Sexual Diversity
03/11/2005: Fatwa on Bin Laden
03/10/2005: Race in Hiring and Firing Decisions
03/09/2005: The coward dies a thousand deaths
03/08/2005: The Right side of history
03/06/2005: I have a simple four-word answer: save Social Security first
03/05/2005: Blogging 4 Bucks
03/04/2005: Why Free Market Democracy is Better than all the others
03/04/2005: The Ugly
03/02/2005: Of Dominoes and Democracy
03/02/2005: Be judgmental. Tolerate less
02/28/2005: What Makes A Lead Story?
02/28/2005: Arming the world
02/28/2005: You can't curse on your cellphone?
02/25/2005: Freedom
02/25/2005: Literal Blasts from the Past: Firearms, Freedom, and our Sinful Past
02/24/2005: Lebanon Round-Up
02/23/2005: An earlier form of liberalism
02/21/2005: Left wing fascism
02/18/2005: A Rational Profile of Gun Owners & the Bias Against Them
02/14/2005: "US Soldiers target journalists for death!"
02/11/2005: Resistance Is Futile
02/11/2005: House Approves Immigration Bill
02/10/2005: Iraqi bloggers weigh in
02/10/2005: multiculturalism, anti-Americanism, and the meaning of peace
02/09/2005: Exhortation--On Torture and the Bush Administration
02/08/2005: MidEast Peace
02/04/2005: Degrading America - Part 2
01/31/2005: Pro-Choicers Also Oppose 'Roe v. Wade'
01/31/2005: Degrading America
01/29/2005: It's Never Too Late to Scuttle a Bad Idea
01/29/2005: A man's gotta know his limitations
01/28/2005: Time for a new Party
01/28/2005: Frustrations With the Social Security Debate
01/27/2005: Heroic Iraqis
01/26/2005: And Which Ones Would Have Complied With the Gun Ban?
01/24/2005: Why We Fight
01/22/2005: President Bush's Second Inaugural Address
01/20/2005: Conservative Dissent On Democratic Crusaderism
01/20/2005: The Second Inaugural Address
01/19/2005: The NYT and Dangerous Reporting
01/18/2005: Speaking of scientific inquiry . . .
01/18/2005: A New New Deal
01/14/2005: Politics and Science Revisited
01/14/2005: Hatespeak -
01/14/2005: CBS and Bias
01/14/2005: Changing Our Diet
01/13/2005: Stupid anti-Americanism kills Muslim children, others
01/12/2005: Torture
01/12/2005: Supply and Demand
01/11/2005: Where's the Outrage?
01/11/2005: Oh - I forgot to have children
01/11/2005: Preserving Democracy
01/10/2005: Diversity of ideas is what really counts
01/09/2005: Where's the Outrage?
01/07/2005: The Stinginess of Islam?
01/06/2005: The Stinginess of Islam
01/06/2005: The Guys Who Are Undecided
01/06/2005: Slavery did not end in the last century
01/06/2005: The Other Side of the Coin
01/06/2005: challenging decision
01/06/2005: Food and Drug Administration
01/05/2005: Social Security, A Slightly Different Take
01/04/2005: The political uses of disaster
01/04/2005: Sacrificial Honesty
01/01/2005: Despite all our progress, half of all Americans earn below average incomes
12/31/2004: Happy New Year !!
12/30/2004: Just get out of the way if you just want to complain
12/29/2004: What liberal press?
12/28/2004: Well, it's a living....
12/28/2004: Agency of mercy or worthless fraud?
12/28/2004: U.N. Official Calls U.S. Aid Stingy
12/27/2004: transformational freedom
12/25/2004: Yes to gay marriage for conservative reasons
12/23/2004: Don't let the foxes guard the henhouses
12/22/2004: making a killing?
12/21/2004: Poorly Reported Statistics--Serious Issue
12/20/2004: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.
12/20/2004: Over Fed?
12/19/2004: Christmas
12/16/2004: Don't be scared
12/14/2004: Proto-Post-Neocolonialism
12/12/2004: I wish I had said that . . . Don't worry, you will.
12/11/2004: #1 goal: defeat America
12/10/2004: More Teens Keep It In Their Pants
12/07/2004: Remember Pearl Harbor
12/06/2004: Phony Optimism
12/03/2004: Equality and Envy - Deadly Sins?
12/02/2004: killing infants
11/30/2004: Rumsfeld Sued For War Crimes
11/30/2004: Iran Round-Up
11/29/2004: Red Light, Green Light
11/25/2004: Separation of school and state
11/24/2004: Mandatory pedestrianism
11/23/2004: Blame it on Usama
11/22/2004: Echo Chamber?
11/22/2004: Eagle Platform
11/20/2004: Respect, courage and Consequences
11/19/2004: Trust Me?
11/19/2004: Misdirected Hostility
11/19/2004: Casting the key to success
11/16/2004: U.N. Policy & Muscle
11/16/2004: JesusLand
11/14/2004: affirmative action
11/12/2004: "Tanks" meet Anti-War Protesters in LA. Gasp! Over React!
11/11/2004: Winners Make It Happen; Losers Let It Be
11/11/2004: Kisses and Crumbs
11/09/2004: I'm Jesus Christ and I approved this message
11/08/2004: Capitalism's global war on poverty
11/06/2004: Pickett's Charge
11/06/2004: Democrats go home
11/04/2004: Responsibility
11/04/2004: Punishing the Frat Boy
11/03/2004: Backyards vs. Concrete Playgrounds?
11/03/2004: The Voice of the American people
11/03/2004: Here We Go Again
11/03/2004: Arghh!
11/03/2004: It's all over, bar the suing
11/03/2004: Bush Wins
11/02/2004: President Kerry?
11/01/2004: Better Red than Dead
10/31/2004: Oh brave, new world...
10/31/2004: Veni. Vidi. Veto.
10/30/2004: The Day After the Election - Generic
10/30/2004: A Slice of Apple Pie
10/30/2004: After the Election
10/30/2004: Four reasons why traditional conservatives should vote Bush
10/29/2004: Osama's Election Bomb
10/29/2004: Kerry is Wrong to Rely on Much Help
10/28/2004: Biased Election Coverage
10/28/2004: The perspective of history
10/27/2004: Talking to Democrats about Abortion - The Missing Debate
10/27/2004: What Others Think of Us is Often What We Say About Ourselves
10/26/2004: Disenfranchisement = Suppression = Fraud
10/26/2004: Republicans under attack from Libertarians soliciting Democratic support
10/26/2004: Talking to Democrats - Introduction
10/26/2004: Explosive charges
10/24/2004: Potential for un-civil war
10/21/2004: Kerry's Rhetoric does NOT match his 'Plan'
10/21/2004: "...unequivocally no."
10/18/2004: From Nuisance to Myth
10/17/2004: Scandinavian Neutrality
10/16/2004: The Electoral College: Why Now and Why Not?
10/15/2004: Support the troops: Vote for Bush
10/14/2004: Is it RIGHT? or is it WRONG?
10/13/2004: Kerry versus Free Speech: Sinclair Broadcasting & FEC
10/10/2004: Rice Shines
10/08/2004: Another Reason to Elect John Kerry
10/07/2004: The Politics of Fear and Intimidation
10/07/2004: Gays voting for Kerry/Edwards?
10/06/2004: With Allies Like These
10/06/2004: Edwards Not Ready For Prime Time
10/05/2004: The Vice Presidential Debate
10/05/2004: Kerry's consistent position
10/03/2004: Karma Karma Kerry Chameleon
10/01/2004: Japan Wins Again
10/01/2004: This War is Wrong, and I'll Win It
09/30/2004: Portrait of a Futile Election
09/30/2004: The Draft Myth
09/30/2004: We Must Not Support Torture
09/29/2004: "Ambiguous" Iran
09/29/2004: "GUN SAFETY" or gun control: GOP Congress right to overturn the DC ban.
09/29/2004: The Real Quagmire
09/26/2004: What Plan?
09/25/2004: The New Nam
09/24/2004: "My Way or No Way"
09/24/2004: Kerry insults Allawi in bid for Presidency
09/23/2004: Colorado proposal for proportional electors: A tie-breaker?
09/22/2004: Baby Killers and Warmongers
09/22/2004: Soccer Moms OR Security Moms
09/22/2004: Social Security and Budgets
09/21/2004: Why did CBS coordinate with the Kerry Campaign?
09/20/2004: Kerry and his Loopholes
09/20/2004: V-Day
09/20/2004: Trail Of Connections
09/17/2004: Kofi: "Iraq an Illegal War"
09/17/2004: 'The meek shall inherit the earth.'
09/16/2004: Both Parties Are Winning
09/15/2004: Voter Suppression
09/14/2004: Does the DNC want Kerry?
09/14/2004: Fortunate Son, It just Doesnt Matter
09/13/2004: "Hypothetical Questions are Not Real"
09/12/2004: Assault on Truth
09/10/2004: Media Responsibility
09/10/2004: "Opponents are idiots"
09/08/2004: Kerry says: Give Iran Nuke fuel
09/06/2004: "I know the power of my own diplomacy..."
09/05/2004: The Core and the Gap
09/03/2004: Serving the cause of Liberty
09/02/2004: On the Ropes
09/02/2004: The Republican Conservative Doubters
09/02/2004: Day 3: I predict a landslide.
09/01/2004: Two home runs for day two!
08/31/2004: Rethinking our Relationship with the EU
08/31/2004: "A Nation of Courage"
08/31/2004: McCain's Obama
08/30/2004: Why you should vote for Bush
08/30/2004: Blogging the Conventions: A Look at The State of The Art
08/30/2004: He's a Veteran
08/29/2004: One track campaign, on the wrong track
08/28/2004: Young Conservatives: The Right's New Influence
08/25/2004: the concept of purple
08/24/2004: Social Insecurity: A time-bomb of mass destruction?
08/24/2004: Why We Must Win
08/23/2004: David and Goliath 527's
08/20/2004: Prosecute or Defend
08/20/2004: peace loving free speech or hit list?
08/18/2004: Kerry Kerry Quite Contrary
08/16/2004: A Withdrawal Plan I Can Agree With
08/15/2004: Who lied?
08/13/2004: International Man of Mystery
08/12/2004: Forget tax cuts: Abolish the IRS
08/11/2004: Kerry: "I Have Been Consistent All Along"
08/10/2004: Lincoln - Douglas Revisited?
08/09/2004: Powerless Seething Liberal Fury
08/08/2004: Will The Kerry Campaign Implode Over Religion?
08/08/2004: recantations
08/06/2004: Unhappy band of brothers
08/05/2004: Lessons of '04
08/03/2004: Kerry the anti-warrior
08/02/2004: 420 Seconds
08/01/2004: 'You Say You Want A Revolution'
07/31/2004: The Unbearable Lightness of Voting
07/31/2004: A Week of Enrichment and Education
07/31/2004: Ralph Nader and the New Anti-Semitism
07/31/2004: convention theme: Bush Lied
07/31/2004: Kerry's Acceptance Speech
07/31/2004: Kerry's Foreign Policy
07/30/2004: Unlikely Generals
07/30/2004: Was Ryan Lyin' ?
07/30/2004: There Are Two Americas
07/30/2004: Kerry's Speech - Hopeless
07/29/2004: Dividing America: Day 3
07/28/2004: Dividing America: Day 2
07/27/2004: Democrats Embrace Foreign Policy Failures
07/27/2004: Divided we stand
07/26/2004: Gore still wrong about Bush stealing 2000
07/24/2004: Newsweek: Younger voters will tune out Democratic convention
07/23/2004: Axis of Jihad
07/21/2004: Environmental Deathblow
07/20/2004: Kerry-Bin Laden Bumper Stickers
07/19/2004: Universal Healthscare
07/18/2004: Nadir of Congressional Black Caucus?
07/16/2004: the politics of truth
07/15/2004: John Kerry's Reading Habits?
07/14/2004: This 'Hail Mary' Pass Might Work
07/13/2004: Call Jack Back
07/13/2004: Kerry's Real Campaign Strategy
07/11/2004: law enforcement issue
07/08/2004: two americas
07/06/2004: the right to destroy life at conception
07/05/2004: Celsius 488.33
07/02/2004: the root of all evil
07/01/2004: After Saddam: A Symposium
07/01/2004: More Campaign Finance Reform Follies. . .
06/30/2004: The Right Challenges
06/30/2004: Chirac and Afghanistan
06/27/2004: Pax Americana
06/27/2004: Iraq and the F Word
06/25/2004: Gored
06/25/2004: Reno on Iraq: "There's a threat, and it's real,"
06/24/2004: Told Ya! Campaign Finance Reform Follies And Michael Moore
06/24/2004: A Lie By Any Other Medium
06/22/2004: Derelicte
06/21/2004: Iraq to Support Terrorist Attacks Against US
06/18/2004: Saddam's terror
06/12/2004: Remembering Reagan
06/12/2004: nuclear iran
06/11/2004: On Reagan, the GOP, and Loving America
06/11/2004: New polls have Kerry leading big, tied with Bush
06/11/2004: Taking Advice
06/09/2004: Thinking Big Picture
06/09/2004: republican extermination
06/05/2004: "We will always remember."Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004
06/04/2004: Poll shows Americans don't know Kerry
06/02/2004: 99 to 1 - Kerry's The One
05/31/2004: Crying Wolf
05/31/2004: Kerry Gets It Wrong
05/30/2004: eschatology of the left
05/30/2004: The R.I.N.O. and the President
05/26/2004: Dead warhorse
05/26/2004: Police Your Own
05/24/2004: No practical difference between Bush & Kerry?
05/22/2004: No Third Party Threat For President Bush
05/22/2004: Kerry lied
05/19/2004: sgt york 2004
05/19/2004: It's the economy and Iraq stupid
05/14/2004: Election Law, Air America, & Al Franken
05/13/2004: Spanish Retreat from the War on Terrorism
05/11/2004: Kerry blames Bush for Iraq abuse
05/11/2004: McCain verse Edwards?
05/08/2004: Win the war, lose the peace
05/07/2004: Abu Ghraib, Moral Disaster
05/06/2004: lessons of abu ghraib
05/02/2004: Republican libertarians: the past or the future?
05/01/2004: Honoring our Women
04/30/2004: Who will be the Democratic nominee?
04/30/2004: A Taxing Reminder
04/30/2004: George Bush and the Inability to Admit Error
04/29/2004: Spanish Withdrawal
04/28/2004: Senator Lautenberg Is old Enough To Know Better
04/28/2004: Iraqi poll about America
04/28/2004: Religious Right and Gays - We are all "SIN+".
04/27/2004: Kerry diverts attention from medal issue
04/26/2004: There He Goes Again
04/26/2004: Senator Kerry: "It depends on what the definition of the word 'medal' is."
04/24/2004: Heroes
04/24/2004: So far Kerry uninspiring on Iraq
04/23/2004: Nuance on terror
04/20/2004: Terrorists now dubbed 'Insurgents'
04/17/2004: Peace in our time?
04/15/2004: The $%@& President won't Apologize
04/14/2004: 9/11 And the Need to Prove Policing Can Stop Terrorism
04/14/2004: The Internationalist
04/13/2004: August 6th PDB: Smoking Gun or A Dud ?
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04/04/2004: I Saw the Pictures
04/02/2004: Enemies of god
03/31/2004: Capitalist overlord update
03/30/2004: The stage is set
03/26/2004: To Promote U.S. Employment, Change FICA
03/23/2004: Our Failure in Afghanistan
03/22/2004: Death of Hamas leader argued to bring more terrorism
03/20/2004: Taking The Wisest Course In Iraq?
03/20/2004: Blood for oil money
03/20/2004: Kerry's coming implosion
03/18/2004: US to Spain: Don't Appease Terrorist
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03/17/2004: Kerry Failed To Support Troops
03/15/2004: Meet The New Kerry, Same As The Old Kerry !
03/15/2004: Social Security Crisis
03/15/2004: The Need For Nuclear Energy
03/15/2004: Kerry's Imaginary Foreign Leaders
03/14/2004: 311
03/13/2004: The Iraqis have a constitution
03/13/2004: "Kofi lied, and people died."
03/11/2004: Kerry Owes America An Apology
03/10/2004: Necessary and strategic
03/10/2004: University of Broken Promise
03/08/2004: Is Bush a Closet Socialist?
03/07/2004: 9/11 Ad Controversy: Ridiculous
03/04/2004: Palestinian Lawlessness
03/03/2004: Kerry a liberal, not moderate
03/01/2004: Why Didn't The U.S. Capture and Disarm the Iraqi Army?
02/29/2004: Kerry AWOL on POW/MIAS?
02/28/2004: Talk is cheap
02/27/2004: Walmart: capitalist overlord?
02/24/2004: South Dakota v. Roe v. Wade
02/23/2004: Why Didn't the U.S. Invade Afghanistan
02/23/2004: Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Secret Case
02/23/2004: Gay Marriage and Activism
02/20/2004: Anti-war bribery
02/19/2004: Changing Cheney
02/19/2004: Tax cuts = Jobs?
02/19/2004: Rolling Election for Iraq
02/18/2004: John Kerry on the Issues: The Economy
02/18/2004: Dean calls it quits
02/17/2004: Why Didn't the U.S. Seize the WMD Sites?
02/17/2004: The Paradox of Democracy
02/15/2004: Much Ado About Nothing
02/15/2004: Undemocratic Courts
02/14/2004: The Sustainability of Human Progress
02/14/2004: What it Means to Be A Republican
02/13/2004: What we knew, and when we knew it.
02/12/2004: Pro-Market, Not Pro-Business
02/11/2004: Clark quits presidential race
02/11/2004: Clark joins the ranks of the defeated
02/06/2004: Electability
02/06/2004: UN Resolution, My Favorite Oxymoron
02/04/2004: Rall Watch: Yet To Be Liberated
02/01/2004: Environmentalists strike again
01/28/2004: Dean happy with New Hampshire showing
01/27/2004: Primary Challenges
01/26/2004: Change of heart on Iraq. Augur of future success?
01/25/2004: Kay gives conflicting stories on Iraq WMD
01/24/2004: Arguments about the War
01/23/2004: The State of the Union's subtler points: Abstinence only sex education
01/20/2004: My Analysis of the State of the Union Speech and Democrat Response
01/20/2004: State of the Union 2004
01/20/2004: Kerry Wins Iowa; Dean Distant Third
01/18/2004: Martian nitpicks
01/18/2004: Has Bush Been a Conservative?
01/18/2004: The U.S. does not turn on a dime.
01/13/2004: Iraq war plans no indictment of Bush
01/13/2004: Bush's conservative immigration policy
01/08/2004: Bush to Announce Lunar and Martian Missions
01/03/2004: Peaceful Bush
01/02/2004: Middle Eastern Mishaps
12/30/2003: Poll: American troops support Iraq war
12/30/2003: Christmas Wishes
12/27/2003: Khilafah: the new Evil Empire
12/22/2003: Voter News Survey 2002 mid-term exit polls
12/19/2003: Today in History
12/19/2003: The Domino Effect
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12/15/2003: Actions and Words in Foreign Policy
12/14/2003: Expect Dem silence
12/13/2003: Arnold scores political victory
12/12/2003: Cutting out the weasels
12/10/2003: Born Blond
12/07/2003: Bush repeals steel tariffs -- finally!
12/06/2003: To those calling for revolution
12/01/2003: Winning the War on Terror
12/01/2003: Sunshine Laws
11/26/2003: Happy Thanksgiving!
11/25/2003: Medicare etc.
11/22/2003: Conservatives debate Medicare
11/21/2003: The Reasons For the War (Part III)
11/17/2003: Gov. Schwarzenegger leading a Revolution
11/17/2003: Much ado about nothing
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11/14/2003: The Reasons For the War (Part II)
11/12/2003: Pew Survey on 2004 Political Landscape
11/11/2003: The Coffin Ban
11/11/2003: The Reasons For the War (Part I)
11/06/2003: Bush Doctrine: Global Democratic Revolution
11/06/2003: Democrats might lose another issue even before the primaries
11/05/2003: Opponents take aim at abortion bill
11/05/2003: Sluggish recovery, don't pin it on President Bush: Charts can tell the real story
11/05/2003: Dems look lost
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10/31/2003: Trick or Treat?
10/31/2003: The Iraq Dilemma
10/30/2003: All the reasons not to vote for Kucinich, in one convenient place
10/24/2003: Cali-spin
10/20/2003: Liberty or Death? FDA life-saving drug access regulations
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10/12/2003: The Arnold Effect?
09/14/2003: The Unscientific Nature of Poll Reporting
09/07/2003: Dean's Big Mistake
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08/18/2003: Lynne Kiesling on Deregulation
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07/16/2003: Democracy in Iraq moves forward
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07/14/2003: Saddam in bed with Osama
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07/10/2003: What We Know, What Bush Knew, and What Dems Should Keep In Mind
07/08/2003: Campaign Donations
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06/29/2003: Kerry Sacrificing Credibility for Political Expediency?
06/22/2003: Lies, Damn Lies, and Policy Choices
06/21/2003: Bush tugs whole party
06/20/2003: A Note to Those who Cry Wolf:
06/18/2003: Too Smart to Be So Dumb
06/16/2003: No Peace While Hamas Exists
06/16/2003: Al Gore is looking good for '04
06/15/2003: Greetings
06/14/2003: Crush'm
06/13/2003: Burning Bush
06/05/2003: Washington's 2004 presidential primary set for 'Super Tuesday'
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06/04/2003: Sen. Murkowski faces political challenges in 2004 election
06/04/2003: Tauzin: 'No Intention' to Retire in 2004
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05/29/2003: Democratic Party Heads To Endangered Species List
05/27/2003: Tax Cut Positions Bush for the 2004 Election