WatchBlog: Rules For Participation

WatchBlog: Rules For Comment Participation

WatchBlog encourages public participation in the form of comments to our many writer's published articles. WatchBlog encourages civil and rational debate of points of fact, philosophy, and political viewpoint and interpretation. To insure an enjoyable environment for political debate and discussion at WatchBlog, the following rules apply to participation.

When leaving a comment, a valid email address for yourself is required.

One handle or name to be used for comments. Using multiple names is not permitted. If you wish to permanently change the name you use on WatchBlog, please email the manager with the request to do so.

Comments are permitted only on the topic of the article

. Off topic comments will be removed at the management's discretion. If visitors have suggestions or complaints about the operation of WatchBlog, such suggestions or complaints are to be emailed to the managing editor at the email addresses at the bottom of these Rules.

Critique the Message, Not the Messenger. This means you may critique any points made in another person's writing or comments. But, you may not criticize the person themself, nor their right to comment at WatchBlog. This also means you may not criticize categories of people who visit and participate at WatchBlog (e.g. All Democrats are commies or, All Republicans are idiots). To be in compliance, critique of what other WatchBlog participants say, must be aimed at the points being made in their content.

Trolling and flame baiting are NOT acceptable. This means comments whose primary effect is to provoke hostility or anger in other participants at WatchBlog are not tolerated.

Comments are expected to remain on the topic of the published article.

Posting of advertising or, hyperlinking of any kind for personal or other web sites, products or services not bearing directly on the topic of a published article and its discussion in the comments, are prohibited.

Posting of copyrighted materials in violation of copyright laws is prohibited.

Republishing more than a paragraph of any WatchBlog content other than on WatchBlog, without the author's permission is prohibited. All quotation of WatchBlog material must be accompanied by attribution, which may take the form of a hyperlink to the full article, or, the Author's name, title of article, date of the article, and column in which the article or comments appear.

Profanity is discouraged. Gratuitous use of profanity on a repeated basis is not allowed.

WatchBlog is an English language site only. Because we cannot enforce our policies for comments made in foreign languages, WB accepts English language comments only.

WatchBlog and its management reserve the right to deny access to any persons whose participation violates the rules above, or diminshes the stated purposes and use of WatchBlog by the public at large. If you see violations of these policies, please report them to via the email address below.

editor [at]