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Full Name: Paul Siegel

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Politically Active? Not Available

Number of Posts: 669

Biography: Paul Siegel has been a writer for over 40 years and a public speaker for over 20 years. He wrote the first book on computers for the layperson in 1961, and several other computer books thereafter. Since then he has written books on Internet marketing and self improvement. His latest book is "WE DON'T AGREE, BUT... How to Live in an Age of Terrorism," which states that if a person is more cooperative, he will not only help reduce terrorism but is more likely to achieve self-actualization. Paul runs a blog of the same name as this book: WE DON'T AGREE, BUT... at Paul is an interesting, entertaining and dynamic public speaker. Because of his performance on the platform, he is called Paul "the soaring" Siegel.

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