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Biography: I have done many things in my life and have never had time to observe, let alone consider things much in my life outside my own personal experience. Now I am retired and thinking about world and national events very much. I am curious to see what people really think about current events and not just rely on the mainstream media reporting as they all have their own self-interests. I am a former retail clerk, restaurant manager, student, elementary teacher, college teacher, and real estate broker. I'm sure I've done more things but it doesn't matter. My political leanings are mostly (ok, entirely) Democratic, not that I always agree with them. My husband is a Republican which at the least makes life interesting, but always gives me another point of view to examine. I have 3 beloved cats and no kids of the human type by choice. Please join me in this effort to bring opinions and solutions together in a spirit of fairness and respect.

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