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Profile for Adam Ducker

Full Name: Adam Ducker

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Politically Active? Yes

Number of Posts: 15


I am 28 years old living in Rogers, AR with my wife and dog. I am a tech professional working with several companies scattered across the United States. Thinking, reading, writing and talking about politics is a major part of my daily routine.

I've lived in Liberal San Francisco and Liberal Delaware. I've even lived in liberal parts of Arkansas. These days I live in one of the most conservative regions of the state.

Benton County voted about 67% for John McCain in 2008, 75% for the Republican Senate candidate in 2010. I may never vote for a Democrat that wins a local election here but that won't stop me from trying.

I once published in the Third Party section of this blog as a Nader supporter but I also campaigned for Dennis Kucinich in 2004. These days I'm much more of a mainstream Democrat. I supported Hillary Clinton for president in the 2008 primary but was more than happy to vote for Barack Obama once he'd won the nomination.

Subjects of Interest:

  • Christianity: I am a practicing, left leaning follower of Jesus Christ
  • Veganism: I haven't eaten meat in years and I eat a 100% plant based diet about 99% of the time
  • Economics and statistics: I enjoy reading and learning about this subject
  • Gender and race issues: I love thinking about and arguing these two subjects
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