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09/03/2017: North Korea detonates 6th nuclear weapon
07/18/2017: The Nation Comes First
05/16/2017: Donald Trump Damages Intelligence Sharing Relationship
05/09/2017: Trump Fires Comey On Way to Firing Self
11/22/2016: The Sugarcoats 1: No Peace with the Alt-Right
11/09/2016: My Condolences to the GOP
06/29/2016: Benghazi Nothingburger
01/20/2016: Untrue Patriots
12/04/2015: Dystopias are the Utopias of the Few
11/13/2015: Terror Strikes Paris
07/14/2015: Final Deal with Iran Announced
04/05/2015: Iran Deal Parameters Reached
03/11/2015: "Corruption of Blood," and other Constitutional Sins
02/17/2015: Pick Your Words And Pick Your Battles
07/16/2014: About me/Refugees or Illegals?
10/30/2012: The Functionalist Manifesto, Or, Why Romney's Attitudes are Pennywise and Pound-Foolish
10/18/2012: The Foot Flew To The Mouth of Its Own Accord
09/14/2012: Flip Flop Romney Mourns Diplomats After Bashing Obama
09/12/2012: Mitt Romney's True Character
07/04/2012: What Can A Higgs Boson Teach Us About Global Warming?
02/22/2012: We Drilled, Baby, We Drilled, and It Ain't Getting Cheaper!
01/01/2012: "If Only...", and The Uncomfortable Truth of Democracy
12/15/2011: The End of The Iraq War
10/20/2011: The New Face of Warfare
10/18/2011: Humanity at its worst: The LRA and Rush Limbaugh
05/05/2010: The Deadly Sin: America Can't Afford Despair
03/16/2010: Deem and Pass: Majority Rules Upheld
01/19/2010: War & Peace: America’s Helpful Dichotomy
10/12/2009: It Sucks, He Sucks, Everything Just Sucks!
10/10/2009: A Reinvogorated America
09/17/2009: Need Afghanistan Exit Strategy
07/24/2009: Risky Experiments?
12/01/2008: The Mythology That Backs Bad Policy
11/08/2008: Can a Campaign Become a Movement, or at Least an Engaged Citizenry?
08/20/2008: Who is Stephen Harper?
06/29/2008: Tired of Being Lied To
05/30/2008: End Our Rogue Nation Status!
05/13/2008: How to Grow Tragedies - Myanmar
04/19/2008: Conflict of Interest: Contractors and Lobbyists Sent to Sell the War to the Public.
02/09/2008: Back to the Israeli Bombing of Syria
12/04/2007: Good News, And World War III
11/23/2007: Is Impeachment Still Off the Table Pelosi?
11/08/2007: Here is Why They Hate Us
11/03/2007: Bush and his Cousin Vlad III the Impaler
10/30/2007: Lessons Unlearned
10/03/2007: Cooking with Burma's Gas
08/24/2007: Secrecy for Thee, Not for Me!
08/08/2007: Energy Diplomacy
08/03/2007: Five Questions With Benjamin Orbach
07/29/2007: Friend or Foe Business Is Business
07/27/2007: Why Wouldn't We Talk?
07/18/2007: Bush Intelligence and Intelligence
07/10/2007: Democracy Keeps America Safe
06/11/2007: Instead of G-8 Why Not G-X?
06/06/2007: The Useful J-Curve
05/14/2007: The Consequences of a Globalized, Industrialized Food Supply
04/24/2007: Obama's World
04/19/2007: Wolfowitz: A Danger to Poor Countries
04/14/2007: China Interferes In Sudan
04/06/2007: Brits Confessed To Everything Just Like Khalid Sheik Mohamed
04/05/2007: Multinational Corporations and Democracy
04/05/2007: Deal With It
03/03/2007: North Korea - Wrong Again
02/14/2007: Square One In North Korea
01/16/2007: Iranian Consulate Raid - Spin Zone
01/03/2007: Iran: Sanctions and Response
12/22/2006: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave
12/19/2006: Hardliners Having Hard Times
12/10/2006: Iraq, The Study Group, and Bush's 'Stay the Course'
12/07/2006: "Birds Of A Feather?"
10/19/2006: Elaboration: A Storyteller's Perspective on Strategy and Success
10/16/2006: The Sorrows of Empire
10/10/2006: Good Faith Governance
10/07/2006: Who Gets Nuclear Power?
09/25/2006: Tales from the Borderlands, Part Five
09/14/2006: Material Support Beats Lip Service Every Time
08/30/2006: Should We Debate Iran?
08/21/2006: Nine Out of Ten
07/29/2006: Not a Conservative? Too Bad.
07/19/2006: Israeli Attack On Lebanon Was Likely No Surprise To U.S.
07/18/2006: Book Review: The Mighty and the Almighty
07/10/2006: Let China Do It
06/16/2006: The Price of Division
06/08/2006: Negotiating with Iran
06/08/2006: Hoping it Makes the Difference.
06/06/2006: The Voltage of Dissent
06/02/2006: Probable Cause in Haditha
05/23/2006: Emperor Palpatine and The Politics of Mythic Roles
05/16/2006: New York in Modern America: An Alien World
05/13/2006: Security From Our Government
05/09/2006: Answer Iran Letter with Ebadi
05/07/2006: The Economy In Context
04/18/2006: Fool Me Once
04/09/2006: Why Bring Out The Iran Plan Now?
04/07/2006: Human Rights Leadership?
03/22/2006: A Grand Bargain with Iran
03/21/2006: Talk to Iran
03/08/2006: Bush, the Diplomat
02/28/2006: Foreign Policy: Republican vs. Democratic Approaches
02/16/2006: Hooray for Rice!
02/15/2006: Spreading Democracy, Bush Style
02/12/2006: The Ring of Truth
02/07/2006: No Nukes!
02/03/2006: The Democratic Art Of War
01/23/2006: The M-Street Project
01/21/2006: Chile's Remarkable -yet little remarked- Election
01/16/2006: Fight Iran with Friendship
01/15/2006: The Right Way, This Time
11/14/2005: Moderating Iran with China
09/17/2005: Is It An Exclusive Club, Or Not?
09/16/2005: Bush Fails at Foreign Policy Too
09/15/2005: Die Wahl 2005
08/29/2005: A New Approach to Foreign Policy
08/19/2005: War or Peace
08/19/2005: Fair AND Biased Coverage Sought
08/17/2005: Bringing Iran Around
08/15/2005: Blood and Oil
08/12/2005: Show Of Force
08/10/2005: Iran Puzzle: Negotiate or Fight
07/22/2005: Picking at nits while ignoring the elephant
06/27/2005: Mr. President: Be Pro Bono
06/23/2005: The Timeline Dilemma
06/22/2005: Guantanamo, Shmantanamo - Not the Real Problem
06/15/2005: Our Man in Geneva
05/31/2005: This Means War!
05/30/2005: Non!
05/04/2005: Where Are The Consequences?
04/14/2005: This is the Bush Doctrine, Flinching
04/14/2005: Cold War II
04/12/2005: Let This One Go
03/29/2005: What's the Old Saying About Elections Without a Government?
03/29/2005: Kumbaya Condi
03/28/2005: Not With a Bang but a Whimper
03/24/2005: What Gives, Muammar?
02/25/2005: Tick, Tick, Tick
01/22/2005: Hotel Rwanda
01/17/2005: Desert Two
12/30/2004: Where Is America?
12/23/2004: In Fini, Veritas
11/26/2004: The Truth Will Set You Free
11/06/2004: Truth, Terrorism, and War
10/31/2004: Why Bin Laden ‘NEEDS’ George W. Bush To Remain President
10/28/2004: Lessons Forgotten Will Be Lessons Relearned
10/26/2004: The Grand Alliance
10/26/2004: Cue Cards & PuppetMaster Bush
10/22/2004: Factcheck on the Wolves Ad
10/08/2004: Forensic Criminology and Psycho Pathology... BACK IMPEACHMENT
10/06/2004: "What Kind of Commander in Chief"
10/05/2004: The "Global Test"
09/29/2004: Flip Flop
09/16/2004: Beslan - Russia's Reichstag?
08/23/2004: An Appeal To The Veterans
08/20/2004: Backdraft
08/03/2004: UN Reformation
07/11/2004: Remember...What is Best in life!
06/02/2004: Chalabi Curveball Kills Powell
05/25/2004: The Politics of Terror
05/25/2004: Why We Fight
05/14/2004: Coalition of the Walkout
04/17/2004: The Political War Al Qaeda Wages
04/15/2004: Palestinian Problem Solved?
03/28/2004: Somalia Revisited
03/02/2004: He Said, He Said
02/04/2004: The Crystal Ball Dilemma
02/04/2004: Using Our Power Abroad Effectively
12/11/2003: Watch The World Dance
07/10/2003: The Meaning of Reflective
06/15/2003: UN exempts US from tribunal