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10/31/2017: Radical Islamist Terrorism Returns to Manhattan
10/28/2017: The Most Egregious Leak Yet
05/16/2017: Donald Trump Damages Intelligence Sharing Relationship
01/28/2017: DAESH celebrates propaganda coup
11/09/2016: My Condolences to the GOP
06/29/2016: Benghazi Nothingburger
11/13/2015: Terror Strikes Paris
03/11/2015: "Corruption of Blood," and other Constitutional Sins
12/09/2014: Senate Releases Torture Report
11/22/2014: GOP vindicates administration on Benghazi allegations
04/15/2013: Patriots' Day explosions
09/12/2012: Mitt Romney's True Character
12/15/2011: The End of The Iraq War
08/05/2010: America's Birthright of Freedom
04/13/2010: The government is going to come and take your guns...
03/13/2010: Science and Technology Links for the Week of March 8, 2010
02/03/2010: FBI Gets Further Information Out of Mirandized Xmas Bomber
10/02/2009: Who Lost Chicago?
12/01/2008: The Mythology That Backs Bad Policy
08/23/2008: No Profile
04/19/2008: Conflict of Interest: Contractors and Lobbyists Sent to Sell the War to the Public.
10/30/2007: Lessons Unlearned
10/14/2007: TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08 Exercises
08/24/2007: Secrecy for Thee, Not for Me!
04/07/2007: The Privateers: Outsourcing U.S. Sovereignty
12/22/2006: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave
12/19/2006: Hardliners Having Hard Times
10/10/2006: Good Faith Governance
09/14/2006: Material Support Beats Lip Service Every Time
08/31/2006: Thoughts on "Category 5"
08/21/2006: Nine Out of Ten
08/10/2006: Defense As Well
08/06/2006: Thoughts on The One Percent Doctrine
07/29/2006: Not a Conservative? Too Bad.
06/16/2006: The Price of Division
06/06/2006: The Voltage of Dissent
05/23/2006: Emperor Palpatine and The Politics of Mythic Roles
05/19/2006: America's Uncommon Language
05/13/2006: Security From Our Government
03/02/2006: Do We Need Guest Workers?
02/27/2006: 45 Days to Security
02/24/2006: Maximizing Shareholder Value
02/23/2006: Rove: Security Focus of Campaigns
02/20/2006: Feingold Shows Way to Security
02/14/2006: Plamegate: The Leak That Keeps On Leaking
12/21/2005: The Patriot Act: Fix It, Don't Kill It
12/18/2005: Watching the Watchers
11/16/2005: Get Them, Before They Get You
10/05/2005: The Swine Diaries: Payback, American style
09/20/2005: Mitigating Future Katrinas
09/13/2005: Government Gambling Problem
09/08/2005: Katrina Opportunities
09/05/2005: New Orleans Rocks Republicans
09/01/2005: Be Prepared
07/15/2005: Better than a yellow ribbon
06/07/2005: Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Betrays
11/23/2004: Staggering Failure
11/06/2004: Truth, Terrorism, and War
07/31/2004: What is the price? What is the risk?
03/29/2004: To Rice or not to Rice?
03/18/2004: 'Appeasement'
03/01/2004: If 9/11 Changed Everything
01/22/2004: Watch Out for Right-Wing Carnivores!
12/06/2003: Risk of Terrorism
08/20/2003: Attack of the Narco-Terrorists!
07/30/2003: What we've got here...
06/18/2003: The Election Bone is Connected to the... Terrorism Bone
06/13/2003: Patriot Act II Criticized by All