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09/04/2019: STDs and the Homeless: What Can Government Officials Do To Help?
08/06/2019: How Housing Instability Is Inspiring Creative Solutions
07/18/2017: The Nation Comes First
06/23/2017: Pretend Nothing Is Wrong.
05/17/2017: Better Late than Never
05/09/2017: Trump Fires Comey On Way to Firing Self
12/12/2016: What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Global Oil Prices?
11/13/2016: An Amateur Cognitive Theorist's Perspective on Trump
11/09/2016: My Condolences to the GOP
11/07/2016: Donald Trump: The Candidate of Bankruptcy
07/08/2016: The Balance of Our Lives
06/16/2016: Power at the End of a Gun
01/20/2016: Untrue Patriots
12/04/2015: Dystopias are the Utopias of the Few
05/04/2015: A Problem of Identification
01/07/2015: That's Real Cute, Governor Otter
09/13/2014: The Tabloid Age
04/22/2014: Twenty Sigma: Chaos and Order in American Governance.
03/26/2014: Hope is Optional. Change isn't.
02/04/2014: America Contradicts Itself, For it Contains Multitudes
01/23/2014: Republicans and Boiling Water on the Stove
11/21/2013: Critical Mass On the Nuclear Option
06/27/2013: Supreme Court rules in crucial cases regarding homosexual marriage
03/23/2013: Senate Passes Budget Resolution
11/14/2012: 2013 Fiscal Cliff: Opportunities abound
10/30/2012: The Functionalist Manifesto, Or, Why Romney's Attitudes are Pennywise and Pound-Foolish
10/10/2012: Cross Country at 200 MPH
09/05/2012: Are We Better Off? You Bet Your Sweet Donkey We Are.
08/30/2012: Mitt Romney's Taxpayer Funded Bailout
08/28/2012: The Truth Isn't Good Enough to Get Mitt Elected
08/19/2012: As the Old Saying goes...
07/26/2012: Mitt Romney, Registered ********
07/24/2012: Unrealistic Expectations
07/16/2012: Romney's Signature Problems
07/04/2012: What Can A Higgs Boson Teach Us About Global Warming?
06/28/2012: Now it's just a disagreement on what to legislate.
06/26/2012: Ideas Whose Time Has Passed.
05/22/2012: The Debt and Spending Inferno That Never Was.
05/21/2012: A Tipping Point That Matters More To Some Than It Should
05/16/2012: Romney's Bad Bet
05/09/2012: Mitt Romney: Bold Lies From a Coward
04/16/2012: The Kind of Encouragement I Fear.
03/25/2012: A Failure of Proper Balance
03/06/2012: The Unbearable Rightness of Being
03/01/2012: Parties Work Best When Folks Are Invited Into Them
02/22/2012: We Drilled, Baby, We Drilled, and It Ain't Getting Cheaper!
02/12/2012: Diktat of the Obama Administration? The Law of the Land Since 2000.
02/07/2012: The Measure of Right and Wrong By Rivalry
01/31/2012: Hope Has Been More Than a Word
01/30/2012: Me to Allen West: I'm Staying Put, Mister.
01/27/2012: The Benefits of Space Exploration
01/08/2012: Power Grab? Republicans Grabbed First.
01/01/2012: "If Only...", and The Uncomfortable Truth of Democracy
11/29/2011: Self-Parody and Its Discontents
11/06/2011: One World, No Matter How Many Parties You Count.
11/01/2011: Capitalism Can Be Its Own Victim
10/15/2011: They're Through Pretending, and You Should Be, Too.
10/09/2011: A Compelling Theory That Is Wrong
09/28/2011: Never Mind My Complete Contempt For You...
09/18/2011: Rick The Self-Cooking Frog
09/01/2011: The Sins I Cannot Forgive
08/26/2011: Eric Cantor: Victim of the Hobgoblin of Small Minds
08/23/2011: Fractal Expense and Big Disasters
08/22/2011: Oklahoma and the Three Body Problem
03/28/2011: Means and Desires, In Their Proper Balance.
01/27/2011: Cashflow
10/24/2010: "I’d like you to close down because all of your birds are half dead."
09/21/2010: The Camel and the Gorilla
08/05/2010: America's Birthright of Freedom
07/15/2010: Wall Street Reform Passes.
05/05/2010: The Deadly Sin: America Can't Afford Despair
04/27/2010: Goldman Sachs, Timberwolf, and the ****ty Deal
04/01/2010: No sense in avoiding the Census!
03/18/2010: Healthcare Reform By The Numbers.
03/16/2010: Deem and Pass: Majority Rules Upheld
03/13/2010: Science and Technology Links for the Week of March 8, 2010
02/03/2010: A Display of Astounding Ignorance
01/29/2010: Come on! This should be a No-Brainer.
10/12/2009: Will Repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Help Obama?
10/12/2009: It Sucks, He Sucks, Everything Just Sucks!
08/19/2009: It takes two to tango. In other news, Republicans not on dance floor.
08/12/2009: Is It Socialism They Fear, Or The Boogeyman?
07/24/2009: Risky Experiments?
06/17/2009: Obama’s Same-Sex Dilemma
03/13/2009: The Free Market: What's The Real Debate Here?
03/07/2009: The Republican's Agenda of Fiscal Political Correctness
02/10/2009: You Think The Stimulus Package Is Expensive?
12/19/2008: What Message is Obama Sending with Rick Warren?
11/19/2008: Obama, Our Climate-Change Leader
09/08/2008: Sarah Palin: Washington Republican's Latest Fraud
05/02/2008: The Free Market for Agribusiness
11/28/2007: A Non-Corn-Based Politics
11/20/2007: Every Child Ahead
11/06/2007: I Want a Subsidy
09/14/2007: Mountaintop Pillage
08/24/2007: Secrecy for Thee, Not for Me!
05/30/2007: Education: Kryptonite To Republicans?
04/20/2007: Trying To Make Sense In Aftermath Of Sensless Virginia Tech Shootings
04/16/2007: Another tragic school shooting
03/02/2007: Baroody: Safe at any Place
02/18/2007: The Character of Climate Change
12/16/2006: Voodoo Truthy-nomics
09/21/2006: A Good Start...
08/31/2006: Thoughts on "Category 5"
07/31/2006: When collusion pays
07/29/2006: Not a Conservative? Too Bad.
07/17/2006: Will Stem Cell Bill Produce 1st Bush Veto?
06/20/2006: FCC and Bush: Redefining Obscenity
06/20/2006: Raise the Minimum Wage
06/06/2006: The Voltage of Dissent
05/26/2006: Freelunchonomics
05/19/2006: America's Uncommon Language
05/16/2006: New York in Modern America: An Alien World
05/13/2006: Security From Our Government
05/04/2006: Give me your tired, your poor,...
05/02/2006: American Revival
05/02/2006: The Three Stories
04/27/2006: As Much As This Hurts...
03/31/2006: The Solution is...... Amnesty
03/27/2006: Membership Has Its Privileges
02/02/2006: Unity Of Purpose
01/31/2006: Compassion for the Dying
01/23/2006: The M-Street Project
01/20/2006: Searching for the Elephant
12/28/2005: The Business of America is Work
12/27/2005: How To Play The Race Card Effectively
12/19/2005: President Bush's Idea of Accountability: "Trust Me"
11/29/2005: Border Politics
11/10/2005: Well Oiled Machine
10/06/2005: Achieving Energy Independence
10/03/2005: The Bait And Switch Continues
09/21/2005: In the Bullseye
09/08/2005: Activist Legislators
09/06/2005: Our government has failed us
09/02/2005: The Answer Is How High
08/31/2005: The Foundations of a Nation At Risk
07/31/2005: It's not Really about Stem Cell Embryos
06/15/2005: Schiavo Autopsy
06/11/2005: Urban Renewal On Sesame Street
04/22/2005: GOP To Raise Taxes 85%
04/18/2005: The End Of An Age
03/25/2005: A Perspective on The Politics of The Schiavo Case
03/22/2005: Where are the Conservatives?
02/28/2005: Fighting Corporate Power
01/06/2005: It's Not a Dessert
12/05/2004: 'Activist Judges' Running Amok!
11/27/2004: Was Darwin Wrong?
11/01/2004: Decision That Will Affect Our Nation LONG-TERM
09/03/2004: No Public School Left Standing?
08/25/2004: The Power of a Personal Connection
08/06/2004: Bush Opposes "Legacy" College Admissions
07/23/2004: Right Regulation
07/20/2004: The Promisekeepers
06/20/2004: The Ballot Of The Intolerant Initiative
06/03/2004: An Elegy for Tenet's Tenure
04/25/2004: Market-Based Medicine
03/30/2004: Rice to Testify in Front of Commission
02/25/2004: They do say "Make it your way"
02/24/2004: Outraged
02/24/2004: Pres. Bush calls for constitutional amendment against gay marriage
02/23/2004: More Terrorists Among Us
02/21/2004: Trade Jobs for Education
01/22/2004: Watch Out for Right-Wing Carnivores!
01/16/2004: The Gamble-and-Spend Conservative
01/15/2004: Social Security is on the Moon
11/25/2003: Medicare Bill and Russ Feingold
09/02/2003: Bush attacks 65 year old American Standard of Living
08/27/2003: Can the stonings be that far off?
08/20/2003: Attack of the Narco-Terrorists!
07/31/2003: Between A Man And A Woman
06/23/2003: More Bush Administration "Policy Choices"
06/23/2003: Split Decision on Affirmative Action
06/16/2003: Kerry intros great energy plan
05/31/2003: Early Warnings on Abortion Enter 2004 Campaign