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May 31, 2007

Where Are The Conservatives?

I was looking through the Democratic candidate's healthcare plans and was pleasantly surprised by how market-based most of the ideas are. But looking at the Republican field, it turns out that of the, what, eleven? twelve? candidates now, only Romney is talking (very quietly) about the issue. On healthcare and an increasing number of other vital issues, conservatives are burying their heads in the sand and opting out of the debate.

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Just Say 'No!' to Coal

There needs to be a call to action. Big Coal (like Peabody Energy Company aka Peabody Coal Company) is pushing hard to get us (via the government) to make massive investments in coal, and coal to liquid fuel legislation. The plan is to take our current estimated 250 year supply of coal and use it as a liquid fuel to replace imported oil. Imported oil makes up 60% of the oil used in the United States.

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May 30, 2007

Education: Kryptonite To Republicans?

The dumber we are, the more likely we are to vote Republican. That's a fact. Indisputable and irrefutable. Ok, Im being deliberately provocative and I fully recognize that the country has many, many smart Republicans. But the figures don't lie - voters in blue states (2004 Presidential election) are on the whole smarter than voters in red states. So I pose the question at the end of this analysis: why?

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May 29, 2007

Hastening the Cataclysm

The American Congress is going nuts. Instead of doing all it can to reduce CO2 emissions so that Earth temperatures would not rise as steeply as they have been doing lately, many in Congress are introducing bills to subsidize - award taxpayer money to - companies that produce the worst CO2 emitter of all: coal. They have a song-and-dance routine about liquefying the coal. But no matter what they do, burning coal in any form produces CO2.

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Cindy is right; it IS up to us.

Cindy Sheehan called it quits this weekend. (link)Concluding that: "It's up to you now" if you want to stop the war. Cindy is right; absolutely right.

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May 28, 2007

Preemption for War; Not for Climate Change

President George W. Bush and his Republican friends believe in preemption to keep America safe. When they thought that Iraq MAY pose a threat to U.S., they attacked. Of course, there was no threat; yet we're still stuck in Iraq. However, when thousands of scientists predict catastrophic global warming, Bush says since we're not positive about these predictions, let's not rush into anything.

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May 26, 2007

Human Lives - Collateral Damage to A Political Calculus

The Democrats caved in and supported the supplemental occupation funding demanded by the Bush Cabal. The arguments apparently being that they a) didn't have the votes to overcome a veto; b) they didn't want to be blamed for the growing death and chaos; c) the belief this keeps Iraq the Republican's adventure; d) perhaps - because the PSAs haven't been signed yet.

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May 25, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Health Plan

Among the Democratic presidential hopefuls, Edwards has presented a full-blown healthcare plan. Now Hillary Clinton has presented the first of a three-part healthcare plan. It covers costs, and the future parts will cover quality and covering everyone. She expects her cost program to save $120 billion a year. And it looks as though it may.

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May 24, 2007

Democrats Won? NO, WE LOST

After Democratic leaders agreed to vote on a "clean" (no timetables or other requirements) funding bill, they announced to the world that this was a victory. How is it possible to give in to the president by presenting him with everything he asked for and call this a victory? NO, Democrats lost.

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GOP Keeps Their Iraq War

Democrats tried to end the war, but didn't have the votes. They also tried to set a flexible timetable for withdrawal, but couldn't override President Bush's veto. Democrats just don't have enough votes in Congress to change the mission in Iraq. Republicans stood united and won the right to continue the war they want so desperately.

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May 23, 2007

The Inimitable Art of Political Fundraising

In our system of politics, a candidate must first run fundraisers to collect money with which to run his or her campaign. By "fundraiser" I mean an event that attracts thousands of dollars from the wealthy, not collecting $25 or $50 from ordinary Americans. Not everybody can be a great fundraiser, which is why some wonderful candidates do not get elected. I think I have a gimmick with which to make any fundraiser event a success.

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May 22, 2007

Richardson's Energy Revolution

Up to now Bill Richardson was considered to be in tier 2 of the Democratic presidential hopefuls. But he is beginning his candidacy with a bang: He wants to instigate a revolution, a new-energy revolution. None of the top-tier candidates has done anything as spectacular is this. Because he is tackling the most important problem we face today - cataclysmic climate change - I think Richardson will soon join the top tier.

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How Bush Is Controlling Oil Prices.

I mentioned to a friend the other day that I blame the Republicans for current gas prices, which are now at the highest level ever (even taking into account inflation since the 1982 spike). He laughed at me, saying he didn't see how it could possibly be in their best interests to be irritating the general public to this extent. So I laid down some arguments showing just how much the current situation fits with the Republican agenda.

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May 21, 2007

Democratic Stoning

In ancient times when a woman did not follow the dictates of the Bible she was stoned to death. This sort of autocratic stoning is definitely wrong. However, today we have a more civilized type of stoning - a democratic stoning - that may occur in a democracy such as Iraq.

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May 18, 2007

Human Beings Are Not Illegal !

Sometimes a placard at a demonstration captures the essence of truth more effectively than any opinion piece.

The Senate and Bush have reached a compromise plan on immigration which provides a pathway for those here illegally to acquire residency, and attempts to stanch the flow of more unlawful immigration here in the meantime.

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Some Good Stuff... Mostly

Democrats are tackling the Alternative Minimum Tax. Because it's not indexed for inflation more and more middle class Americans are subjected to a tax that was only meant to keep the 155 richest people in America from using loopholes to completely zero their tax bill.

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May 17, 2007

End-around politcs

James Comey, a former Deputy Attorney General for John Ashcroft, testified before Congress the other day. What he said before Congress should put another, and possibly the final, nail in the coffin of Mr. Gonzales" career as the Attorney General. (link)

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Secret Trade Deals

Newspapers tell us that House Democrats and Bush have come up with a deal about trade. Newspapers across the country jubilantly declare that Democratic concerns about worker and environment protection will be included in pending and future trade deals. If this is so why are leaders reluctant to give details? Why the secrecy?

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May 16, 2007

Shame on You CBS

Shame on CBS and Katie Couric for their report Behind the Sticker Price (5/14/07).

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Bush Above The Law

Who would have ever thought that one, we would have a President who is a criminal and two, that nobody in the United States seems to care.

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Ten Angry Old White Guys On FOX

FOX News hosted this round of GOP debates and it was obvious why Democrats steered clear of the forum. For the mainstream candidates, it was one "Do you still beat your wife?" question after another.

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May 15, 2007

Bush's Approach to Climate Change

President George W. Bush makes speeches about the need to reduce our dependence on oil and then hems and haws about increasing fuel efficiency and developing alternate sources of energy. He joins a challenge to the Clean Air Act saying that greenhouse gas emissions are not pollution. When the Supreme Court rules that greenhouse gases are pollution and must be regulated, he acts.

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The Answer is Yes

Bush prides himself on sticking to his guns. There's a lot of sticking he's done, to be sure, but he is an elected official, for crying out loud, and right now, he's sticking to those guns in opposition to most of the country. He wants to believe that there is some power in being the last good man standing, but most of America doesn't see things that way. While he hopes he becomes Truman rather than Harding, Bush's stubborness probably won't do him a lot of good in the course of history.

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May 14, 2007

Benchmark Farce

After months of saying he will veto any Iraq-funding legislation containing benchmarks, President Bush now says he is ready to accept benchmarks. Sounds good. However, none of the "benchmarks" suggested bear any relationship to whether U.S. troops should leave or not. The whole idea of benchmarks is a farce.

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The Consequences of a Globalized, Industrialized Food Supply

The United States has seen the chickens coming home to roost regarding the consequences of a globalized and industrialized food supply. The issue arose in relationship to animal feed. It started with a recall of dog and cat food because it contained a toxic mix of additives (melamine and cyanuric acid) which resulted in the illness and death of thousands of family pets across the country.

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May 11, 2007

Character Issues

During the recent NFL draft one of the phrases often repeatd by GM's and coaches was "character issues." Will he do his job? Will he sacrifice for the team and can he be held accountable for his actions?
If a guy running around with a ball should have these traits, why not our Executive branch of government?
Let's take a look at the starting lineup.

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May 10, 2007

Do We Need Coal?

U.S. is abundantly full of coal. Why not substitute liquid fuel derived from coal for gasoline? Since they believe that with the aid of new technology this can be done without hurting our environment, several senators whose states have plentiful coal deposits are advancing a bill to bring about this change. However, carbon dioxide emissions are bound to increase in the manufacturing process and in burning the final product. Coal-derived fuel will make climate change worse.

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Seventy-One Failures, Plus One, Equals Seventy-Two

Alberto Gonzales is back on the stand today, once again 'failing to recall' dozens of conversations, emails, meetings and directives that led to the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys for what were, ostensibly, political reasons.

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May 9, 2007

Democratic Ideas

For years Republicans have been pounding Democrats in two ways: They insisted that Democrats had no ideas about governing or they claimed that moderate and liberal Democrats were so divided they were at each other's throats. Wrong. Wrong. "The Plan," a new book by Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed, two moderate Democrats, makes clear what all Democrats stand for.

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May 8, 2007

Netroots Phantasy

Jonathan Chait of the New Republic expresses his idea of the netroots as a centralized leftist movement trying to shift the currently-centrist Democratic Party to the left. To do this, he says, the netroots are adopting the techniques of fierce Republican loyalists such as Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist. Although much of what he says is true, the basic idea that the netroots are trying to imitate the Republican noise machine is a phantasy.

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May 7, 2007

Healthcare Plans are Proliferating

It seems that every time I check the news there is a new group with a new healthcare plan. Not long ago Arnold Schwarzenegger was the latest governor to advance a "universal" healthcare plan. Of course, unions have been suggesting healthcare plans for a long time. But today we hear that big corporations, who have been mercilessly fighting labor unions, are forming a coalition to advance a "universal" healthcare plan. Why?

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May 6, 2007

The Boomers' War

A lot of Baby Boomers like to brag about how they ended the Vietnam War with the brilliant tactic of taking it to the streets and protesting.* Alas, that same generation has brought us a whole new foreign policy disaster.

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May 5, 2007

Stabilizing Greenhouse Earth

The globe called Earth acts as a greenhouse that is ever getting warmer. This scientists are positive about because it is happening right now. The heating is caused primarily by CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. Nobody is positive what the future will bring. But we know that the warming effect is cumulative. At the very least, we must stabilize Greenhouse Earth by not increasing CO2 emissions.

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May 4, 2007

Success in Iraq?

The NYT has an article titled: Inspectors Find Rebuilt Projects Crumbling in Iraq stating that seven out of eight rebuilding projects that the Bush Regime declared as successes were no longer operating.

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Now we're talkin'! Democats chest-thumping 101

Senators Robert Byrd and Hillary Clinton proposed legislation (link)revoking the War Powers authorization given to the President in October of 2002. Citing that the reasons for the War Powers authorization in 2002 was completely different to the reason why the US is currently in Iraq.

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Hate crimes are hate crimes. Why do we have the GOP and the far right supposedly religious and moral fighting against strengthening our laws to protect the victims?
I want to judge too, no fair. I want to be on the God team so that I too can judge others and persecute those Americans among us who are different. I also want to take a crack at ignoring the rights of those same people whenever I see fit.
Here we go.
My visit to the right.

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No Middle East Beachheads

One reason - perhaps the main reason - for sending our troops to Iraq, is to establish a beachhead from which U.S. can exert its power over events in the Middle East. If this is so, it's time for Democrats to enact legislation that states clearly: No Middle East beachheads in Iraq. In plain language, No permanent American bases in Iraq.

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May 3, 2007

Heal, Do Not Proselytize

Did you hear about the Bush administration official and the madam? He is faith based and married. She provided him with "massages." The public learned about this. So he resigned.

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Nobody Can Win

In January 2009, we are going to face a constitutional crisis. Nobody is going to be elected President. You may think that our forefathers designed a mechanism which will always choose a President. They didn't plan for these clowns.

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May 2, 2007

Don't Open The Box

What's the difference between success and failure?

That's the question on many American's minds, regarding Iraq. It's an unanswered question, and one that's costing those refusing to give that response dearly in the public's regard. Given what it's costing them, why is this question not getting answered? The key is, if Republicans fail, it costs them more. So why define failure?

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Democrats: Don't Be Timid!

The veto on the war spending bill is now official, and the ball is in the Democrats' court.

Now is the time to pressure our Democratic lawmakers not only to hold their ground but to be even more assertive. Bush has already refused your compromise: take something away.

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Iraq-nam Accomplished

Today Congress delivers to President Bush the bill that sets timetables for withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Today is also the fourth anniversary of the day when Bush landed a jet onto the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, and in front of a huge sign saying "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED," declared that major fighting was over. Unfortunately, for him and for us, he was wrong. The mission was merely changing from "regime change" to "Iraq-nam."

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May 1, 2007

Wasn't Asked, Didn't Tell

The head of the CIA was never asked his opinion about the invasion of Iraq?
The Secretary of Defense was never asked if he thought it was a good idea to send our military into Iraq? Are you buying that?

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No Benchmarks Either

Today, President Bush is expected to veto a bill that would have changed the course in Iraq. The bill (full text) would give our troops everything they need -- including an achievable mission: hunt down al-Qaeda in Iraq, train Iraqi forces and protect US interests in the country. But President Bush and enough Congressional Republicans to sustain his veto say no.

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Kucinich is right - Cheney must go

Sadly politics frequently results in the appointment of people unfit for their office. Libby, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Safavian, Foggo, and Mike Brown, are among the Bush appointees who have already left under a cloud of disapproval and/or scandal. But the most dangerous of the lot is only a heartbeat away (if that) from the Presidency. Congressman Dennis Kucinich is right: It's time to remove Cheney from power.

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