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September 30, 2005

Honor and Dignity

So now we know: It was the White House, in the person of "Scooter" Libby, who fingered Valerie Plame as a CIA agent. Anyone from the Right column care to defend the indefensible?

Postscript (10/1): Various people from the Right and Left have pointed out that my description of the link overreaches the facts. Read and judge for yourself.

Post-Postscript(10/1): According to the today's Washington Post, "..Libby told Miller that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA, the sources said." Anyone care to acknowledge that my initial statement, however much of a reach it was, was substantially correct?

Posted by Woody Mena at 11:17 AM

September 29, 2005

The New Liberalism

Current conservatism glorifies competition, which is why conservatives work for the most successful among us and forget about the rest of us - actions that have led us to the Dubya Depression. Old-time liberalism joined the competition and fought for the rights of the poor, the weak and the minorities - and to a great extent it succeeded. Now, I believe we need a New Liberalism that focuses on cooperation so that government may benefit ALL the people and bring unity and peace.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 2:50 PM

Central Columbia School Board's Motto: Ignorance is Strength

A new policy, from the Central Columbia School district or Oceania's Ministry of Information (for those familiar with Orwell) in Pennsylvania, near Bloomsburg, allows government officials to discipline students if they violate their 'unprotected expression' policy, on or off school property.

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September 28, 2005

Enabling The Politicians

How did it get this bad with the Bush Administration? The simple answer to this can be found in what many Republican voters have been doing, or moreover, failing to do.

It's not so simple as a failure to hold people accountable, though that's part of it. Some Democrats, Liberals, and independents resort to demonizing Republican voters, but that misses an important and much more universal point.

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A Happy Day in America

Now maybe we can re-redistrict Texas. (DeLay Indicted)

When a symbol and agent of corruption who extorts Congressional votes, buries popular legislation, supports sex slavery, launders money, and accepts bribes is finally indicted for wrongdoing, everybody, left, right, or center, Democrat, Republican, Third Party should be happy and relieved. Since the indictment of Tom DeLay stems from money laundered to TRMPAC in order to turn the Texas legislature for the purpose of gerrymandering the Congressional District boundaries, it is only proper that those boundaries be reexamined.

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Here We Go Again

George Bush appoints friends who are not qualified for their appointments. A vet was put in charge of womens health issues at the FDA. A horse judge was put in charge of FEMA.
He also appoints friends who are vehemently opposed to particular agencies, in charge of those same agencies in order to undermind them. A lawyer who represented many companies in their fights against environmentalists is in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency? A man who has been quoted as saying that the United Nations should be disbanded is the U.S. embassador to the U.N?

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September 27, 2005

The Improbables

It is another sign of the fragmented state of the Republican Party these days that many of the prominent names discussed as 2008 Presidential candidates are extremely unlikely to actually be nominated. Let's consider them in order of improbability:

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The Dubya Depression

The stock market crash of 1929 was the culmination of the Roaring '20s, where the "rugged individualism" of Herbert Hoover prevailed. This is why the Great Depression is often called the Hoover Depression. When the levees broke after Katrina roared into the saucer of New Orleans, the poor subsisting in the saucer's depression drowned, while the rich living on the high ground of the French Quarter were not affected too much. The physical New Orleans depression represents the economic depression of the poor all over the country today. I call it the Dubya Depression.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 5:10 PM

All Hat No Cattle: George's ride to Iraq

In "Why men don't ask for directions.." it was noted that the cause for depression is low self-esteem and low self-esteem is a result of unrealistic expectations. These unrealistic expectations create situations preventing coherent thought processes and derailing the intellectual progress. This, in a nut shell, is the reason why George W. Bush went to Iraq and refuses to see the undeniable truths and why he won't hear alternative points of view.

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September 26, 2005

An Idea That Should Quickly Be Nipped In The Bud

There's no doubt that the response to Katrina came far too late and too ineffectively, and that the Federal Government bungled it's part of it badly. Few debate that.

What's really annoying me at this point is that there are people who are making this a case for limited government. I agree that nobody should look at this situation, and take faith in this big government on its account, but I don't think it represents an inherent failing of the strong government response.

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September 22, 2005

Voter ID Cards

A private commission headed by Jimmy Carter and James Baker put an election reform proposal together that includes everything Democrats have been asking for: making sure unverified voters are aware of provisional ballots, clear guidelines for updating registration lists, mandatory voter-verified paper trails and stronger certification systems for electronic ballot boxes, mandatory media access for every candidate... And then it proposes voter ID cards.

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September 21, 2005

In the Bullseye

I live about twenty or thirty miles North of Houston. Anybody following the news knows what that means. Early Saturday morning will bring one of the most massive storms on record, and though it doesn't seem likely we're going to take a direct hit, we're going to be on the nasty side of this Hurricane.

We know the local mayor will do his job. Bill White will do well. He's a take charge leader. Rick Perry, I don't know about, but I don't know he's bad at these sorts of things, or even in much control of them. Bush? I would hope he and his staff have learned their lesson. I would hope that we will not have a repeat of what's happened before.

A New Direction

The Katrina fiasco made obvious to us that our government has been proceeding in the wrong direction for a long time: borrowing and spending on the rich. Because of this narrow government focus, EVERYBODY suffered from the aftermath of this vicious storm. It was a huge disaster, a huge blow to national security. Instead of delaying some of the Republicans' outrageous giveaways to the rich in order to pay for the recovery, as some Republicans are suggesting, we need to completely reverse course and build up the Treasury so that we can afford to pay for the recovery and for building a solid infrastructure to protect the security of all Americans. We need a new direction.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 6:16 PM

September 20, 2005

Mitigating Future Katrinas

We can't prevent hurricanes like Katrina from hitting America. But we can mitigate the disastrous aftermath of such storms. To accomplish this we need to have a firm and complete understanding of everything that led to the horrible results we witnessed in New Orleans and other cities on the Gulf. Republicans in Congress favor a so-called "bi-partisan" joint-House-Senate investigation committee. Democratic leaders insist they will not appoint any members to such a white-washing committee. They insist that only an independent commission, such as the 9/11 commission, can be trusted to do a good and useful job.

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More Government Corruption

Headlines involving government corrution are becoming all too commonplace. We have to begin weeding out members of the government who have traded their responsability to serve the public and instead serve only lobbyists, special interest groups and their wealthy friends and connections, who are more than willing to buy access to government.

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September 19, 2005

An Expanded View of Security

"Starve the beast," conservatives have been advising us for several decades. Ronald Reagan told us that the government is not the solution, that the government is the problem. Both Bushes have been following this philosophy - until 9/11. Then, George W. Bush decided that the "beast" is needed primarily for maintaining security; he boosted the military and "starved" everything else. Katrina crashed into New Orleans and demonstrated that the old view of security is wrong. Many of the "starved" sectors are needed to keep our people - all the people - secure.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 6:32 PM

Right Back Where We Started

The Six-Party forum dealing with North Korea's nuclear programs just reached an agreement. I'm extremely happy North Korea decided to disarm, but I'm extremely pissed that President Bush is giving North Korea the exact same deal they had before he triggered the crisis. It was a stupid and dangerous waste allowing North Korea to develop 8+ nuclear weapons in the four years that could have been spent reconciling both Koreas.

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Cronyism Continues Unabated

Avoiding the appearance of impropriety is something one might expect of politicians and public officials, especially when attempting to recover from a public relations disaster. The current administration shows no such inclination. If anything they seem to glory in goading their opponents into making accusations of wrongdoing which may not be provable, by behaving like the child next to the open cookie jar.

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September 18, 2005

A Challenge To The Right

In the last five years, the following have occurred:
1) An economic downturn, occasioned by fraud and stock overvaluation on Wall Street;
2) The worst terrorist attack in our history;
3) The greatest expansion of domestic government spending in modern times, which has included the creation of a major new medicare benefit, the foundation of an entirely new cabinet department, and more pork than you could shake a barrel at;

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September 17, 2005

Is It An Exclusive Club, Or Not?

Despite IAEA warnings that 30 countries will have the capability to build nuclear weapons in the next ten years, President Bush does not have a coherent policy on nuclear proliferation.

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September 16, 2005

Look at Me Now

President Bush made a speech, in the little-harmed part of New Orleans, to show the country that, though he was inattentive at the time Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath destroyed New Orleans, now he is ready to be the problem-solver-in-chief. He will make sure that New Orleans will recover, that its people will flourish and the poor will be taken care of. His speech has been called conservative, compassionate and liberal - by different people, of course. It is none of these. The purpose of Bush's speech is to regain power. Power is all Bush is interested in.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 6:19 PM

Where It Stops, Nobody Knows

The President has indeed set his sights high for the person he's got leading the disaster response in the White House. He's a doctor, though not a member of the medical profession. He's dealt with many disasters before, though none, he'd probably admit, quite like this. Additionally, he has the presidents unquestioned trust and confidence.

America, meet the new man in charge of managing the disaster response: spin doctor Karl Rove.

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We must have run out of hens by now.....

Ed Gillespie, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee is working as a special advisor to Judge John Roberts for the confirmation of John Roberts. He is not working, as the title suggests, for John Roberts, but rather for the White House to coordinate the message and the proceedings.

How is it that a former lobbyist and political minuteman can be elevated to such a weighty position? How can such a partisan person have such access? If, as Ed says, he works in the White House, for the administration, what is the title? What are the parameters to the position? Was this an appointed position? Is this a paid position?

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Bush Fails at Foreign Policy Too

We know that domestic policy is not this administrations strength. The United States foreign policy should focus on building relationships with every nation to form a world - wide coalition to fight the War on Terror. We should encourage everyone to offer ideas and input when addressing issues, like AIDS and hunger.

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September 15, 2005

Die Wahl 2005

On Sunday, Germans go to the polls to choose their next Chancellor. The process if very different from how we select Presidents, but many of the debates and issues would seem at home in America. If all goes as expected, the leadership of Germany will be different, but it's possible that nothing will change.

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What's the definition of a confirmation hearing?

According to Article II of the Constitution and as part of the advise and consent jurisdiction of the legislative branch, confirmation hearings are held for executive and judicial positions. These hearings are commonly held for only the highest of positions such as Cabinet level positions and Supreme Court nominees.

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September 14, 2005

The Biased Umpire

Judge John Roberts tells us that he thinks of himself as an umpire, not a batter or a pitcher. He evaluates both sides and then applies the law. OK, so Democrats ask him questions to see if he is really neutral. Instead of answering, Roberts plays the "game." The "game" of sophistry, the major rule for which is: Speak eloquently but don't let anyone know what you truly believe. He is brilliant at this "game," but the fact that he is playing the "game" so well tells me that he is a biased umpire.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 3:27 PM

Bush takes blame for government's poor..... public relations.

Bush announced on Tuesday that he is taking full responsibility for the governmet's inept response to Katrina and vows a better public relations campaign. As the confirmed death toll reached 657, Bush vowed to get to the bottom of the problems that surfaced during the federal government's response to the greatest natural disaster in modern history.

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Posted by john trevisani at 11:11 AM

September 13, 2005

Bechtel: Republican Disaster Manager

Republicans were caught flat-foot with the Katrina fiasco. But not for long. Two weeks after the disaster, they are back to their usual remedies. Now they say, that since FEMA and Homeland Security, as well as the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, botched the job of helping disaster victims, we should look to other ways of doing the job. Why not call in the private sector? Why not replace FEMA with a proud American corporation - Bechtel, for instance?

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 6:00 PM

William Agrees With George Bush

It's perhaps a sad statement that "Bush Takes Responsibility" is actually a Google-news top-ranked headline, rather than the usual state of affairs. And it's a rare occasion that I look at something Bush 43 has done or said and say "yeah, that's absolutely right!". But in this case, I do agree with him - on two points - and in fact, I think he's being a little hard on himself.

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Government Gambling Problem

Some of us have traveled to Vegas, Atlantic City or even New Orleans to blow a few bucks gambling. Our government is gambling for much higher stakes. The lives of the American people.

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September 12, 2005

Drastic Contrast

Hurricane Katrina made brilliantly clear the drastic contrast of Democratic and Republican approaches to governing. Republicans believe in the "ownership society": you are on your own trying to own what you can. This leads them to encourage business and discourage helping the poor. So FEMA does not get high priority. Democrats believe USA should be a "community of communities": all of us, rich and poor alike, sometimes need and should get government help. They want FEMA to have the highest priority.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 3:23 PM

Obscene Inequity

431 to 1.

According to United for a Fair Economy and the Institute for Policy Studies, that's the average ratio of CEO pay to non-professional worker pay in 2004 in these United States. This represents a new trend in the wrong direction after a slight remission in this ratio since a peak at 531 to 1 in 2000.

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September 11, 2005

9/11- Four Years Later

I remember a time when it was easier to smile, when I still felt young. I'm not a very old person. I'll be twenty-six in a month. I'm in a strange place as a person. My birthdate puts me in the position of having lived virtually all my childhood during the Cold War, All my adolescence during the Clinton years, and now my adulthood beginning during the Bush administration.

I wish I lived in less important times, but also I wish some would realize the almost irreplaceable opportunities that such Catastrophes give us to put away the childish notions of the past.

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9/11 Report Card: 2005

I did this last year, and it's interesting to see what's changed: Not much. In fact, it may be worse.

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September 10, 2005

Beyond Iraq

Although, still absent a prominent political, religious or social leader as the unequivocal face of the anti-war movement in this country, such passionate advocacy conveniently found on the web and in the Lefty blogsphere deserves due credit having influenced a now beyond wary nation to the predicament that is Iraq. Exampled by this powerful Flash presentation at, it again proves why the opposition borne out of Cindy Sheehan's unnecessary, personal loss is more compelling than pro-war advocates more fixated on silencing her.

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September 9, 2005

Fear or Compassion

The whole country is absorbed with the Katrina Fiasco of 8/29, just as the country was absorbed with the terrorist assault of 9/11. The 9/11 calamity stifled the nation under a blanket of fear, which the administration deftly colored yellow or red to suit its purpose. Fear focused us on our own vulnerabilities, our own needs, our own desires. It made us self-centered and it made us quarrel with fellow citizens. This August, in the midst of a polarized society, we were invaded again, this time by a hurricane called Katrina. I hope this horrendous tragedy will knock us off the destructive path we have been on and lead us in the direction of compassion.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 6:44 PM

Government Reform Needed

From the Washington Post:

"The poll numbers paint a portrait of national frustration with the direction and leadership of the country, which, if not reversed in coming months, is likely to color the environment for next year's midterm elections, putting incumbents in both parties on the defensive.

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September 8, 2005

Will Consensus Emerge on Katrina?

A recent poll suggests that a consensus is starting to emerge about the federal government's performance in responding to Katrina. Among Democrats and independents, fewer than one in four (12% of Dems, 25% of independents) said Bush "did all he could" in handling relief, and even among the normally loyal Republicans, 40% said that Bush "could have done more". Nearly two in three (76% Dems, 64% indies) rated the performance of the federal government as "only fair" or "poor".

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Posted by William Cohen at 8:21 PM

Katrina Opportunities

It's true that our fearless leader is at his best when shifting blame to someone else. He himself takes the high road; he allows his underlings to spread the word that THEY did it. In the Katrina fiasco, THEY are the New Orleans mayor, the Louisiana governor, the environmentalists, the victims themselves, and liberals in general. Nevertheless, there are conservatives as well as liberals who see oportunities to put our sad experiences of Katrina to good use. They are presenting ideas that may help rebuild the lives of Katrina victims and at the same time make America the compassionate country it once was.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 6:02 PM

The bigger the hand, the bigger the mouth...

If you are a quadriplegic, companies that market and sell wakeboarding products are not very likely to spend any effort getting the message out to you. Subsequently, when the income tax-cuts were presented to the American public as godsend, the message about how corporations were benefiting from the package was somehow missing.

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The Measure Of America

Living outside the United States, I'm constantly amazed at how much scrutiny and attention we get from the rest of the world. When President Bush says Social Security promises are worthless, the Asian markets go nuts. And when America goes on vacation in the summer, the rest of the world grumbles and pays more for gas. So it's interesting to see how the rest of the world reacted to the Hurricane Katrina relief disaster.

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Activist Legislators

We have heard a lot of complaints from the Right this year about "activist judges" (e.g., judges who don't pretend that your mother is a neurologist), but the Schwarzenegger administration may have brought us a whole new category of targets for right-wing condemnation yesterday: legislatures passing laws.

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September 7, 2005

Greed: Weapon of Mass Destruction

It's four years since the Bush administration started the hunt for weapons of mass destruction (WMD). It did not find them in Iraq because Iraq had no WMD. Maybe it should have been looking here in the United States. As Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath demonstrated, there is plenty of destruction right here at home. And one reason - there definitely are others - for the colossal New Orleans fiasco, and for many preventable deaths suffered daily by the poor and black, is that America is and has been gripped by greed. Greed is a weapon of mass destruction.

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The Dems eke out leadership on Katrina

Every once in a while, the Democrats manage to demonstrate that they can muster a well thought out and workable action plan. Contrary to the GOP, the Dems have managed to trot out a plan for Katrina survivors that's sum total isn't "tax-relief".

The Senate Democrats are taking action with their plan this week. Some highlights:

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Let ideology ring!

There are two reasons why George Bush chose John Roberts for Associate Supreme Court: First is ideology, second is loyalty.

But, Bush selecting him for Chief Justice is just categorically discourteous.

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Posted by john trevisani at 10:02 AM

A Disaster of a Double Standard

Here's what gets me.

Republicans insist on witholding judgment on FEMA and the Bush Administration during this time on the disaster, on the grounds that the focus needs to be on disaster relief elements. Then they turn around and heep scorn on those officials closest to the disaster- the ones who are neck deep in the disaster itself, and because of the federal bungling of this issue acknowledged on all sides, the ones taking on much of the burden of the relief effort. How do we reconcile those two points?

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Inspector Bush Is On The Case

I'm glad to see President Bush will personally lead an investigation of his handling of the Katrina relief disaster. With President Bush at the helm, applying his keen intellect and razor-sharp analytical mind to the most poorly executed relief effort in decades, I'm fully confident that he'll root out the problems at every lower level. He'll really get to the bottom of the failure...

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September 6, 2005

Bin Laden and the "Blame Game"

Where have all those "muscular" conservatives gone - the ones that were going to keep America safe from terror at any cost? Because bad as Katrina was, it could have been far worse. It could have been a terrorist bomb that broke the levee, without warning, and the flooding could have happened when the city was full of Mardi Gras tourists, instead of mostly empty.

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Evacuate or Participate

After Hurricane Katrina was predicted to hit New Orleans, citizens of the city were told to evacuate their homes. The rich and middle class evacuated via airplanes and cars. The poor, who had no money for airplanes or gas for cars, did not evacuate. They stayed and were overwhelmed by the cataclysmic flood. The announcement to "evacuate" represents the culmination of several decades of growth of conservatism, which puts each individual on his or her own. It's time to reverse the conservative trend towards pure selfishness, which is ruining the country. Let's use a liberal word like "participate," as in "Why do we not all of us participate in helping the unfortunate?"

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Our government has failed us

It's easy to say the Bush administration has failed us in regards to New Orleans and Katrina, because it has so many times before. We are neck deep in a war that has depleted our financial and military might. They have done relatively little to provide protection along our porous borders, chemical and nuclear facilities. They have provided little relief to the poor and elderly who are being crushed by medical costs.
They have underfunded schools. They have hurt our international standing. The list goes on and on.
But when it comes to the tragedy in New Orleans, we must hold all in government responsible.

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September 5, 2005

New Orleans Rocks Republicans

Not rock and roll, but rock and rattle, rant and rage. As the New Orleans fiasco ravishes the wretched, the infirm and the poor, reliable and respected Republicans recoil with horror and anger, ruing the day they embraced Bush's arrogant and corrupt regime. It has finally been revealed to them that when the rich drown government they are ruthlessly drowning the poor.

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Failure Matters

There's no longer a Republican party. There are the Bush supporters and everybody else. The party has become a cult of personality. We provided good evidence that Bush is responsible for cutting FEMA's funds, shelving public works projects and studies intended to reinforce the levees that so disastrously failed, and for adding whole layers of bureaucracy and red-tape on top of an agency that was always supposed to be more agile than that.

But still, we get targeted as Bush Bashers. It doesn't seem to matter how right our criticism is, we're wrong for even suggesting that he's done wrong.

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September 3, 2005

Bush Fails To Rally America, But So Does Sheehan

Anti-war activists are planning a march on Washington. Billed as "the largest anti-war demonstration in the nation's capital since the Iraq war began in March 2003," the organizers expect 100,000 people to attend. But even if that many do show up (which I doubt), the demonstration pales in comparison to the massive, world-wide protests in January 2003. The fact is, most Americans aren't yet ready to admit defeat in Iraq.

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September 2, 2005

New Orleans Amendment to Bankruptcy Bill

Bush and the Republicans earlier this year pushed through (with the help of some rogue Democrats) a bankruptcy bill that was tough on poor people. It will be especially tough on the poor and tragic victims of Katrina. So, while Republicans plan to introduce a repeal of what they call the "death tax," a group of Democrats plan to introduce an amendment to the bankruptcy bill that would ease the burden on the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Katrina. I hope Republicans exercise a little compassion and vote for it.

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The Answer Is How High

People are waiting. Some die as they wait. As Americans watch the helpless wait, politicians all over the place say they're doing all they can. They should have bitten their lips.

You never tell people watching folks die and drop off the radar of civilization that you're doing all you can. Unfortunately, in this day and age, politicians are trained to go on the defense against claims of inadequacy. This is one time when that is purely an unacceptable response. Now is not the time to say that you are doing all you can. Now is the time to take heroic measures.

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September 1, 2005

Be Prepared

We have been hit by a horrible tragedy. The City of New Orleans is gone, flooded by Katrina. The catastrophe is almost as bad as the catastrophe of 9/11. Maybe worse. A whole city no longer exists. Oil facilities have been destroyed. In addition to the hundreds now declared dead, there are tens of thousands alive whose past has been erased and need to start a new life. It's heart-breaking that we were not prepared for this cataclysm, just as we were not prepared for 9/11. We did not follow the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared.

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Posted by Paul Siegel at 5:36 PM