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December 30, 2004

Where Is America?

I called my Mom after the tsunami hit. Singapore was spared any serious damage, but the initial news reports were sketchy, so I figured I should let her know we were ok. A full twelve hours after it struck, she still had no idea anything had happened.

While CNN International already had the graphics and theme music produced, the US media was still reporting the event as a single news ticker item.

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December 29, 2004

Accountability Is On The March - Get Outta The Way!

For the past two Sundays on Meet The Press, moderator Tim Russert has assembled two panels each of four old White males, to discuss the situation in Iraq. First, was a forum made up of 3 retired Generals and 1 military expert, the second, a panel of all sitting U.S. Senators, 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

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December 28, 2004

Hooray for the ACLU - a postscript

A wonderful article by Deborah Jacobs, the executive directory of the NJ ACLU, is well worth a read - especially by those that are concerned about how the ACLU and the godless liberals behind it are suppressing legitimate freedom of religious speech. It focuses on the particular issue of religious displays. Some highlights:

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Posted by William Cohen at 1:44 PM

December 25, 2004

The Wrong Kind of Christmas Present

Four days ago, a young pregnant woman was evicted from the Tabernacle of Faith Church Outreach Center in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, along with her three children. Four days before Christmas, in the cold of winter, she was made homeless again by the very shelter that took her in.

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December 24, 2004

The Value of a Visit

Well, it was nice of you, Secretary Rumsfeld. Now you can get back to Washington and give the soldiers what they need to win this war. The plan. The supplies. The armor. The way out of a war we can't afford to fight forever, which we must win to protect our children.

To some people, the visit will be all that you need to prove your concern. A lot of people have too many other worries and not enough real knowledge of your mistakes to have a strong desire to keep you honest. Unfortunately, I can't say I believe this isn't just a P.R. stunt, like your boss's surprise visit last year.

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December 23, 2004

What Victory In Washington State, Could Mean For Justice In Ohio

I am already hearing (and gleefully perpetuating) the growing sentiment that the successful combination of grassroots and legal efforts on behalf of Democrat Christine Gregoire in the Washington State Governor's race could have far-reaching implications.

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Hooray for the ACLU

Under the Taliban in Afghanistan, fundamentalist leaders in the government decided what religious beliefs were acceptable. In America, thankfully, the government doesn't tell us what god to believe in: Church and State are separate, and Americans are free to worship as (and if) they please.

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Posted by William Cohen at 6:04 PM

In Fini, Veritas

Outgoing Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage, was on PBS the other day. He pretty much put the last nail in a free, democratic Taiwan's coffin,

We have the requirement with the Taiwan Relations Act to keep sufficient force in the Pacific to be able to deter attack; we are not required to defend.

...We all agree that there is but one China, and Taiwan is part of China.

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December 21, 2004

The Real World

Now that the election is over, President Bush is taking a vacation from his fantasy world of spin (at his Texas estate, of course). Gone is the vision of "nearly 100,000 fully trained and equipped Iraqi soldiers, police officers, and other security personnel" at work in Iraq. In its place is,

Now, I would call the results mixed, in terms of standing up Iraqi units who are willing to fight.
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December 20, 2004

I'm Ayatollah al-Sistani, and I Approve This Message

I know the legitimacy of Iraq's election will be challenged, but I hadn't considered the campaign finance aspect. Silly me. After participating in the most expensive political campaign in the history of the world, I can't believe I never wondered where the Iraqi political parties were getting their funding.

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December 17, 2004


Let me just say this about Rumsfeld. I like the way he set up the war-fighting doctrine for our armed forces, and I like the way he sat on General Franks until he got an invasion plan that didn't involve a bazillion divisions. I wish Clinton's SecDefs could have done it.

Having said that, Rumsfeld doesn't seem to understand the difference between winning a battle and winning a war - and we are still at war in Iraq.

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December 15, 2004

The Disenfranchisement Has Been Televised

Two weeks ago, I posted on my blog a very personal entry entitled Race, The Media, and Voter Suppression. It was sparked by my anger and frustration as I came upon more and more documented evidence of voter suppression on the part of Ohio Republican Election officials on and before Nov. 2, but also how the coverage of issues pertaining to the Black community in mainstream media, has all but vanished.

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December 14, 2004

When China Grows Up

The problem with our interdependence with China is how it will change when China grows up. Right now we have a benefit from China's cheap labor that is hard to beat. On two sides of the equation we benefit by being China's most important external market. On the buyers side we benefit by having cheaper goods to buy. On the sellers side we benefit from their necessary support of the dollar as an international currency. That will change and the change might not come at the best time for the good old USA.

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 10:38 AM

December 13, 2004


It turns out Saddam got most of his ill-gotten gains from smuggling oil to Jordan, Turkey, and Syria. And of course, the Bush administration knew all about it.

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December 10, 2004

Missing The Point

Yes, the question posed to Rumsfeld was not spontaneous, yes the question was brought to his attention through means that ensured it would get asked. No, I don't have a problem with any of that. It's only right that it happens to Rumsfeld or some member of the Bush team.

Elected and appointed officials of this government have a duty to answer to those they make decisions for, and this administration has done its damndest to avoid answering the the questions asked of them. It's about time one hit them right between the eyes.

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December 7, 2004

It's Your Money

You are the proud owner of any assets you have been able to accumulate in a lifetime. They are already worth less, maybe a lot less in most other currencies than our own. This is one of the real impacts of the long term decline of the dollar which has just begun dropping. This massive loss in asset value is also a completely predictable byproduct of the Bush tax reduction policy. The deficits caused by this policy and the energy policies of the current and past administrations are becoming mammoth drags on your personal asset base.

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 9:39 AM

December 6, 2004

Phony Crisis

N. Gregory Mankiw, President Bush's top economic advisor (and the guy who says outsourcing is good for America), just called Social Security an empty promise.

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December 5, 2004

'Activist Judges' Running Amok!

I'm starting to think a personal hearing exam might just be in order, because I've not detected the expected outrage from the social Conservative Right after yet another example of 'activist judges' run amok. Maybe it is the fact that there are no Conservative radio stations among my car radio presets, or that I've not tuned in Fox News or Chris Matthews in a while. So, could somebody double check and get back to me?

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December 3, 2004

What We Want To Hear

What we all want to hear is the war's going fine, that our soldiers will be home soon, that al-Qaeda is truly weakened, that the threat of large scale terrorism like that of 9/11 is passed, and that we will never see a WMD detonation on our soil.

As Americans, especially after 9/11, the words we would love to hear, if we could believe they reflected the truth would be those words. It may not seem like it, sometimes, but I sympathize with those on the Red Column who want good news.

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December 1, 2004

Kyoto Go

Russia just ratified the Kyoto Protocol (full text here) on global warming, thus activating the process. One hundred and twenty-eight countries ratified it, the United States did not.

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