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May 31, 2004

Idealistic Vision & Practical Considerations

I've always been an idealist. At times that's led to naivete, but it scarcely means that I can't weigh practical concerns in reaching conclusions. Indeed it is never necessary that idealism be naive. Martin Luther King Jr was extraordinarily effective because of his ability to predict the practical outcomes of group actions he endorsed, while never losing sight of the idealistic vision, which was the underpinning of the changes he espoused.

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Remembering the Fallen on Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, it was nice to see both presidential candidates stop to honor the many fallen soldiers who have fought for out freedom. Let us all take a moment of silence to remember those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us.

John Kerry paid tribute to fellow veterans in a solemn reflection on lives lost at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, as he stood with the mother of the late William Bronson, a Navy officer who "died in 1976 from a seizure caused by a head wound he received in combat eight years earlier," whose name Kerry was able to get added to the wall.

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Posted by Anthony at 2:41 PM

May 30, 2004

Cord Blood and Alternative Energy

Recently I tripped over two articles in the NY Times science section that caught my attention, one related to the use of umbilical cord blood to save lives, the other discussed the prospects for an enduring alternative energy market. The compelling truth underlying both of these desirable developments is that some resources in our national government should be devoted to supporting them. Before the undying cry of “markets want to be free” rings out once more please read on before you comment.

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 5:01 PM

May 29, 2004

Republicans for Kerry Top Ten

Republicans shouldn't vote for Kerry just because Bush is the most incompetent and evil president in the history of the United States. They should vote for Kerry because it will be great for Republicans.

The top ten reasons Republicans should vote for Kerry are:

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Posted by Al Maline at 2:28 AM

May 28, 2004

Lets Focus, People

The President's mouthpiece, Scott McClellan, was asked to comment on a recent Amnesty International report that states, "As a strategy, the war on terror is bankrupt of vision and bereft of principle. Sacrificing human rights in the name of security at home, turning a blind eye to abuses abroad, and using preemptive military force where and when it chooses have neither increased security nor ensured liberty."

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May 27, 2004


What the hell does Iraq have to do with the War on Terror?

  • Number of 9/11 terrorists from Iraq: 0
  • Number of International terrorist incidents planned by Iraq in the past decade: 0
  • Amount of funding Al Quada received from Iraq: 0
  • Number of military maneuvers Sadam was capable of performing without us knowing: 0
  • Apparent number of Weapons of Mass Destruction: 1 old shell

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Posted by Al Maline at 9:10 PM

Kerry-McCain Beats Bush-Cheney by 14%

While I tend to look skeptically towards poll numbers, I find this one somewhat interesting. According to a CBS News poll, a hypothetical Kerry/McCain ticket would beat Bush/Cheney by 14%.

McCain has repeatedly stated he would never run on a cross-party ticket with Kerry. Of course, Condi Rice said she would never testify in front of the 9/11 commission...

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Posted by blipsman at 6:02 PM

May 26, 2004

Anybody Have a Better Idea?

Imagine that. I disagree with George McGovern -- and since he was the first presidential candidate I supported (I was 10 at the time), that's saying something. I think Kerry is right on target and should delay accepting the nomination (r.r.) -- the millions of dollars at stake will be worth whatever flak he gets -- which will come primarily from people who wouldn't be voting for him anyway.

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Posted by 9thwave at 3:02 PM

May 25, 2004

The Politics of Terror

Could terrorists influence the elections? Theoretically they could. Question is, what do they want? Tough question. Maybe it's not the election they want at all, but the political controversy. They might even want to encourage us to elect reactionary leaders, so they can use them as a foil for their political ambitions.

Whatever the case is, the politics of terror are more complicated than just a mandate on one candidate or another.

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The President Shares Victoria’s Secret

We are not interested in staying in Iraq one moment longer than the Iraqi people want us to stay. We have it on great authority; the President of the USA has told us that. In a speech, most remarkable for its lack of content, Mr. Bush told us about how we will withdraw from Iraq; someday, when other nations take up the “White Man’s Burden” there.

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 7:00 PM

Why We Fight

"Iraqis will write their own history and find their own way. As they do, Iraqis can be certain a free Iraq will always have a friend in the United States of America." - President George W. Bush outlining his sink or swim style of nation building.

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May 23, 2004

When's Kerry Going to Let Loose?

The latest issue of "Esquire" ran a feature titled "The Misunderestimation of John Kerry" by Charles Pierce. I'll spare you the details (the article is a dull read), but I keep getting the feeling Kerry's holding back and isn't connecting with audiences and potential voters the way he needs to. Pierce goes on to mention how Kerry's low-key demeanor has bested more charming and personable contenders like Dean and Edwards time and time again.

Can he pull it off one more time against a (some would say) likable incumbent?

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Posted by Ivan at 3:02 AM

May 20, 2004

Hey Henri --

My piece entitled “Those Who Serve” received the following two posts as comments. Because they were apparently posted from a unit in Iraq I have replied to them at some length in a new posting below.

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 2:11 PM

May 19, 2004

Nothing Better To Do?

President Bush was in the upscale Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead this week raising 3.2 million dollars. The money wasn't even for his campaign. It was for a Republican National Committee program that funnels money to party candidates across the United States.

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May 18, 2004

Gay Marriage: The Dulling Of A Wedge Issue?

A straight friend recently quipped in response to a TV news segment, that the forth-coming Gay Marriage boom in Massachusetts would be ‘good for Bush’. ‘Uh, hmm…I don’t know about that’, I replied. What favors his argument is the possibility that 15 Gay Marriage initiatives may be on state ballots in November (less, if a Dem controlled legislature and Terry McCauliffe, have their way). Tentative states include battlegrounds Missouri and Ohio, already daunting tasks to wrestle away from Bush’s 2000 election column.

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May 17, 2004

Possible WMDs

Details are sketchy at this point, but CNN is reporting that soldiers have encountered a Sarin Gas shell while dealing with an IED. The unit in question was binary, designed to mix two inert chemicals to produce the toxin after it was fired. It's unusual construction compromised it's value as an IED. And it isn't the first. Ten days ago, the Army says they found a mustard gas shell.

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Iraqi Governing Council president killed

Izzedine Salim, the president of the Iraqi Governing Council, was killed in a car bomb today.

A Shiite, Salim was the editor of numerous newspapers and magazines, and was a moderate political activist. Salim is the second member of the governing council to have been killed in an attack.

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Posted by LawnBoy at 8:33 AM

May 15, 2004

Responsibility Taken

If people can agree on anything, it's that the war is not going as well as we could expect it to at this point. Some would say it's not going well, period. Others would say it's just another difficulty on the road to victory. History may grant either of those points of view validity, but for now the question is still up in the air. But we do know that the PR war to justify Iraq is not going well at all. Last night on the Mclaughlin Group, Eleanor Clift made an interesting point about it: Each side is trying to assign blame for the unpopularity of the war. Guess who gets to be the bad guy yet again for the Republicans?

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May 14, 2004

Coalition of the Walkout

Matt from points out that it's hard to get things done in this world when delegations from a certain superpower (the American one) keeps walking out of important meetings on a wide range of subjects in protest.

Maybe We Would Get More Done if our Diplomats Stopped Walking Out of Meetings:

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Posted by Anthony at 10:21 PM

May 13, 2004

Those Who Serve

We citizens often regard those who serve in wartime with respect and sometimes even reverence. Now we are faced with the moral ambiguity of war and particularly a war that was accepted by us based on lies and effective PR work by our government. The truth is that Soldiers, Sailors and Marines are the most vulnerable of all of us to being misled by leadership into believing that wrong is right.

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 1:34 PM

May 12, 2004

Senator Inhofe Is old Enough To Know Better

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., said: "I'm probably not the only one up at this table that is more outraged by the outrage than we are by the treatment." That is patently ridiculous.

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Posted by LawnBoy at 11:31 AM

But he got his war!

We have probably all seen by now the terrible footage of Nick Berg's brutal end by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi .

What may not be so prominent is this piece from March on al-Zarqawi and the Bush administration's refusal to act against him ( thanks to Daily Kos for the link). On three separate occasions, the Pentagon submitted strike plans. On every occasion, the President elected not to act.

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Posted by tamsen at 1:44 AM

May 11, 2004

Standards of Behavior

When the planes hit the towers, My first fear was not the next attack, but ultimately for how we would change as a nation in response to it. History relates over and over the corrosive effects that the panicked policies, abuses and radical agendas justified in such event's wake can have. 9/11, I felt at the time, would be no different. And to some extent, it hasn't been. One only has to look at Iraq and Abu Ghraib to see it.

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May 10, 2004

Ralph Who?

At what point does Ralph Nader's antics move from pathetic to pathological? (Rhetorical question alert) Again, he cannot garner enough support to meet long-standing state ballot requirements. This time in Texas (r.r). And rather than accept his shortcomings, he sues. He'll be so busy following up on the many lawsuits he'll need to file against every state in the country where he can't muster enough support, he won't have time for anything else at this rate. Nader's time is over and he should do the right thing and admit it before it's too late. The Independent party movement deserves a better candidate.

Posted by 9thwave at 9:39 PM

Living With Guilt

Every one of us has probably had a moment or two in life where we live with guilt that is painful. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is a beautiful phrase, trapping the self righteous along with the rest of us in inaction, when merciless murder is the action contemplated. The self righteous are a part of every picture like the ones that we see coming from Iraq today, the self righteous, the forcefully indignant, those without mercy or compassion. Cruelty is as basic an instinct in humanity as it is in any predatory species

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 7:30 PM

May 9, 2004

A Couple Good Ideas

General Wes Clark gave the Democratic radio address this week. He said, "The truth is President Bush made mistake after mistake as Commander-in-Chief, taking us into a war we didn't have to wage, alone and under false pretenses and is now managing it poorly."

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May 7, 2004

Critical Comments?

Lets see, Donald Rumsfield according to my personal recollection has made the most disastrous mistakes in his position of Secretary of Defense that have been made since we had Vietnam to regret. He inherited a military force that knows how to win wars on the cheap but he has not the faintest idea of how to use it to keep the peace. Actually that is the problem, war is not cheap and peace cannot be bought once it is broken. We have not just broken Iraq under Rumsfield, we have broken the United States role as the master of serving world peace with military might.

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Posted by Henri Reynard at 11:54 AM

May 6, 2004

Bad Apple or Bad Tree?

The prisoner abuse scandal continues to widen, just a day after Bush went on arabic language television to condemn such actions.

Now, additional photos showing abuse have surfaced. Many are even worse than those previously released. Included in the latest batch include a photo of a female soldier holding a leash attached to the neck of a naked Iraqi prisoner and a photo of a prisoner chained to a bed frame with women's panties over his head.

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Posted by blipsman at 11:40 AM

May 2, 2004

Political Casting Call

We've all been so dreadfully serious these past few months about politics (myself being one of the leading causes of this), so I thought we'd all enjoy a little break from the ego driven politics of washington...

...To talk about the ego driven politics of Hollywood! As the resident would-be filmmaker, I've come to to the conclusion we should discuss the issue that really matters: Who gets to play the Bush administration people in all these movies that are going to get made? If there's one thing Hollywood loves, it's not having to write an original screenplay, and the current crop of books is just begging to be made into movies. So, I'm inviting all commenters to give their suggestions of the actors they'd cast to play the people in the Bush administration.