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Stable Jobs for Unstable Times

The coronavirus crisis has already resulted in the loss of millions of jobs globally, and with no clear end in sight, Americans are rightfully concerned about their futures. This pandemic has exposed many holes in American society, and with access to healthcare tied to employment, the issue isn’t just economic in nature but a matter of public health. While the nation faces an unspoken hiring freeze over the next few months, it is important to consider employment options that may be available once things have settled down.

Consider A Move
While the coronavirus epidemic is already changing American society in many radical ways, we must look ahead to anticipate how it will change the landscape of cities and states across the nation.

For many, the cities they grew up in may never recover from the damage that the improperly-handled coronavirus is causing. This could lead to a necessary move to a more promising area. As the economy exists today, where someone lives already plays a huge factor in determining upward mobility and the opportunity to make a living wage. Going forward, this may become even more important.

Workers who hold a bachelor's degree or higher would be wise to monitor cities and states where their careers are in demand, and see how the job market reacts to the pandemic in the coming months. It can be difficult to pack up your whole life and move across the country, but doing so might become a necessity in a post-coronavirus world. There is no way to know how things are going to play out over the next few months or even years, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on job markets around the country to see if any opportunities might arise.

For workers who don't have a degree or certification in a skilled labor field, they should research what cities and states have the highest minimum wage compared to the cost of living. Many areas of the country go with the dismal federal minimum wage and might not be very conducive to rebuilding the lives of workers. Unless the federal minimum wage is raised, many workers might have to seriously consider moving to a new area of the country where they will be fairly compensated for their labor.

Focus On Areas With Strong Labor Rights
With the prevalence of off-shoring and outsourcing jobs in the United States, the concept of a stable job is already a less than tenable concept for many Americans. Over the years, we have seen entire industries effectively move production out of the country. By doing so, they capitalize on cheap labor and tax loopholes to reap massive benefits while leaving the American people out in the cold.

Despite that, there are places in the U.S. that have taken a stand against the exploitation of American workers. While there is no guarantee that any given industry will prioritize production within the U.S. and keep American workers employed, those seeking stability and security in their chosen profession should review the labor laws of various cities across the country to see where they are afforded the greatest protection. Boston, for example, has implemented new regulations that allow for the revocation of permits at sites that don't meet safety standards. In addition, other states including California are willingly raising the minimum wage and making it easier for workers to join labor unions.

The people of the United States are some of the hardest workers in the entire world despite being chronically underpaid. The best thing that any worker can do for themselves is to find a part of the country that won't exploit their labor. A place that will, instead, actively work to provide rights and protections that translate into a modicum of stability in a time where no one is quite sure what the future holds.

A Career Change Could Be In Order
As America reels from the coronavirus pandemic, a multitude of systems are undergoing incredible and fundamental changes. One such system is education, which, at nearly every level, has seen schools switch to teaching courses exclusively online. This change has been made in many schools to avoid canceling classes altogether. While this shift in how people receive their education might not be permanent, it will have a lasting impact that shouldn't be ignored.

Companies that provide education technology are already seeing a huge uptick in usage due to the coronavirus outbreak. While the short and long-term benefits of this monumental shift are yet to be seen, it does provide an opportunity for those seeking to change their careers. The world of education is set to radically change both during and long after the coronavirus pandemic. Once the dust settles, it is likely that there will be new opportunities available to those who want to break into the field. Obtaining a doctorate in education will certainly help you nail down a position as well as provide a boost in wages over time.

Opportunities that this shifting economy will open up extend to everything from IT management to supply chain management and beyond. If, as a country, we make it through this ordeal unscathed, the world will be a much different place. The economy, the healthcare system, and even our very way of life may change forever. Finding opportunities to bounce back with is vital, and anyone who has lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic should look into how they might make the best of a bad situation.

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Should I choose a stable job that I’m not interested on it, or should I choose a job that I want to be at, but has unstable pay?

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