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Military Service Increasingly Becomes a Gateway to Higher Educational Access

For many high school students in the United States, embarking on their higher educational journey happens the semester directly after graduation. Recent statistics show, however, that more students are choosing to pursue military service before taking the next steps in their higher educational journey, and it’s a number that has only continued to grow. In Massachusetts alone, the share of high school graduates planning to enter the military rose to 2.4 percent in 2012-13.

Military service and the world of higher education intersect at multiple points -- namely that individuals often join the military in order to pay for college either before or after active duty. Because of this, it's important that higher education systems create ways for veterans to navigate post-service life. Those who have enlisted in the military face a plethora of challenges once they re-enter the civilian world, so they need support from multiple places.

Military life is no cakewalk. Enlisted members have to follow stringent routines, and experience grueling and challenging physical training. Military members are away from loved ones for long periods of time, and their return to their home environment can have challenges of its own. Additionally, there's the question of what they should pursue once a duty or tour is fulfilled.

Some military members make the decision to continue their service or extend their work with the government. If a veteran has already gone to school, they may choose to return, or they may choose to enter the workforce. Whatever their next step, veterans and active military personnel deserve support and access to education from the systems available to them.

The Importance of Campus Career Centers

Campus career centers serves multiple purposes for student populations in both high schools and universities. They are places where students can get resources and job listings for the fields they are interested in, or where they can get assistance in working on their applications and resumes. For military members, a career center is a place of support for navigating what they want their next step in life to be.

For example, career centers may have special programs made specifically for getting military members into a job that suits them. They may have a connection to a place like Heroes to Work Here, which specifically works with the Walt Disney Corporation to hire returning veterans for a multitude of different work opportunities. This is a program that veterans may not have known about on their own and that a career center can connect them to.

By being a resource for veterans, career centers can use their connection to higher education to get them the best running start at a new job or career path. In this way, they can help to offset the confusion or frustration many veterans feel returning to civilian life. They can also help to reduce the number of unemployed veterans.

The Importance of Continuing Education

In some cases, returning veterans may coordinate with a social worker in order to help integrate back into civilian life. This worker may help them get the healthcare they need, get their family the healthcare and resources they need, and get them moving forward toward their next step. This may also mean helping the veteran to access continuing education.

As stated above, some military personnel may have chosen to wait until after their duty was fulfilled to attend college. They may need help navigating the application and financial aid processes in order to finally take advantage of their degree. Additionally, they may have now decided they'd like to pursue a different continuing education path.

In some cases, a veteran may need assistance in applying for a trade school or training program. They will need to find the right training program for what they want their career path to be, and they will need to find out how a tech program will work with their government funding. A trained social worker may help the veteran to navigate some or all of these tasks, like explaining what goes into the process for being an electrician journeyman or taking a welding certificate.

The Importance of University-Supported Transition Programs

Since many veterans will return to civilian life through university or college, it's crucial that there are transition programs specifically for those students. Different universities may choose to implement different paths in order to offer this support. Some of what this article has already touched on could be options, such as career centers.

Additionally, universities can offer resources and services that are specific to students who are veterans. They may offer specialized counseling service for returning military members on-campus for either free or a reduced cost. They may also offer group meetups for fellow veterans to do social things together to form a sense of community.

It's also worth noting that many veterans may require more than just psychological and educational assistance. Specifically, According to Baron and Budd, "They may also need medical assistance. Veterans may suffer from health complications related to military service, even in non-combat positions. For example, veterans can develop mesothelioma related to asbestos exposure during military service."

Additionally, universities could offer programs or support to veteran families. Maybe the children of a veteran need a daycare to attend during the day or resources for their own schoolwork. It's also possible the family could benefit from subsidized counseling as well.

Whatever the program is, universities and colleges are a place where structure for new veterans could easily be implemented in a systematic way. As veterans return to civilian life and increasingly enter the world of higher education, it's crucial they're given the support they need. Those who put their life on the line for a chance at college opportunity deserve the support from the all of the resources available.

Posted by jhamilton at January 23, 2019 11:48 AM
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Sounds nice, but requires people in government who care about military vets as something other than props, which would necessitate getting the reich wing criminal conspiracy out of every office in the country. Otherwise, private corporations will monopolize these kind of programs and use them as they use other programs, to make sure the government pays them, and they don’t pay taxes, only bribes.

All colleges and universities are not created equal. Some just have the name without any reputation at all. Having a government that is actually open is a first requirement, and the stochastic terrorist is holding it hostage now for a wall that can be flown over, climbed over, tunneled under, and sawn through. There will soon be drones capable of lifting a person over the wall-nuts wall.

Posted by: ohrealy at January 23, 2019 12:34 PM
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As usual, Ed O’hrealy is calling the President a “terrorist”, not to mention the following racist, vulgar, hate speech.

And anyone stupid enough to heed anything from “happy wheels” and “geometry dash” deserve what they get.

Posted by: d.a.n at January 27, 2019 6:22 PM
Comment #437559

* [01] phx8 wrote: Thank you for cutting and pasting my comments. I stand by every single one, and I am gratified to see such consistently high quality in my work. Much appreciated.
* [02] phx8 wrote: As for immigration, I would be fine with open borders.
* [03] phx8 wrote: Prejudice against immigrants among U.S. white1 is NOT new … So what is happening today is NOT new, or some sort of intractable problem. Racism and bigotry from the rural, white2 crowds of Trump reflect a long American tradition of hatred.
* [04] phx8 wrote: if Tucker Carlson wants to spread hatred and white3 nationalism on FOX, he should expect consequences.
* [05] phx8 wrote: Tucker Carlson is a white4 nationalist. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PROGRAM- catering to the bigotry and racism and fears of the white5 FOX audience.
[phx8 is essentially calling all white people that watch Tucker Carlson racists.]
* [06] phx8 wrote: We have seen an unconstitutional effort to ban all Muslims from coming to this country.
[That comment by phx8 is false, because the ban was for specific nations with a lot of terrorism. There was never an executive action that banned Muslims only. The Supreme Court, in the end, upheld Trump’s travel ban]
* [07] phx8 wrote: And heavens! Immigrants, legal and illegal, might vote for Democrats! LOL. Worst excuse for bigotry - ever.
[Not true. The issue is, based on these 12 reasons, Democrats have clearly demonstrated that they have nefarious and despicable motives, by despicably pitting U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants against each other to acquire more power, by pandering to illegal immigrants for 30+ years, for more votes (via more representation in the House, via more U.S. House representatives, via re-apportionment of representatives (i.e. more electoral votes and more federal funding), based on population, based on the decennial CENSUS, which does not verify U.S. citizenship.]
* [08] phx8 wrote: Not the majority. 30% [of Americans are racist] seems about right. You might wonder how that can be possible. But we are not the first country to experience this. There are plenty of fine countries with highly developed cultures that have gone a lot farther down this path than the United States, with much worse outcomes.
* [09] phx8 wrote: In other words, it is a lie. It is a classic example of xenophobia, and the implication with “Middle Easterners” [in the caravan] is intended to stoke Islamophobia as well.
[However, the Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales announced in October 2018 that 100 people were arrested and deportated, who were “highly linked to terrorist groups, specifically ISIS”. Source:]
* [10] phx8 wrote: Oh, for Pete’s sake! That is the worst kind of fear mongering… . That is why Trump spreads the language of hate, claiming illegal and legal immigrants have been “sent” by Mexico, that they are “criminals” and “rapists,” members of MS-13, “hardened criminals,” “no angels,” and so on.
[Most are only looking for jobs, but many are criminals, and many have already been deported many times. Also, 1,611 U.S. citizens are killed (on average) per year by criminal non-citizens (Source:, and 32% of all people incarcerated in federal prisons are illegal immigrants, and that does not include all types of crime by illegal immigrants (Source: (Source#1: Source#3: ; Source#2: ];
* [11] phx8 wrote: So, yeah. A U.S. President declaring ‘I’m a nationalist’ scares the crap out of anyone who knows anything about history.
* [12] phx8 wrote: Another reason the GOP continues shrinking is the fact that it is a party of ideology, unlike the Democrats, who are a coalition party. The idea that Republicans have “diversity of thinking” is laughable.
* [13] phx8 wrote: And I do not subscribe to your thinking that only white6 men can represent women; that only white7 men can represent blacks; and so on.
[Another lie by phx8, since no one here ever wrote that].
* [14] phx8 wrote: There is a good chance today, Friday, will end with indictments.
[another failed prediction (of many)]
* [15] phx8 wrote: There are the racists, bigots, xenophobes, Islamophobes, and misogynists who support Trump, and there are those who are willing to overlook such vile stuff.
* [16] phx8 wrote: Ohrealy is right. If d.a.n. continues cutting and pasting those long posts he should be banned. Don’t think I’ve ever called for a person to be banned from this site.
* [17] phx8 wrote: The GOP resulted to the unfavorable demographic squeeze of the past decades by rejecting the change, and doubling down on its dwindling base of ageing white8, rural males with high school education or less.
* [18] phx8 wrote: For the incoming 116th Congressional Republicans, there are 29 white9 males in the House, and one female. Overall, the House GOP will consist of 90% white10 males.
* [19] phx8 wrote: The Democrats are incredibly diverse, including blacks, Muslims, and LGBT, representing the make-up of America. The Republicans? Eh, not so much. Just white11 identity politics as usual.
* [20] phx8 wrote: Are you just g*ddamn stupid…
* [21] phx8 wrote: Sweet J*sus, you are such a total waste of time. WTF.
* [22] phx8 wrote: Prognosticators have successfully predicted 10 out of the last 7 recessions.
[HMmmm…. 10 out of 7 ? math is not phx8’s strong suit? ].
* [23] phx8 wrote (27-DEC-2018): That would also explain the wild gyrations in the stock markets. Earlier this year I predicted Trump would be impeached by May. I will stand by that prediction. IT will require a lot of Republican senators, and I think we are very near to the point where the evidence of Trump’s criminality and treason will be so overwhelming, there will be national agreement that he has to go.
* [24] phx8 wrote: What it means is that, whereas Nixon and Bush #43 saw their approval ratings drop into the 20’s and even teens, the Trump floor may remain, with the 30% or so of the deplorables supporting the agenda of white12 identity politics no matter how bad the corruption gets, because very simply, white13 identity politics for that 30% is MUCH more important than honest governance or our democratic system.
* [25] phx8 wrote: AOL [AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)] is awesome. You are seeing the future. She is charismatic, her political instincts are excellent, and she has already proven adept at using social media. This is what Millennial politics will look like. She is only 29 and she has a lot to learn. But she [AOC] comes from a generation that was destroyed by conservative Republican politics. An entire generation found itself graduating from college with enormous debts, health care was unaffordable, and Global Warming threatened the long term future of the planet; meanwhile, thanks to tax cuts and corruption, the wealth of the past four decades was increasingly concentrated at the top, even as federal deficits and the national debt ballooned. (By the way, the national debt has increased $2 trillion in just 2 years under Trump, and the deficit has increased to nearly a trillion). She is the political forerunner of a generation that is tolerant of race, gender, and religion, and intolerant of the racism of Trump and his ilk. Is it any wonder conservatives are both fixated and terrified of her? They should be. She [AOC] is the future, and that future does not include the darkness and greed and destructiveness offered by conservatism. To paraphrase AOL [AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)]: the dark hates the light.
* [26] phx8 wrote: The Trump supporters fell for it because Trump played to the darkest, basest part of the American character, racism and bigotry.
* [27] phx8 wrote: Remember all those slack jawed inbreds wearing MAGA hats?
* [28] phx8 wrote about this comment: Gawd, another thread ruined by a Neo-Nazi post.
* [29] phx8 wrote: And if anyone cares, Politifact and Snopes both offer detailed rebuttals of the false statistics posted by d.a.n. the Neo-Nazi.
[Not true. IF phx8, j2t2, or ohrealy had any evidence, they would have posted the proof a long time ago. ]
* [30] phx8 wrote: And remember, Trump is treason. I said it when traitor Roy Ellis encouraged everyone to run off and view Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign … I have said it many times since then. And I will say it yet once more. Trump is treason… . How will you justify supporting a traitor [i.e. Trump]?

Posted by: phx8 at January 31, 2019 10:52 PM
Comment #437599

Great! Your “great” comments are certainly something to be proud of, eh?
Of course, most people would be ashamed to revel in their depravity (as shown here).

However, IF your “great” comments are so great, why do you refuse to answer the following questions about your “great” comments ?

phx8 wrote: I said it when traitor Roy Ellis encouraged everyone to run off and view Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign.
Why does that make Roy Ellis a traitor?
phx8 wrote: Remember all those slack jawed inbreds wearing MAGA hats?
Do you think MAGA hats should be banned? Why?

As shown here, you make 13 derogatory references to “white” people.
Why do you hate “white” people ?

Why not tell us, since they are such “great” comments?

Posted by: d.a.n at February 1, 2019 11:41 AM
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