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Overwhelm: Trump's Best Weapon

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the strategies that the Trump administration is involved in. They are experts at diversion and confusion and the public and media are suckers for it. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones suffering because government is getting swamped with Trump issues too.

Trump has managed to overwhelm every federal and state law enforcement agency with his antics. He's got the Dept. of Justice and the FBI working 24/7 regarding his actions, statements, disclosures. When the heat is on, they just throw in another controversial action, statement or quip. The agencies have to answer the public regarding them and that burns up time both in the field and in the offices. The system of checks and balances requires these motions and Trump's people know that if they pour it on it will gum up government works chasing wild geese instead of addressing the issues that would have handled the problems of the American people.

Trump's gang is more concerned with opening up vistas for the soulless business mindset. Getting rid of regulations that ensure honesty and integrity are being removed at an alarming rate. Government can now give all our browsing history to marketers. The 'Blacklisting' law that protected the people from criminal companies that wanted to do business with government is now gone thanks to Trump. One wonders why a so called successful businessman now leader of the free world would leave his own people at harm's risk. It's because Trump knows he's got the edge with the greedy mindsets that have exploded across the nation.

Americans nowadays are so broke, so miserable, that they've become prime pickins for hustlers and scammers. On top of that, they're so hard up for money and jobs that pay a living wage, that far too many look the other way when corporations, banks, companies engage in unscrupulous endeavors.

Allowing for these companies to run roughshod deceiving and exploiting the people allows for targets to be brought up when the heat falls on the top. If the Feds are after Trump, he just has some of his people point out some small time criminal occupation and the press and government will have to jump on it. This diverts attention from the top and burns more time regarding the resources of the American people.

Wall St. is rocking lower because they thought having trump would give them a green light to exploit. They were right, however that is being challenged enough to keep the future hazy and Wall St. doesn't want hazy.

Bottom line is, Trump has a defense that is tough to beat. Too much greed and fear in the public, too much greed by media, too much ego tripping by media and lawmakers. Law enforcement is on pins and needles because they have to follow strict procedure, but Trump's people have the goods on the courts and law enforcement.

A slippery slope indeed.

Posted by GregB at April 3, 2017 6:57 PM
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Just curious Greg about your comment; “Americans nowadays are so broke, so miserable, that they’ve become prime pickins for hustlers and scammers.”

Is the president to blame despite considering he has only been in office a little over two months? Or, did we get to this miserable situation you claim over the Obama years?

Can you define the “broke, miserable” Americans. Most in Texas who want to work are doing quite well.

Please define the “problems of the American people” you write as not being handled by the DOJ and FBI due to Trump.

Posted by: Royal Flush at April 3, 2017 7:15 PM
Comment #414952

All I can say is that the American people are wising up to the truth. Trump is an emperor without any clothes.

Posted by: Warren Porter at April 4, 2017 8:46 AM
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Our earth is full of greedy people.

Posted by: Fred at April 5, 2017 11:18 AM
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