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If You Think Things Are Hot Now...

Well, here we are, back to total chaos and confusion. The US has no idea which direction the country is going to go thanks to the ever controversial actions and statements of its new President, Donald Trump. He has managed to do in just 60 plus days what most presidents couldn’t do in four years. He’s got us at one another’s throats again, wondering how things have gotten so bad.

He is a slick manipulator, tossing out controversial distracting statements whenever the heat is on one of his close to the chest programs or relationships. He knows the media and his enemies will lay in wait for him to make the slightest of errors thus to pounce upon and he has shown he can work them well.

Trump is pushing too much too fast, which is a good strategy if one thinks about it. With several irons in the fire, no one has time to investigate each one thoroughly. You've got the opposition snooping around every rock and tree and hoping to find a weakness, meanwhile you have enough time and resources to get your pet projects passed.

Trump has pushed so much so early, that he's now in the stage of fighting for it. He wants big bucks for the military, cut money for education, repeal Obamacare, battle ecological ethics, and so on. It all boils down to whether the middle class and poor can shore up and expand. Not gonna happen. There will be more empty jobs thanks to Trump's immigration crackdowns, but will anyone be willing to take those positions?

By summer, the real dirt behind the hacking, the spying, the lies, will have come forward and all heck may break loose. With more money going toward an already over bloated military/industrial complex, today's young people may feel that cold breeze of a draft in the works.

Remember, this blog is where you read months ahead of time that this was going to be a Hacking Election with controversy spreading well into the next year. It's expected to see that the US will have to muster all its resources to keep calm and order. If it's true that the Russians were a far major part in unethical and damaging actions against the US with collusion with US nationals, you can bet there will be blood in the streets.

We need to prepare. Not add to the problems, let others pull their hair out and stomp their feet. If we survive the summer there will be hope for the future.

Posted by GregB at March 26, 2017 12:57 PM
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Oh yes, I agree with you my man, Trump and Putin are so evil, we need to dig ourselves a bunker and stock up on food. I’ve got a can of beens, want one?

Posted by: Assignment Help at April 5, 2017 11:14 AM
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