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What Lesson Are Our Kids Learning?

Today’s youth, or the ‘Millennials’, are getting all sorts of criticism for their aloofness and so called detachment from reality. Those are unfair labels put upon a group of people who were born into a massively corrupt world and are trying to survive with as little collateral damage as possible.

Today's young people are at a great advantage as they have the collective knowledge of mankind in the palms of their hands thanks to new smartphones and computing. It doesn't take them a lifetime to determine who is good or evil, they don't need to go into massive debate to assess whether a government is pro survival or contra survival. Today's young people have to make decisions fast and make room for any contingency. In just the past 10 years, breakthroughs in physics, medicine, energy, could turn the planet into a paradise, but today's young folks see only the stonewalling, lies, corruption, and yest, murders, of anyone trying to get these technologies into the hands of the common folk. Every week new corruption charges hit politicians, corporations, foreign governments. The blatant lies and skulduggery that make up the world's interface, any 5 year old can see for what it is.

Now you have Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, going head to head over who is lying about what. Untold trillions of dollars are in the wake of what these men do next or what we let these men do. Millennials do stand up though, that is one thing that is to be given credit to them. Just like their ancestors who defeated the British Crown to gain their rights and create the US, the young people are out in the streets, conventions, battling online, they've seen the forest for the trees and are determined not to see it all burned down.

They see our leaders lying outright, dodging valid questions, stealing, manipulating, and following the behaviors of human beings for thousands of years that led to nothing but mayhem and destruction.

It won't be the old folks to pull the country out of the fat of the fire, but it will be the young folks who will flex their muscle and intellect in a way to both prevent and remedy the ills of corruption that have been carried by our species since we invented civilization.

All in all, the news today may be the historical note of tomorrow as it's sure, times like these cause heroes and heroines to arise, and in this case, don't be surprised if your next hero is also great at playing a Playstation 4.

Posted by GregB at March 24, 2017 4:54 PM
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The fact that “Today’s youth, or the Millennials”, did absolutely nothing under Obama, and are ONLY out in the streets, at silly little conventions, and battling online simply because people disagree with them, and because they think they might lose some of the entitlements that they wrongly believe they are due, proves your whole post to be nothing more than BS.

And please, don’t ever try to compare these worthless little sh*ts to our founding fathers. It makes you look stupid.

Posted by: kctim at March 24, 2017 5:57 PM
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When the millennials turn from simple anger to a rational and articulable alternative, I will applaud them. But thus far, their diffused anger has led nowhere. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement failed to frame the problem of the 1% wealth gap in a manner understandable and acceptable to the majority of Americans. It was a golden moment that they blew.

It is telling that the political leader of our angry millennial youth is a 75 year old politician advocating old time progressive policies of the New Deal. That is not a criticism of Bernie Sanders but an indictment of the millennials for failing to develop any political leadership or coherent political philosophy. Its as though millennials are blind and stone deaf as to how to make political change in a democracy such as ours.

Characterizing the angry millennials as akin to our revolutionary founders is absurd and insulting to the founders’ thoughtful and courageous leadership. Leadership and sophisticated political philosophy is the operative term to describe our founding fathers who were surprisingly young at the time. If only the millennials had a tenth of their stuff.

Posted by: Rich at March 24, 2017 7:47 PM
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This is all very premature. The upcoming 3.5 years are going to be far more important in establishing the role my generation will play in upcoming decades.

Posted by: Warren Porter at March 24, 2017 10:04 PM
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