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There Won't Be Dancing In The Streets

Donald Trump has become the best thing for civil disobedience and public pursuit of rights than any president since Richard Nixon. His loud mouthed rhetoric, boastful nature, and outright arrogance has led to his being criticized for everything from his viewpoints on foreign aid to his choices of fast food. It’s a madcap plan of his that has the media and public scrambling around like mice in a cheese factory trying to latch on to any morsel to exploit into a public issue.

This has brought Trump's opponents into the limelight again on a massive scale. Protests in the streets, at federal and public institutions, swamping social media, and causing upheavals all over the planet. The people who actually voted for Trump are beginning to turn on him in droves. They're holding town hall meetings that are reminiscent of the old lynching parties of the wild west. The rank and file Republicans are now seeing the impact, the negative impact on their wellbeing and the spit hasn't even hit the fan yet. As Trump is looking at cutting funding for the small but essential resources to keep the military budget growing. It's basically the typical and long running sociopathic mindset that has gripped America for decades. Of the expendable budget, two thirds goes to Medicare and Social Security and the last third mostly to the military. Trump has been stumping about rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, but he's looking to cut funding for it and people are ready to riot.

By the Summer of 2017 if America's streets aren't overrun by protesters it will be a miracle. Only the prospect of some form of intervention of cool heads will hold off any disastrous confrontations. Right now, the Democrats have seen the light in that they should have supported Bernie instead of Hillary. Their errors in judgment cost them the election but now they see how Bernie was the better candidate all along. He's still in there fighting where Hillary has gone into some form of seclusion. Bernie's teams are now massive and growing. Trump may soon be seeing the Senate and Congress losing Republican power ground. If that happens he'll be in the same boat as Obama was with the lawmakers reluctant to support him.

Even the media has turned on Trump, but it's all due to his nonsensical character and big mouth. The next six months is going to determine whether Trump quits, gets impeached, or comes to his senses.

Stranger things have happened.

Posted by GregB at March 2, 2017 6:02 PM
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Do yourself a favor, and don’t speak for others “seeing the light.”

The last eight years have been a hard lesson for me on the assumption that people will see the light. Trick is, most people think they’ve already seen the light, and they’ll follow it without realizing that it’s less important who’s right and who’s wrong, than what’s right and wrong.

This business of chasing after perfect leaders as if they can solve all our problems is juvenile. It treats these leaders like mothers and fathers who we can uncritically follow and find glory with. Bernie strikes me as a fellow with his heart in the right place, but he lacks Obama’s people skills. Hillary, while not inspiring or particularly obvious as a leader, at least had some sense of how to play the political game. Obama’s weakness was dealing with a lot of that BS, the cynically motivated political games that the Republicans pulled on him.

Obama wasn’t perfect, Bernie wasn’t perfect, and Hillary wasn’t perfect.

But none of them would have created epic differences with the Republicans in charge of Congress. My thinking is, start focusing on the lower parts of the system. The Trump voters mistakenly think they can just elect Emperor Drumpf, and he’ll take care of everything.

But One president isn’t enough. Real change in this country means a change in the laws. No President can bring those about himself.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at March 3, 2017 12:06 AM
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