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Trump Flubs First Debate

The consensus inside the beltway is that Trump lost last night’s debate. Apparently, he didn’t have the stamina to stand alone with Hillary Clinton for more than 30 minutes, let alone 90. He may have started strong, but he soon enough, Americans witnessed a devolution as Trump constantly found himself ensnared in traps set up by Clinton.

Throughout the debate, Clinton successfully put Trump on the defensive, exploiting his extreme insecurity. As a result, Donald Trump barely attempted to admonish Hillary Clinton or her record on a host of issues including Obamacare, the Clinton Foundation or her improper storage of classified information on her private email server. In all, there were a few key moments:

Firstly, rather than deny the accusation that he did not pay federal income taxes, Trump not only confirmed it, but also claimed that his nonpayment indicated that he was smart. Demeaning the intelligence of the millions of hardworking Americans who do pay income taxes might be many things, but it certainly is not a smart thing to say when one wishes to be President.

Secondly, rather than deny the accusation the he rooted for the real estate market to collapse, Trump dismissed the angst on the minds of millions of Americans affected by the 2008 market crash. Americans do not want their suffering trivialized with words like, "That's called business". How can we win with a man at the helm who hopes that we will lose? If I ran a baseball team, I'd never let a player anywhere near the batter's box if I even suspected he had a bet against the team.

Thirdly, and perhaps most disastrously. Trump took the bait in the debate's closing minutes. I assume this is the toll of 90 minutes' fatigue standing on the nation's highest stage. As Matthew Yglesias points out, Clinton's campaign had this anecdote prepared well in advance. Alicia Machado had already been interviewed by Cosmopolitan and The Guardian while many other papers had articles written and ready to go. Trump could have easily dodged this bullet if he denied the allegation or opted to be contrite and apologize. Trump did neither, instead he opted for cowardice and defended his misogynist words. Not satisfied to merely step into the dung last night, Trump called Fox & Friends this morning and spoke about the incident with Machado a second time without any prompt, embarssing himself even further.

Posted by Warren Porter at September 27, 2016 7:53 PM
Comment #407804

Drumpf revealed a new depth to the old phrase “giving someone the business”. He’s so weak he’ll probably drop dead soon, or at least refuse to debate anymore and stay in bed at Mar a lago. Maybe his rotten sons will find a double for him, to wander around repeating his nonsense phrases.

Drumpf is claiming victory, when even Breitbart is saying he lost. They’re right. This guys a loser, a liar, and a lump of uselessness. He admitted that he doesn’t pay any income tax, but he accepts protection from the Secret Service. POS.

Pffft! Emails Shemails! Give it up!

Posted by: oraoghaile at September 27, 2016 9:38 PM
Comment #407807

Trump showed up at a rally in Fla. this pm and didn’t seem to have a cold or be sniffling. I believe he had taken some kind of medication that gave him the sniffles.

I haven’t heard any valid expressions about that but he was really off his game last evening. Hope an aspirin will cure it.

Posted by: roy ellis at September 27, 2016 11:09 PM
Comment #407809

Actually Trump did better than I thought he would. I was impressed he held the nonsense to a minimum and tried to act a bit presidential. Not saying he won the debate just saying he was alright given his lack of experience. After all how often would he need to debate should he become president.

I mean he hasn’t had much experience in debating and it showed when compared to the more polished Clinton but overall he didn’t do so bad. I wonder how he would do when negotiating directly with other master manipulators like Putin? Or at the trade negotiations with experienced negotiators from other countries when the cameras aren’t on him and he could freestyle more. When facts wouldn’t be checked. Or when dealing with the Mexican government, could he actually win a debate that includes them paying for a wall between the countries.

The problem isn’t his ability to debate it is the fact checkers that he seems to think don’t exist. For sticking with the repub “cut taxes grow jobs” myth and regressive taxation as the solution for economic problems he did ok but when the message is so wrong not even a master manipulator can pull it off.

Unless of course you are debating others of a like mind as he did during the primaries. Or when you are easily manipulated and think he won the debate as many on the right will tell us.

Posted by: j2t2 at September 28, 2016 12:07 PM
Comment #407810

For all her preparation, I expected more from Clinton. She didn’t articulate the complexity of the globalization issue or any of it’s benefits. Didn’t explain companies like Ford moving small car production might be the only way to stay in that particular line of work or how the rising standard in places like Mexico benefits us. Instead she just had to absorb statements like ‘worst deal ever’. Could have schooled him on business instead she relied on picking at his past statements.

Posted by: Schwamp at September 28, 2016 12:25 PM
Comment #407813

HRC45s was giving Drumpf enough rope to hang himself. She knows how international trade works, but that could never be explained in detail with the yapping dog next to her interrupting every sentence, while desperately trying to stand up and breathe, and relying on Lumpy, his new bestie, another useless POS. “I told him I was against Iraq. You have to ask him.” Predictably, Rupert Murdoch’s croaking toads thought HRC looked terrible, and Drumpf looked great. Up is always down for them, and the robots who are programmed to repeat what they tell them.

Posted by: oraoghaile at September 28, 2016 1:06 PM
Comment #407817


It would have been awkward for Clinton to defend globalization after her very public opposition to free trade highlighted by her campaign last year with Bernie Sanders.

Posted by: Warren Porter at September 28, 2016 2:55 PM
Comment #407821

I thought it was quite telling when she didn’t/wouldn’t answer the question about raising taxes. All she did was whine about what she thinks Trump this, and Trump that.

Posted by: Weary Willie at September 28, 2016 4:24 PM
Comment #407838

“She didn’t articulate the complexity of the globalization issue or any of it’s benefits.”

True. I don’t know, though, how that could be accomplished in the time frames available. Free trade and globalization are the very essence of capitalism. I thought that was a good thing. I thought that conservatives believed in it. But, in this upside down world we live, it is now anathema to them. Strange that the liberal candidate is charged with defending capitalism.

Posted by: Rich at September 28, 2016 8:28 PM
Comment #407841

Rich, the conservative establishment/corpocracy does thoroughly believe in free trade and globalism. So do the liberal establishment/corpocracy.

But, there are those of us out here who believe in fair trade and national sovereignty. Some believe that the 1% should not own 40%. Some would like to see regulations and anti-trust used to break up the conglomerates and monopolies, the too big to fail operations.

John Warner is a free trader and globalists and will vote for atilla the hun if necessary to retain that policy.

Otherwise, we have the corpocracy we deserve

Posted by: roy ellis at September 28, 2016 9:48 PM
Comment #407842

Oddsmakers had Clinton with a 69 to 31 percent advantage before the debate. Now it’s 74-26 in Clinton’s favor.

Congratulations to Drumpf.

Posted by: oraoghaile at September 28, 2016 10:16 PM
Comment #407846

Breitbart did some post debate polling that at least reinforced what I think I saw.

Hillary won the debate hands down. You was tactful, prepared, and showed she has what it takes to be President. She also at least appeared to be healthy and that is a big issue for her right now.

On the other hand Trump’s best attribute was reinforced during the debate: that he’s not a politician. His shot that Hillary has been there for 30 years and she hasn’t done any of the things she’s proposing speaks loudly to the crowd that has had it with Washington.

The problem with Trump and all of the outsider candidates is that they are fool’s gold. You end up voting for someone who is not one of “them” without regard to the candidate themselves. That’s why Trump can say pretty much anything and get away with it. But if elected Trump will do as President exactly what everyone else in Washington does and leverage his position for personal gain. He’s already telegraphed that with the judge issue.

Posted by: George in SC at September 29, 2016 8:41 AM
Comment #407847

I’m going to vote for HRC45 in about an hour. Early voting starts this morning in Illinois.

Posted by: oraoghaile at September 29, 2016 9:08 AM
Comment #407854

We want to know this orao because…?

Posted by: Royal Flush at September 29, 2016 5:03 PM
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