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Harry Reid's Comment was Inappropriate.

But he has apologized, and the person who was offended accepted the apology. The response of the Republicans is hypocritical and cynical to boot. If what Harry Reid said was so outrageous, I want Republicans to immediate go to their phones and their computers and demand that Rush Limbaugh quit his radio show, and apologize to Barack Obama.

Whether it's watermelon patches in front of the white house, food stamp Obama Bucks with fried chicken on them, or a picture of Obama as a communist witch doctor with a bone through his nose, the Republicans have done ten times worse, and not apologized for it, often enough, complaining that such pressure is merely political correctness.

Ah, but when the Majority Leader, in the midst of passing Healthcare reform is confronted with remarks he made months ago, he must step down!

Were Republicans saying this when Trent Lott was in trouble? Or were they rationalizing what he said?

The Democrats aren't rationalizing what he said. Harry Reid has apologized, even phrasing it as "I sincerely apologize for offending any and all Americans, especially African Americans for my improper comments." rather than the infamous "I apologize if anybody was offended..." formulation,

Democrats are being consistent here: he should apologize, and he has. He has not said something of the magnitude of saying that America would have been better off under a segregationist leader. In fact, he was saying quite the opposite, however offensively he put it. Reids comments were racially insensitive, but they were not in support of a terrible, racist system.

Republicans are being inconsistent. They probably shrugged off these comments, made a martyr of Trent Lott, tore their clothes and cursed the politically correct. Reid has apologized for the offensiveness of his comments. The Republicans showed little concern for the political correctness of George Allen, in his Macaca moment glory. They certainly didn't make sure that Rush Limbaugh's references to Obama as a Halfrican American got him kicked off the radio. That and his comment, joking or not about kids having to ride in seperate busses after a white kid got beaten up by black kids on a bus.

Yeah. Your party's spokesman. The guy most Republicans are really afraid to offend.

If Republicans do not reject Rush Limbaugh, if they are quick to defend those they call the victims of political correctness, then why should anybody register their crusade on the behalf of the offended as anything more than a cynical political manuever? If they won't admit, except in the grudging course of political expedience, that these much worse things are bad, why should they have any right to stand as judges of what Harry Reid said?

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at January 11, 2010 8:41 AM