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Tortured Republicans

Republicans in the past administration tortured those they believed had information about Al Qaeda’s activities. Republicans since then - at least the honest ones - have been tortured by what they had done. Republicans today are tortured that high-level torture memos will be made public by the Obama administration.

Republicans are so tortured they are threatening a filibuster to prevent confirmation of two Obama appointees unless the administration promises to not allow the release of the torture memos. This outlandish blackmail is being reported by Harper's Scott Horton:

A reliable Justice Department source advises me that Senate Republicans are planning to “go nuclear” over the nominations of Dawn Johnsen as chief of the Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice and Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh as State Department legal counsel if the torture documents are made public. The source says these threats are the principal reason for the Obama administration’s abrupt pullback last week from a commitment to release some of the documents. A Republican Senate source confirms the strategy. It now appears that Republicans are seeking an Obama commitment to safeguard the Bush administration’s darkest secrets in exchange for letting these nominations go forward.

Why are Republicans picking on these two? Dawn Johnsen and Harold Koh are eager to make the Justice Department a department that deals in justice once again. This scares Republicans to death. It makes them sick with anxiety. What will the two unearth? The torture memos must be more devastating than any of us supposed.

The torture memos must be so horrible that it is driving Republicans into a torturous frenzy.

History tells us that such memos are political bombshells; they will definitely see the light of day one way or another. If the Republicans have any sense at all, they will drop this stupid blackmail, use a little sense, be adults and act with some discretion. If not, this sort of ridiculous action will insure that Republicans stay a minority party for a long time.

And they will remain tortured.

The smartest thing Republicans can do to ease their torture is to drop their torturous arguments and evaluate Johnsen and Koh on their merits, which are substantial.

Posted by Paul Siegel at April 6, 2009 8:00 PM