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Where Is Bush?

Where is President Bush? Why don’t I hear or read anything about the President of the United States taking action on the economy or the wars we’re in? Where could he be..?

Oh, he's giving exit interviews trying to burnish his tarnished legacy. Wow! I've heard of lame ducks, but that's pretty lame! Shouldn't he be consulting with his economic advisors or his military advisors?

President-elect Barak Obama insists that there can only be one president at a time. Rep. Barney Franks says, "I'm afraid that overstates the number of presidents we have." That's the way I'm reading the situation as well. Stuff needs to happen and Bush is still the president. He needs to get off his butt and make that stuff happen.

Instead, he's spending all his time working on the Bush Legacy Project -- the White House's version of white wash. Instead of working on ways to fix our economy, he's working on ways to spin away his disastrous handling of Hurricane Katrina and his failure to capture or kill bin Laden. Lame...

Posted by American Pundit at December 10, 2008 12:34 AM
Comment #271750

He’s been extremely busy giving interviews to dodge any responsibility for anything as president, claiming he just worked here. He thinks after needlessly killing more than 4 thousand American soldiers in Iraq, that it is important for the public to know that he has a soft spot in his heart for our veterans and soldiers. That is the parting message as of yesterday.

Glad I have a strong stomach. I hate puking all over my TV, it’s such a time consuming task to clean it up, and unlike Bush, I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do it for me.

Posted by: David R. Remer at December 10, 2008 12:56 AM
Comment #271752

You’re already not liking the bad press? Democrat’s begging for Bush to take lead, wow this is priceless.

You sold the country a fraud, oh but a well organized and computer savy fraud…it’s only going to get worse. Keep quoting Barney Frank he’ll save you for sure.

Posted by: Mark at December 10, 2008 2:42 AM
Comment #271753

Not many want him to take the lead Mark….just take his medicine. And instead of owning up to responsibility for all his crap, he’s looking for a hidey hole. What a remarkable figure of a man….???

Posted by: janedoe at December 10, 2008 3:36 AM
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Mark’s comment takes the classic cop out position. Prejudging the Obama administration as a fraud before it even takes office, eliminates any responsibility whatsoever, for Mark to lift a citizenship finger to help his nation, government, or president to improve our future. What person in their right mind would aid and abet a fraud, right? Very convenient to excuse oneself from work and responsibility on the basis of bias and prejudice. Damn lazy and irresponsible too for those who choose that route. More dead weight for responsible citizens to carry. But, that has always been part of the American culture.

Posted by: David R. Remer at December 10, 2008 8:17 AM
Comment #271758

For a while I thought that the overhanging pressures of being labeled as such a phenomenal screw up must be very humiliating and embarrassing. But having watched him and his reactions while under interview does nothing more than reaffirm that he is is an un-consionable dolt. Perhaps he actually believes he has done well. There is something in his demeanour that seems to indicate so. If I am correct then he is not worth even an iota of plausible forgiveness. The only thing that might possibly allow me to see him as a compassionate and responsible human would be an apology for his actions in office. I am not holding my breath. Personally I think it best that he stay out of all governmental affairs for the remainder of his term. He should have been locked in his office with no communication years ago.

Posted by: RickIL at December 10, 2008 8:47 AM
Comment #271760

We should count our blessings. You never know what he mught do. Suppose he listened to the wingnuts that surround him and got convinced to start another war to help the economy. Remember they deny any help the New Deal accomplished and ONLY see ww2 as the cure for the Depression.

Posted by: bills at December 10, 2008 9:37 AM
Comment #271762

I think he could have waited a Tad longer to buy a 6000? sq ft house. millions of folks lost there’s

Posted by: Rodney Brown at December 10, 2008 10:28 AM
Comment #271767

If Bush is not doing anything, he is probably not making anything worse. If he wants to duck out early that is fine with me. I just wish he was taking Barney Franks, Chris Dodd and every member of the finance and banking committees with him. They are all culpable and deserve to go. Actually they deserve to be locked up.

Posted by: jlw at December 10, 2008 12:14 PM
Comment #271774

I think Bush has been pretty solid in this financial crisis. He has been calm, and listened to all sides.

I also believe recessions are necessary. The world is conditioned to manipulate whatever you can to propogate continuous growth. We probably needed a good recession when bush took office. Tax cuts, federal spending, and a real estate bubble all prevented what we needed. The markets are telling us we now need an even bigger recession. Obama is a student of the “spend anything to recover now” mentality that doesn’t understand painful recessions serve a purpose.

Posted by: Schwamp at December 10, 2008 12:40 PM
Comment #271780

As usual, the libs can’t agree on much when it comes to President Bush. Do more…do less…do nothing. It’s just a damn shame that our congress didn’t just go home in August and stay there.

Knowledge is knowing when to act and when not to act. Rarely have I found civil actions made in haste to be correct. As usual, the dumb, blind, and foolish are being led into even more stupidity by our political class aided and abetted by our media.

How stupid is it that a majority of American’s support the continued fleecing of their pocketbooks and purses with ever more worthless printing press money affording more bail outs to save more non-functioning companies to empower more federal bureaucracy to beget more greed and corruption to hasten our demise?

The ignorant continue to believe we can spend our way into prosperity with the bills never coming due. As Scarlett said in Gone With the Wind, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow”. Tomorrow will be early 2009.

Posted by: Jim M at December 10, 2008 1:14 PM
Comment #271790

Jim M are you serious? dems all agree that bush has done nothing but help the super rich, friends, relatives. has increased gov’t, in fact, has made the largest gov’t ever! so, when you are talking about spending our way to prosperity, you do know you are still talking about bush and his administration right?!?

what we are asking now is where is he? what meetings is he holding? a president doesn’t pick which day to be president, ALL days, and times he is president. not 1pm to 2pm and no sundays. he ran for office, and is still president until 1-20-09 (which will be a glorious day).

so, he needs to step down from the barstool, and get back to work. he needs to worry less about spinning his administration to the media and get to work! by the way, how ironic that his description of a tyrant leader is identical to the way i would describe him as president. ie - pushing for war to further his political agenda, acting like a “man of God” and “religious” when truly he is not (abc - nightline).

so, rest assured, dems are together. need to look no further than this bush administration to realize how organized and together we really are.

Posted by: bluebuss at December 10, 2008 3:12 PM
Comment #271813

Where Is Bush?

I think I found him…he’s been skulking around doing signing papers and executive orders that are bad for America and Americans…and, it will take Obama at least four years to straighten the mess out…we have a jerk for a President. He has long forgotten that he was sent to the White House to represent all Americans and to protect our Constitution…er…if he was ever aware of that.

Posted by: Marysdude at December 10, 2008 10:20 PM
Comment #271816

dude, ya know, we just gotta keep the little twit busy doing something safe and unimportant….well…guess he’s got the unimportant part down, anyway.
I’m not having a “Bush is gone” party until they spend their first night back in Dallas. If he can still open his mouth and make an “x” on a piece of paper, he is still a danger to the world.

Posted by: janedoe at December 11, 2008 1:27 AM
Comment #271818

Jim M
Us ignorant folks have read Keynes and Krugman concerning recession cycles and how to get out of them quicker. Might try it. The usual rules do not apply and their application worsens the situation. When the economy is is growing at a normal or even slow rate , that is the time for fiscal restraint and you are correct. Unfortunately that was not the approach of the Bush regime and this downturn will be deeper and longer than it should have been because of it.

Posted by: bills at December 11, 2008 6:12 AM
Comment #271834

What will you people do without Bush? Such blind hatred, such white hot rage, such irrational hysteria has to have a target somewhere. Who will it be when Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, etc. are gone?

I would have thought a party that just won an historic victory with their dream presidential candidate and has taken a firm grasp of both Houses of Congress would celebrate a little? Show some happiness? joy? Hell, a wry smile would do.

Is there any substance, any principle behind much of the left today? Or is it merely roiling, boiling anti-Bushism?

There is no consistency to your position. If Bush is so stupid and/or incompetent and/or completely venal, why would you want him doing anything? Why would his attempt to “fix” the economy or anything else be welcome to you? If he is merely stupid and incompetent, he would only make it worse by trying. And if he is evil, he will make things such that the oil companies, his cronies, and greedy Wall Street types will get more money, and no doubt give him a kickback into his secret Swiss or Cayman Islands bank accounts.

Wouldn’t it be better that he stay out of the way so that your savior Barack Hussein Obama can come in and make all things new again?

Besides, how do you know what he is or is not doing? Oh, I forgot, if it isn’t in the New York Times or on ABC World News Tonight, it isn’t happening.

A cursory glance at the news, however, seems to indicate to me that he is “having meetings” (as you would prefer) and doing other things to try to “fix” stuff:

There was the the $700 billion financial bailout that you guys, Obama, McCain, and most of Congress supported.

Then there’s the auto bailout, which he negotiated intensely with Congress.

Then there’s diplomatic meetings with a human rights advocate from Darfur (that ought to make you happy).

Oh, then there’s winning the war in Iraq, a victory that, ironically, will come to full flower during the administration of his successor (who opposed the war and said it couldn’t be won).

And best of all, unleashing his justice department to arrest that crook Governor of Illinois and his cronies.

Who knows, by the way, where that scandal will lead? I am sure Barack the pure will have nothing to do with it, of course. But isn’t it curious that Barack the magnificent comes from a party and state where corruption is the rule, not the exception. How marvelous and fortunate for us that our next president emerges out of the depths of a sinking cess-pool of corruption, yet manages to bring with his person the aroma of roses and fresh air. Ah, we are a blessed people to be sure!

Posted by: Jack Romano at December 11, 2008 12:54 PM
Comment #271835

Jack, your comments utterly fail to recognize the extremely dangerous precedents set by Bush, et. al.

Left in place, they would pose enormous threats to liberty, rule of law, and constitutional division of powers. Left unprosecuted, the precedent would be established for a future president to expand the powers of the office toward totalitarian rule.

Sorry, you don’t understand this. But, more than half of all Independent voters, nearly all third party voters, and nearly all Democrats understand the needs to insure another Bush can never happen to America again.

Posted by: David R. Remer at December 11, 2008 1:01 PM
Comment #271836

David, as a believer in individual liberty, I would stand with you and anyone else in opposition to “totalitarian rule” and threats to liberty.

It would help, though, to have a specific rendering from you and others of like mind just what these abuses of Bush were.

I suspect you and I may have such a divergent understanding of invididual liberty and the meaning of totalitarian rule that the contrast would alarm us both. But it is a discussion worth having, to be sure.

(The incoming administration, it would seem to me, has designs of a totalitarian nature. And I would be happy to expand upon that point, perhaps in the other column, so to speak.)

My comment was not designed to defend Bush as much as call into question the absurdity of a posting that would ostensibly castigate a president for not doing anything when everything that same president has done so far has been wrong. The premise—Bush is stupid, always wrong, and evil—does not square logically with the conclusion—he should do something to fix this or that situation.

I can give you my list of where Bush has gone wrong. I’d be curious how much would overlap with yours. I would start with the most recent, and that is the so-called financial bail-out and now the auto bail-out. This is totalitarian rule on a grand scale, seems to me.

Posted by: Jack Romano at December 11, 2008 1:14 PM
Comment #271837


I know it will not satisfy you, but you can find at least a partial answer to your queries here:

As to your quasi-statement/question/commentary:
“But isn’t it curious that Barack the magnificent comes from a party and state where corruption is the rule, not the exception. How marvelous and fortunate for us that our next president emerges out of the depths of a sinking cess-pool of corruption, yet manages to bring with his person the aroma of roses and fresh air. Ah, we are a blessed people to be sure!”
Posted by Jack Romano at December 11, 2008 12:54 PM

Who better to know that fresh air is necessary than Obama, who has sniffed the sewer? You are still trying to tie a strawman to your election losses, and it still stinks worse than Illinois politics…

Posted by: Marysdude at December 11, 2008 1:22 PM
Comment #271843

Great scott, Marysdude.

I was actually hopeful to get something of substance and you give me Valerie Plame and Katrina? These are two instances where the Bush administration tore our very republic to its core, making a mockery of the constitution, trampling upon the rule of law so drastically that it may be in danger of being unsalvagable?


On Plame, I could argue that the prosecution itself was a ridiculous witch hunt to find out who outed someone that was already outed, the outing of whom was not even a crime to begin with. You guys got your pound of flesh when Scooter Libby went down for it, yet HE WASN’T EVEN THE GUY THAT LEAKED HER NAME! That was done by Richard Armitage, who told the prosecutor he had done it during the investigation. Instead of closing the investigation when he found out who did it, Fitzgerald continued it and got enough people to say enough conflicting tidbits of who said what to whom and when, that he trapped Libby into a flimsy allegation of obstructing justice and got it to stick.

Armitage, mind you, was an anti-Bush stooge of Colin Powell. The elegant Mr. Powell, darling of the left and media celebrity extraordinaire, highly regarded for his (ahem) impenetrable integrity and welcomed back gushingly into the fold after his endorsement of B the M, meanwhile knew that Armitage was the “leaker” of Plame’s name and kept his mouth shut, instead of coming foward, in the hopes that his former colleagues and now enemies Bush, Cheney, and Company would go do down for it. Well, he played his hand well, didn’t he?

On Katrina, when are you guys going to let that one go? Sometimes, terrible things happen, and human beings can’t always prevent them or make their consequences disappear. Katrina was a big damn storm that hit an under-sea-level city. It was a terrible tragedy. But daddy can’t always fix everything. The utopian myth that the left can’t let go of holds that the state can perfect human beings and that every force, be it natural or human, can be reformed or ameliorated by politcal power.

Katrina was several things. Some can be addressed by human intervention. Others can’t.

First it was an historically violent hurricane. Nothing we can do to prevent or cause that. Unless Bush actually made the Hurricane happen because he hates blacks and the poor? (Sorry, that’s the way some of you act.)

Then it was the preparation. Forecasting was excellent. Chalk one up for science. They knew it was coming and that it would be bad.

First level of preparation falls to local and state authorities. Here is your first breakdown. In not mandating and facilitating a comprehensive pre-storm evacuation, Nagin and Blanco failed miserably. To Blame that on Bush is nothing but irrational partisanship.

Shoring up the levees in the years prior? That is also the state and local government’s fault. If there was some federal funding lacking or what not, then you can throw some blame that way as well.

FEMA’s response was less than ideal, to be sure. But they are not a first responder in these situations. If there were mistakes made, and things didn’t go well, that is likely to happen in a situation of such chaos and unprecedented damage after such a storm. Roads are blocked, power is out, etc. etc. Relief supplies can’t get in, etc.

The worst negligence was that Nagan didn’t use the buses to get the people out of there before it hit.

If the feds did a less than adequate job, it is certainly regrettable, but not necessarily criminal or unconstitutional.

There are limits to government power, both theoretically and practically.

Posted by: Jack Romano at December 11, 2008 2:35 PM
Comment #271845

Well Jack what will we do when Bush is gone? Hopefully we won’t continue to blame him for everything that happens over the next 8 years the way the republicans have blamed Clinton. To hear it from the right-nothing is Bush’s fault-its all Clinton’s doing.

Posted by: Carolina at December 11, 2008 2:53 PM
Comment #271849


To hear it from the right-nothing is Bush’s fault-its all Clinton’s doing.

Your sentence above goes a long way in explaining the disgust with Bush and his admin. It seems that for republicans the buck never stops at a republican. Just a little bit of confessed accountability by Bush would help to alleviate some of the pent up angst us anti Bushies are experiencing.

Posted by: RickIL at December 11, 2008 3:58 PM
Comment #271851

Jack Romano

You are right. The man and his admin should be doing absolutely nothing that can further affect the workings of this world. Like my governor, Blagojevich, he and his administration have proved utterly incapable of responsible governance. The American people should have been marching in the streets with torches years ago demanding he step down or be removed from office. His greatest failing is an unwillingness to work across aisles in an effort to govern. He and his admin chose a direction of exclusive total partisan governance. Effectively shutting out the other side from any consideration in matters of government. They were extreme ideologues with selfish agendas which served a select group of people much better than the rest. The result is that there is no one else to blame for the results of their actions. We are now suffering the consequences and paying the price for all those years of irresponsible and poor policy. The people of this country have every right to be much less than enamored with Bush and the party he catered to.

Posted by: RickIL at December 11, 2008 4:19 PM
Comment #271853


Then Cheney/Bush should not mind providing answers to the questions posited by the writer? Good! Perhaps then we can get those answers and set this all aside?

Posted by: Marysdude at December 11, 2008 5:02 PM
Comment #271856

Anyone remember the Bush response to the tsunami in Indonesia and southeast Asia? Katrina was a domestic version of the same failure. I was in New Orleans when Katrina hit. The local police came around and knocked on doors. I was evacuating when they came around. The local and state governments were overwhelmed, which is no surprise. They were simply not equipped, and they in the hurricane’s bullseye. The fact is, the federal government was the best equipped to help, they were outside the zone of chaos, and the federal government failed, misled by Bush, failed.

The Constitution and Bush… Is this the time to discuss signing statements? Wiretaps? The sixth amendment and ‘probable cause’? The scandals surrounding the DOJ and hiring based upon political affiliation?

“They were extreme ideologues with selfish agendas which served a select group of people much better than the rest. The result is that there is no one else to blame for the results of their actions. We are now suffering the consequences and paying the price for all those years of irresponsible and poor policy.”

Exactly right, RickIL. Fossil fuel did just fine, thank you. Big Oil recorded record profits, the likes of which we will never see again. Any action on Global Warming was effectively quashed.

And of course, there’s Iraq. Over one million Iraqis dead.

And Bin Laden. ‘Only’ one 9/11 occurred under Bush’s watch. That’s not something to feel good about. Bin Laden is still free.

Wrong policies. Blatant disregard of the Constitution. Gross incompetence.

And remember, the Clinton administration handed Bush a pretty good situation. Bush made it bad, with no one to blame but himself and his fellow conservatives.

Worst. President. Ever.

It’s not even close.

Posted by: phx8 at December 11, 2008 6:27 PM
Comment #271857

Did I mention the economy? Hideous! Outsourcing and the dismal record on job creation? Miserable failure. The effects of deregulation and the lack of oversight in the financial sector, resulting in a derivatives market that went bust to the tune of trillions? The only question is whether it will be worst than the Great Depression. The national debt? That’s another crisis waiting to blow up, yes, even worse than it already has hurt. The budget deficit?

Criminy, what a crappy president. What a crappy party. What a lousy philosophy.

Posted by: phx8 at December 11, 2008 6:33 PM
Comment #271860


Nero fiddled (lyred?) (lied?) while Rome burned. Shouldn’t fiddling while people are dying, be against the law if you’re the leader?

Posted by: Marysdude at December 11, 2008 7:19 PM
Comment #271925

get over katrina? NEVER. never. old lady bush “probably the nicest place [supedome] THOSE people have ever been. like 9/11 we will never forget how fellow americans were treated like animals. and will make sure that everyone in the bush family who thinks of running for any office in the future are asked about katrina, savings and loans, and banking bailouts. shameful, do not defend this evil man or his family. you can not be an american and support his actions. wake up - see the suffering.

Posted by: bluebuss at December 13, 2008 10:48 AM
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