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Bush's Private War

Let’s privatize the government. The government can’t do anything right anyway. Private industry - responsive to the needs of the market place - is so much better and more cost effective. See this: RPT-KBR, Halliburton hit by ex-worker’s rape charges

Private industry in Iraq, (Cheney's company) is certainly more efficient at raping women than the government. There is no need for criminal charges or to send people to prison. It is much more cost effective. See: Cheney's Halliburton Ties Remain

It is more cost effective for Cheney. See: Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% last year, senator finds

It costs us a little bit more money. See: Frontline - Private Warriors.

However we are just pawns in their game of world domination. In their view, we are not real Americans. In order to be a "real" American person, your last name needs to be Corporation, or at least Multimillionaire like the "dick" Cheney Multimillionaire.

No one else really matters to them because apparently, no one else is a real person. This must be the case, because they say that they are compassionate conservatives.

Yet we observe that they allow people to live the good life in the New Orleans Superdome and otherwise leave them to drown. See: Barbara Bush insults Katrina survivors See also: Refugees tell tales of horror Compassionate conservatives would not do that to real people, therefore these people must not be real people.

They have meetings with oil executives before 9/11 and decide which companies will get which oil fields in Iraq and then send our sons and daughters to die there. Compassionate conservatives would not do that to real people, therefore these people must not be real people.

We do see thier welfare state give away compassion for Exxon, Haliburton, KBR, big pharmaceutical, and other rich and powerful elites like the "dick" Cheney Multimillionaire. So, we are drawn to the inescapable conclusion that only these people are real people, in the eyes of compassionate conservatives, because only these people receive their compassion and compassionate conservatives have compassion for real people.

Of course, so called; sovereign, "free" Iraq has no "free" sovereign right to enforce the rule of law within its own borders, which is just as well since government can't do anything right. Why would we want our government or any government enforcing the rule of law?

Iraq is "sovereign free" alright - free of sovereignty that is. That is the 'freedom" that Bush wants to spread throughout the middle-east. That is why Bush and Cheney tried to lie us into another war - with Iran. See: The fallout for Bush on Iran

Based on her superior experience over Obama, Hillary was willing to go along with Bush - again. See: Hillary could kill Democrats' momentum And that is the best case senario - if she wins. See also: Obama Talks Foreign Policy

Hillary's mistake on Iraq could just be an error in judgment - in itself, hard to believe - since she is soooo experianced. But this is starting to remind me of that dirty joke about the black bear raping the Michigan deer hunter.

Day one, deer hunter goes into the woods before dawn and watches his bait pile - bear sneaks up behind him, taps him on the shoulder, gives him a choice, man submits. Day two, same thing. Day three, bear says "You are not here just for the hunting are you? Hillary sold out on Iraq. Hillary sold out on the Patriot Act. Hillary sold out on Iran. If we elect Hillary - we are not here just for the hunting.

The Bush Regime, which Hillary has supported, still wants, and intends to have, war with Iran. See: Cheney: Iran report may hinder US policy Note: Cheney says hinder not stop.

It is about war - not uranium - but they still want to use the threat of the mushroom to promote it.

"It's very important, I think - and the president clearly does - that we proceed down the road, trying to persuade Iran diplomatically to give up their efforts to enrich uranium. That has not changed," Cheney said Wednesday.

Hillary has supported these "evil doers." If she becomes our nominee, I will go green.

Posted by Ray Guest at December 21, 2007 3:20 PM
Comment #241217

I know…
I know…
You’re a realist…

Merry Christmas anyway…

Posted by: cliff at December 21, 2007 3:47 PM
Comment #241218

You might as well turn green Ray. Your assumptions and guesses and the conclusions you jump to, are right up there with UFO’s.

Stop pushing your religion onto others :)

Posted by: kctim at December 21, 2007 3:54 PM
Comment #241222

Yeah, like private industry was responsive to the nation’s economic and financial needs as well as those of home buyers in creating this sub-prime morgtgage mess to cost more than a trillion dollars to investors, tax payers, companies and homeowners.

Private industry regulated by unbiased public oversight agencies is the basis of our sound economy in the past. Unregulated and non-overseen private industry leads to monopolization or Savings & Loan crashes, sub-prime mortgage industry deflation, environmental disasters, stock market crashes, and depressions and recessions.

Posted by: David R. Remer at December 21, 2007 4:26 PM
Comment #241237


Thank you for the affirmation. I am a realist.


Thanks for your comment - not enough specificity to respond to. I do believe in UFOs - wife just threw somethin at me - don’t know what it was - it was real though…


Agreed. Private industry should be a beast of burden harnessed to the needs of man. Unfortunately, the high cost of mass media has skyrocketed the cost of running for elected office. This combined the lack of publicly funded elections has tilted the balance of power in this country such that the rich and powerful elite have gained top down control through campaign contributions. As a result, private industry is no longer a beast of burden. It has become our master. We are harnessed to its needs.

Posted by: Ray Guest at December 21, 2007 9:53 PM
Comment #241280

Ray Guest
Clearly if you are not rich you are not really a person. Didn’t you know that? GWB during a magnaminious moment stated that”..just because a person is not rich doen’t make them a murderer.”
The corruption you speak of is nothing new. That last time it was so prevalent was under Mackinly with the robber barons. Read” Empire” by Gore Vidal when you get a chance.Its historical fiction but Vidal does impeccable research. The similarities with whats going on now are incredible.
I very much hope that HC does not get the Dem nomination also and am lending my support to Edwards. CNN poll shows him as the only Dem that beats any potential Rep candidate nationaly. That being said,if HC does get the nomination it is in our best interest to see that she is elected. She is not the president I prefer or believe the country needs but what we will get from any Rep candidate is a continuation of anti worker,anti middle class administration. (This might not be true of Huckabee but he will never get the nomination. Even Limbaugh is attacking him. Funny watching the Reps eat their young.)With HC we would not get a anti-choice judge appointed anywhere,we would not get the labor dept giving Walmart 15 months notice before a child labor investigation,we would not get the EPA fighting California to prevent them from trying to control pollution, we would not have a NLRB packed with anti-union schills etc. There are a thousand reasons to support a Dem,any Dem,over the Rep and it may well be a very close election. If the Florida Greens had voted for Gore he would have gotten more votes than the Reps could steal. What a different situation the US and world would be in.

Posted by: BillS at December 22, 2007 8:14 PM
Comment #241284


Thanks. You wrote:

If the Florida Greens had voted for Gore he would have gotten more votes than the Reps could steal. What a different situation the US and world would be in.

I understand that.

I have taken the same position in the past. No more. I have really soured on Hillary. The Clintons gave us NAFTA. I think that she could do more damage than the Repubs. Corporatist proto fascist policies under Repub leadership are bad enough - under Democratic leadership lacking even a loyal opposition - worse - I think.

Posted by: Ray Guest at December 22, 2007 11:23 PM
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