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Here is Why They Hate Us

President Bush likes to say that terrorists hate us for our freedoms and the best way to fight terrorists is to bring freedom and democracy to all countries. Yet, two of our greatest allies in the so-called “war on terror” are two dictators: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and President Musharraf of Pakistan.

U.S. twists into ridiculous contortions to work with King Abdullah because we need Saudi oil. But why do even put up with Musharraf who has done nothing for us? Recently Musharraf has instigated what many in Pakistan call "the second coup." Afraid that Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would declare his presidency illegal, Musharraf did what all dictators do in similar circumstances: He declared a state of emergency and put Chaudhry and thousands of human rights activists in jail.

Musharraf claims he did this to fight terrorists:

Musharraf's stated reason for declaring an emergency was the Islamic insurgency that has roiled the country for months. In a new push, militants in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday seized a town near the Afghan border, where government troops surrendered without resistance -- a familiar pattern of late.

If this were the reason, how come he arrested lawyers and human rights workers. How come he arrested one of the greatests fighters for democracy in Pakistan: Asma Jahangir?

For her insistence that the government obey the constitution and respect individual rights, Jahangir was put under house arrest Saturday, within hours of Musharraf's declaration of a national state of emergency.

Musharraf, the guy who is doing nothing to help us capture Osama bin Laden - he is reportedly in Pakistan - is destroying whatever democracy is left in Pakistan. And what is President Bush's reaction?


Despite the deepening crisis, President Bush refrained for a fourth day [he did call today] from calling Musharraf. Bush faced demands that he take more strenuous action amid fear of even greater instability in Pakistan, which relies heavily on U.S. military aid and has helped the United States in its war against Al Qaeda.

People everywhere, not merely terrorists, hate us for this blatant hypocrisy. We talk about democracy and then support tyrants like Musharraf. What sort of ally is this guy? He has recently made a deal with the Taliban in the remote mountains of Pakistan: You don't bother me and I will not bother you. And now he is fearful of losing power.

I hear from government officials and pundits that the situation is complicated and that we need to be realistic. I don't see any complication. The president should tell the Pakistani dictator to get off his high horse, restore Chief Justice Chaudry and the entire Supreme Court, free Jahangir and the other democratic activists, or lose our backing and our money.

Firmly taking the side of democracy in Pakistan would restore some of our moral luster and reduce somewhat hatred of Americans. It would do more to fight terrorism than anything we did or are doing in Iraq.

Nobody hates Americans because of our freedoms. They hate us because we work together with nasty dictators like Musharraf.

Posted by Paul Siegel at November 8, 2007 2:00 AM
Comment #237841

John, that’s b/c the (majority of) dems are suffering from Bush Derrangement Syndrome (BDS); they (actually) see Bush, and his admin, as the culprits in the “War on Terrorism”. They don’t get it and probably never will…

Posted by: rahdigly at November 8, 2007 2:22 PM
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I think they hate us for a lot of reasons. They hate us for our arrogance, because we have more, for our religious beliefs, and probably most of all for pushing our way, uninvited, into their society. They see us as sinners and capitalist pigs who are wasteful and would gladly give up our souls for the material things we so deeply desire. They see us for what we have become. A society based on profits that will do just about anything no matter its degree of morality to acquire them. Including invading their regions. They see that we are a nation of plenty and that comparatively we have little strife in our lives. They are jealous of the luxuries we enjoy and out of bitterness would love nothing more than to see us suffer. They quite simply see the image we present. They feel threatened by and do not care for what they see.

Of course the two faced stance we take in supporting dictators while at the same time advocating for democracy does nothing to bolster our image. I do understand that maintaining diplomacy and trying to keep ones ducks in a row often times requires dealing with the wrong kind of people. Unfortunately for us and others affected this administration has not been good at the juggling act. They through their arrogant decisions and foolish proclamations have probably done more to upset the cart than all past administrations together.

Posted by: RickIL at November 8, 2007 3:23 PM
Comment #237853

You guys are confusing the reasons they hate us for the reasons you want people to believe are why they hate us.

Pandering to them, coddling them, ignoring them, excusing them or kissing their ass, doesn’t make you any less of an infidel to them.

Posted by: kctim at November 8, 2007 3:57 PM
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I am from Pakistan, and this article is rubbish. Martial law is the right decision for Pakistan. Musharaff has done a lot for the USA, its idiots like you who reflect what an ignorant nation America is. A country where people still dont know where Karachi or Kabul are on the map. Benazir is a terrorist and an American puppet, no educated Pakistani likes this piece of trash. Democracy does not work in Pakistan, it will break up our country beside who the fuck are you American calling Musharaff a rogue. We do not wish to be your puppets, and we will not allow your red necks into our land to catch Usama.
Fuck benazir whore, cunt, keep her with you.

Posted by: ikram wali at November 8, 2007 6:00 PM
Comment #238087

go back to pakistan

Posted by: john at November 11, 2007 7:14 PM
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