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Small Shiny Objects

Once again the GOP places a small shiny object in front of Americans and the simple minded are more than happy to become fascinated by it. Wake up folks. We’re not going to let them do it again, are we?

John Kerry attempted to sound tough and clever. It backfired. He fought in Vietnam. He served his country. He has fought for the rights and benefits of veterans. He was a soldier at a time when most of the Bush administration was hiding in Alabama or behind their many deferments.

Some Republicans, especially this administration have a lot to fear if the house and senate fall into the Democrats hands.

Their secrets will become public. The unconstitutional and unconscionable policies that have been rubber-stamped by the GOP controlled congress and senate will be debated and overturned. No bid contracts will be examined. Waste and corruption investigations expanded. Ethics violations will be exposed. The administration of secrecy, power and fear mongering will be put down.

While this is a comfort to most Americans, it is not to the Bush administration and the GOP. While you are bombarded by the Kerry hates our troops B.S., remember what is most important.

  • Tom Delay – Under indictment and the master of ethics violations
  • Robert Ney – Plead guilty to corruption charges
  • Curt Weldon – Steered lobbying contracts to his daughter
  • Don Sherwood – Beat up his mistress
  • Rick Renzi – Crooked land deals
  • Jon Porter – Illegal fundraising
  • Richard Pombo – Linked to Jack Abramoff (fraud, tax evasion, bribery)
  • John Doolittle – Linked to Abramoff also
  • Thomas Reynolds – Knew Foley was inappropriate with teen boys but said nothing
  • Randy Cunningham – “The Dukester”
  • The Energy Task Force 2001 – aka. Energy Industry Executives to Rip Off Americans
  • Jack Abramoff and Indian gaming
  • Haliburton no bid contracts and overcharging the tax payers and military
  • Unconstitutional wiretapping of U.S. citizens
  • Dennis Hastert – Ignores Foley’s behavior towards teenage boys
  • Hurricane Katrina failures
  • The invasion of Iraq due to imminent threat of WMD(Lies!)
  • Karl Rove - the politics of fear architect
  • Don Rumsfeld- failure personified
  • Dick Cheney- architect of the executive power grab
  • Torture
  • Open borders
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Mixing church and state
  • Wealth disparity
  • No (funding) Child Left Behind
  • Jim Baker and Pat Robertson (Not really GOPs fault but what the hell)
  • Record deficit
  • Trade imbalance
  • Gas prices
  • Tarnished U.S. reputation
  • Mark Foley
  • Gay bashing
  • Good job “Brownie”
  • The new ”Do nothing” Congress
  • Disregard for global warming
  • Deregulation of pharmaceutical companies resulting in dangerous drugs
  • Deregulation of pollution policies
  • Loss of jobs overseas
  • Complete and total failure to represent the citizens of the United States
  • Etc. etc.

Let’s not lose track of what’s important. Kerry is no comedian, we can all agree on that. The last six years of GOP control of our government has not been very amusing either, we can all agree on that too.

Vote for change.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at November 3, 2006 8:35 AM
Comment #193030

I think the MSM has had enough of the Kerry thing…

Posted by: Woody Mena at November 3, 2006 9:18 AM
Comment #193042

Although I agree with most of this list, I think you’re reaching at Jim Baker & Pat Robinson… as much of a waste of space as those two are… at the end of all of this, I can’t say that I’m fully confident in the Democrats. I agree… a change is necessary, and the GOP needs to go.

Can there be a laundry list of Democratic solutions? All I see here is finger pointing, but can the Dems walk the walk?


Posted by: MaynardWinter at November 3, 2006 9:48 AM
Comment #193045


Because a party does not form a consensus party stance and consists of diverse individuals not marching in lock step does not mean there are no solutions from the Democratic party. It also does not mean that every Dem is good and every Rep bad.
Look to your individual representative to debate ideas and come up with the best solution to fix the damage done by the GOP and Bush.
Many ideas being bounced around and debated is far better than one that is forced down the partys’ throat and then parroted, even when it fails.

Posted by: Andre M. Hernandez at November 3, 2006 10:02 AM
Comment #193047

Yes Maynard.
They walk the same walk the Republicans do. They proved that in the 90s and they proved they will be just as blind and partisan when its their party in power.

When it comes down to it, just vote for whats right for America.
And whats right for America can’t be found in either the Dem or Rep party.

Posted by: kctim at November 3, 2006 10:03 AM
Comment #193052


Your list is commendable and accurate. The Kerry thing should never have been an issue and is old news now. Lets hope our politicians can come to their senses and work for the good of our nation instead of the riches influentially layed at their hands.

Yes these people should be investigated, prodded and made to pay for any wrongs they have imposed. Unfortunately all the investigating will only further animosity and remorse resulting in more stalemate. A catch 22 of the worst kind I am afraid.

Posted by: Ric at November 3, 2006 10:12 AM
Comment #193099

To all,

Check this article out before you vote for either party on Tuesday Washington Post Article

Posted by: Andre M. Hernandez at November 3, 2006 2:00 PM
Comment #193105


Those who live in Glass Houses should not cast stones.

Once again the Leftists placed a small dim object in front of Americans and the simple minded are more than happy to become fascinated by it. Wake up folks. We can’t let them have the House or Senate again.

All Americans, have a lot to fear if the house and senate fall into the Democrats hands.

While you are bombarded by the Kerry spin that he doesn’t hate our troops, remember what is most important.

DNC - Fined $719,000 for the 1996 Campaign Fundraising from China and Korea
Hillary Clinton - Unclaimed $100,000 return on $10,000 Futures investment
Harry Reid 1 - Converted thousands in campaign contributions to personal use for Christmas Bonuses.
Harry Reid 2 - Unreported $1.1 Million land deal in Las Vegas which reportedly involved organized crime figures.
Harry Reid 3 - Received $66,000 in Abramoff related contributions
William Jefferson - FBI seized $90,000 of a $100,000 bribe hidden in Jefferson’s freezer
Brett Pfeffer - Jefferson Aide plead guilty to Aiding and Abetting Bribery of a Public Official and Conspiracy
Frank Balance - Sentenced to 4 years for diverting taxpayer funds to his law firm and family
Alcee Hastings - Impeached and removed from the Federal Bench over Bribery Charges.
Edward Kennedy - Chappaquiddick
Maxine Waters - According to L.A. Times investigation family members benefited more than $1 Mill in business influenced by her office
James McGreevey - Charges with sexual harassment, blackmail and fund raising indictments
Alan Mollohan - Funneled $250 million in taxpayer funds into 5 foundations he founded at the same time his personal real estate holdings grew from $562,000 to $6,300,000 in 4 years
Barney Frank - Admitted paying male prostitute later hiring him as a personal assistant who ran a prostitution ring out of Frank’s home
Mel Reynolds - Convicted of 12 counts of sexual assualt of a minor, Child Pornography and Obstructing Justice in conjunction with sexual relations with a 16 year old campaign worker. Later pardoned by Bill Clinton
Howard Dean - Tied to Federal Anti-Trust investigation of Vermont Hospitals
Cynthia Kenney - Physically Assualted a Capital Police Officer
Sandy Berger - Charged with stealing Confidential Documents from the National Archives and destroying others
Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton
Lauren Weiner - Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee member plead guilty to Illegally Obtaining the Credit Report of Republican Candidate Michael Steele
Clinton’s - Hundreds of Classified FBI files of prominent Republicans found in Whitehouse
Gerry Studds - Admitted Pedophile had sexual contact with 17 year old Congressional Page

Let’s not lose track of what’s important. 40 years of Democratic control of our Congress has was not very amusing, we can all agree on that. We have finally been able to right many of their wrongs don’t turn the clocks back now.

Posted by: Kirk at November 3, 2006 2:10 PM
Comment #193119


The war in Iraq is a mess. T or F?

We found WMD T or F?

What have the GOP done that they deserve to remain in power?

I’d love to see a list.

Have a nice weekend.

If you need someone to talk to after Tuesday, we do have a Red column to comiserate with you.

Posted by: Andre M. Hernandez at November 3, 2006 2:36 PM
Comment #193136


Most of this is really old news and holds no relevance to the current state of affairs in this country. We could find filth in all corners and under every rug of the political household if we look hard enough.

The focus at the moment is on the current holders of power. Next Tuesday the american people are going to the polls and will let us know which party of incompetance they want to steer us down the road for the near future. In this and in all coming elections we must vote out corrupt representatives and presidents regardless of party. It is the only way we will ever get a resemblance of a just and honest legislature working TOGETHER for us, not their own personal agenda.

Posted by: Ric at November 3, 2006 3:26 PM
Comment #193146

Andre, good list.
One more to add: Ted Haggard top evangelical leader who has been meeting regularly with the president and who has been working to get GOP legislation that discriminates against gay Americans passed, has now admitted to at least “some” of the things that a former male prostitute is claiming. These claims are: That he and Haggard have had a once or twice a month, three year long sexual business relationship, and that Haggard took methamphetamines in order to heighten his gay sexual experience.
Down with FREC hypocrisy! Up with Civil Rights and Liberties for All Americans!

Posted by: Adrienne at November 3, 2006 4:12 PM
Comment #193148
The war in Iraq is a mess. T or F?

Don’t believe I would call it a mess. That is the way the media has presented it. We never see any of the positives that are taking place in Iraq. Are things going the way we would have liked for them to go? No, but to call it a “mess” and suggest that we need to leave now is an exageration.

We found WMD T or F?

True. We have found Sarin Gas Artillery Shells that were supposed to have been destroyed years ago. We have also found documentation and plans for atomic weapons program that shows Iraq was still working on gaining atomic weapons.

No, we have not found nearly what intelligence showed they had. You must remember that every leading Democrat from both Clintons to John Kerry said they had WMDs and must be disarmed.

What have the GOP done that they deserve to remain in power?

I’d love to see a list.

Here are just a few.

Unemployment rate at 4.4%

7.6 million new jobs since Jan 2000 (Jan 2000 113,189 mill. to 120,859 mill in Oct 2006)

Average Hourly Wage has increased by $3.17 since Jan 2000

Inflation rate at 2.06% down from 2.74% in 2000

Interest Rates down to 4.77% from 5.65% in 2000

Stock Market at record highs

All these in spite of the Dot Com collapse, Clinto Recession and 9/11.

Posted by: Kirk at November 3, 2006 4:13 PM
Comment #193151


Most of this is really old news and holds no relevance to the current state of affairs in this country.


Clinton, Reid, Jefferson, Hasting, Kennedy, Waters, Mollohan, Frank and Kenney are I beleive all still members of Congress.

Jackson and Sharpton are still heavily involved in the Democratic Party.

Dean still heads up the DNC.

Nearly everything listed for these people has happened in the past year. How is that old news when they are the ones who will be controlling committees and directing Congress if the Democrats take control?

Posted by: Kirk at November 3, 2006 4:30 PM
Comment #193156

Hey Andre, check out this great ad!

Posted by: Adrienne at November 3, 2006 5:01 PM
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