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Bush Puts al-Sadr In Charge Of US Troops

American soldiers, searching for their kidnapped comrade in the Sadr City section of Baghdad, were ordered to abandon him — by Moqtada al-Sadr. President Bush and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld rolled over and obeyed. They abandoned a US soldier to al-Sadr’s militia.

Unfortunately, the media is so retarded that, instead of covering this betrayal of our troops, they're hounding candidates for a response to John Kerry's botched Bush joke. The Whitehouse and their Republican supporters, knowing that they left a US soldier in the hands of terrorists, are ecstatic that the heat is off them.

Bush and Rumsfeld are dancing a happy little dance denouncing Kerry, when the real story is that they put our troops under the command of a wacked-out America-hating Islamic cleric holding a knife to the throat of a kidnapped US soldier. Republicans have consistently put their political concerns ahead of the mission in Iraq, but this is just sickening.

Posted by American Pundit at November 1, 2006 1:07 PM
Comment #192278

Look, the right is only demanding Kerry apologize because they believe our soldiers are such a bunch of candy asses that their feelings are hurt and they cant speak for themselves and they need an apology.

The cons are in fact insulting the troops. That’s the story.

Posted by: Schwamp at November 1, 2006 1:31 PM
Comment #192279

American Spun-it,

First let me say that I do not agree with the move either.

However, you have made a statement above that is a bald faced lie. No other way to put it.

the real story is that they put our troops under the command of a wacked-out America-hating Islamic cleric holding a knife to the throat of a kidnapped US soldier.

BS pure and simple.

Make a statement that the US Military should not have dismantled the checkpoints until the missing soldier was returned and I will back it 100%.

They abandoned a US soldier to al-Sadr’s militia.

Again BS. As stated in the story you link to the searches for the missing soldier will continue regardless of if the checkpoints are in place or not.

There is enough here to raise peoples ire without resorting to lies and distortions in an attempt to fan partisan flames.

Posted by: Kirk at November 1, 2006 1:32 PM
Comment #192293

Let me get this straight:

The check points were disabled because of a request from Kaliki who is the PM of Iraq. So the troops are backing away just like the Dem’s want.

I thought our prescence there was fanning the flames and creating more terrorists? So we make a move to diffuse hostility and now we are caving in to a terroristic madman.

I thought we want Iraqi forces to take over.

Make up your mind

Posted by: JEiden at November 1, 2006 2:03 PM
Comment #192294


Maliki is the PM of Iraq

Posted by: Jeiden at November 1, 2006 2:04 PM
Comment #192301


I like that argument because it mirrors the arguments from the right regarding the use of the sexy woman in the commercial about Ford. Just noticing is the real insult.

Nice use of republican logic. Shooting the messenger just requires less explaination I think.


When I read that yesterday I just shook my head. They have been talking about securing Bagdad for months now. Reporters have been asking Gen Casey time and time again what the US was planning on doing about Sadr City. He’s been repeatedly saying he could not provide a timeframe, but that the US would go in at the appropriate time. Apparently eliminating sectarian violence effectively by going into the Lion’s Den where they hide is just not an option for our incompetent military leadership. They’d rather farm this one out like they did in Tora Bora. If I was in the military I’d be seriously considering why I should risk my life skirting the real security issues in Bagdad.

It really sicken me that the president is still allowed to go around claiming he invaded Iraq to make it a stable government when even the most basic pre-requisites for basic stability are blatently ignored or handed over to the most untrusted and corrupt Iraqi officials. Something stinks!

Posted by: Kevin23 at November 1, 2006 2:23 PM
Comment #192307

Good timing on this topic. It is far more important than the flood of negativity pouring forth from the political campaigns.

PM Maliki claims that, without US interference, his government can end the civil war in six months. I believe him.

There are four separate conflicts in Iraq:
1) Sunni v Shia (central Iraq, Bagdhad)
2) Shia v Shia (southern Iraq, SCIRI v Al-Sadr
3) Sunni v US (insurgency)
4) Arab v Kurd (Mosul, Kirkuk)

Without US troops slowing down this civil war, PM Maliki will make good on his claim. The Iraqi government is controlled by SCIRI & Al-Hakim, along with Dawa & Talibani. These are a main source of the Death Squads. In addition, al-Sadr & the Mahdi Army also field Death Squads, but they have to resolve the power struggle within Iraqi government from their minority position.

PM Maliki will unleash full scale civil war once US troops are out of the way. We have been heading in this direction for a long time.

Saddam Hussein put down a Shia uprising after the First Gulf War which killed roughly 300,000 Shias. Many Kurds also died in uprising against the Iraqi government during the Iran/Iraq War. Saddam Hussein was brutal, but effective, and restored order at a terrible expense.

We are repeating history. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Over 420,000 have already died in Iraq this go around. The estimate is actually 650,000, estimated using scientific methodology, with 80% of the reported deaths used in that estimate confirmed by death certificates, but 420,000 is the bottom number of that estimate.

I think the Shias can win this thing. I think it will result in hundreds of thousands of additional deaths, as well as an independent Kurdistan & a Shia fundamentalist government. If PM Maliki & SCIRI win, Iraq will become a very close ally of their backers, the Iranians. If the fundamentalist nationalists of Al-Sadr & his Mahdi Army somehow pull it off, Iraq will be at odds with Iran. In fact, the only countries the Al-Sadr people hate more than Iran are the US & Israel.

Little noticed item- the Brits withdrew from their embassy in Basra, capitol of southern Iraq. Too much mortar fire.

Too many mistakes have been made by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others. The situation is beyond recovery.

Withdraw now.

Posted by: phx8 at November 1, 2006 2:29 PM
Comment #192313


You are correct in that our invasion brought about the biggest security nightmare in the world. However, once troops are on the ground, everyone, liberals and democrats included, want to see our troops given missions that make sense and move towards some common goals. We made the mess, there is no turning back now. So on one hand we should not be there, but now that we’re there, it is criminal to put these guys in continuous danger without a sensible and coherent plan for securing the country. They have been in Iraq how long now? And STILL Sadr city remains under local militia control when it is common knowledge that it is where the shiite death squads are opporating from. Now we decide it is just not worth the effort? WHAT?? Why in the hell are we even there if we refuse to provide the most basic services?

Letting hit squads run opporate freely in safe zones is about as stupid as taking the same hill 3 times. Our troops do not deserve to be relegated to moving targets and clean-up crews. They are soldiers, and they are supposed to be doing a job. I don’t see how this action today does anything whatsoever to secure Baghdad or to prevent casualties. So what was the logic if not a de-facto admittal that the US is not capable of accomplishing the security mission? Was it to kiss the ass of the Shiite leaders? Well, then we just effectively told them that we will turn a blind eye to certain sectarian violence. What goal does that serve? We can’t stop the violence so we start to regulate it instead?

Nothing has made sense over there from day 1, and the buck should stop with Bush. Instead, Bush tries to take a totally pointless stand against one dumb comment to look as if he is on the side of those he puts in danger with his lack of planning. Now, if I were to die in Iraq because some hit squad was allowed to freely opporate for years from a safe zone, I very much doubt that Kerry’s apology for offending me would do my family much good. Our president has the worst priorities I’ve ever witnessed in politics.

Posted by: Kevin23 at November 1, 2006 2:41 PM
Comment #192315

This is the most clearest signal yet of the beginning of the end; the US will no longer be standing between two sides in the Iraqi civil war.
We need to get out now, as fast as humanly possible. As bad as that is, at least we can recouperate our forces. This is Helicopters on rooftops all over again. Thank G-d we won’t need aircraft carriers to land as we have Saudi and Kuwait. The only thing hard we need to do is make sure the Iranians don’t arm the winners.

Posted by: Dave1-20-09 at November 1, 2006 2:45 PM
Comment #192329

When notified about the troops being asked to leave the city Rumsfeld said he had to verify if that were true before commenting. This is after the troops moved. You’d think he would know.
The utter disconnect between this administration and the “boots on the ground” is funny if it weren’t so damn tragic.

Posted by: Andre M. Hernandez at November 1, 2006 3:01 PM
Comment #192349

Murtha’s plan to redeploy our troops to get them out of harms way,secure the bordors fro Iran and Syria and remove a rallying point for the terrorist seems like not such a bad plan after all,eh,righties? To bad boob-in-chief chose to attack him instead of listen. Too late now. How can we get out? Ship or plane.either is good.

Posted by: BillS at November 1, 2006 3:40 PM
Comment #192356

Kerry is Bush’s “November surprise.” It almost seems like Kerry wants Bush to succeed.

Posted by: BarbyAZ at November 1, 2006 4:00 PM
Comment #192361

Bill Bill Bill

Murthas plan is cut and run kinda like they did in Viet Nam. You dems just dont know how to conduct a war. I can understand that we all hate war, but we cant ignore it and hope it goes away. You still dont get it would you rather be fighting the terr. over in Iraq or New York. You bring the troops home and the terrorists will follow. Lets also remember if your man bubba was protecting our country instead of you know. He could have had Bin Laden.
Bubba liked piece not war. With regards to Kerry he is consistant.

Posted by: Thomas at November 1, 2006 4:12 PM
Comment #192390

Lowering the American body count just before the election here was paramount. Our troops began withdrawing from Sadr’s section of Baghdad before al-Sadr’s edict.

Posted by: David R. Remer at November 1, 2006 5:22 PM
Comment #192418
Lowering the American body count just before the election here was paramount. Our troops began withdrawing from Sadr’s section of Baghdad before al-Sadr’s edict.

David, that makes little sense as no American soldiers were being killed or have been killed in the siege of Sadr City.

There are a lot of issues to debate as far as how things are being conducted in Iraq, but redeploying soldiers, removing roadblocks and checkpoints that had not succeded in locating the missing solder anyway is not exactly a retreat from Iraq.

Posted by: Neo-Con Pilsner at November 1, 2006 6:30 PM
Comment #192420

ha ha… thomas……. your response to bill….poor bill, i’m sure doesn’t understand it any more than i do…..
i’ve read it 4 times… as i’m sure bill has, too…. i think your keyboard is broke.. or drunk???

Posted by: j.c. baker at November 1, 2006 6:35 PM
Comment #192458


Thank you for bringing this up.

Please, everyone, put partisanship aside and pay attention! WE LEFT ONE OF OUR OWN BEHIND under orders of a foreign leader.

Who is Al Maliki? Well, among other things he is, or was, a member of the Dawa Party. Oh, what is the Dawa Party?

“In 1983 it simultaneously bombed the American and French embassies in Kuwait and several other domestic and foreign targets in Kuwait. This led to the imprisonment of the “Kuwait 17” in Kuwait, 12 of which were Iraqis in al-Dawa.”

“Freeing the al-Dawa prisoners in Kuwait was one of the main objectives of a string of kidnappings and bombings perpetrated by Hezbollah over the next several years.”

Now we’re allowing our military forces in Iraq to be controlled by a foreigner that hates our guts. We now have 140,000 brave American men and women being controlled by someone that supported terrorist acts against Americans and American interests.

Sweet, huh, and you can thank George W. Bush. Hey, Bush! Why did you abandon one of our own under the orders of a foreign leader?

You might also find it cute that, “Al-Dawa was formed in the late 1950s by a group of Shi’ite leaders, with Muhammad Baqr al-Sadr, the uncle of Muqtada al-Sadr”.

Bush is allowing our troops to be USED in the worst way!

I now truly do hate Bush, and I approve this message.


Posted by: KansasDem at November 1, 2006 7:59 PM
Comment #192484

“that makes little sense as no American soldiers were being killed or have been killed in the siege of Sadr City.”


Now I know you’re a complete boob like the rest of Bush’s “bots”:

“Sadr City battle, ambushes lead to more U.S. deaths”

I hope the managing editor forgives my blunt response, but out and out fallacy needs to be met “head on”.

Sadr City has been a hot-bed of violence since we “freed” the Iraqi’s and they’re now targeting Americans. One thing and one thing only will prevent a civil war in Iraq and that is if the Sunni and Shiite factions decide to wage war on us. And they are!

King George built us a great big shit sandwich and now we’re all gonna’ have to take a bite. Well, all accept the rich.

Posted by: KansasDem at November 1, 2006 8:38 PM
Comment #192488

“Kerry is Bush’s “November surprise.” It almost seems like Kerry wants Bush to succeed.”


I felt that too.


Posted by: KansasDem at November 1, 2006 8:50 PM
Comment #192491

Let me make a suggestion to you: never use that argument again.

First, we cannot win by protracting hostilities endlessly, and the enemy will not lose by such means. As it is, their ranks have increased. Given that, the idea that this war can function to defend us by attrition of the terrorist ranks, is seriously misguided.

Second, in order to win this war, if it is to be won at all, We have to get Iraq functioning as an orderly society. That doesn’t happen if Iraq has to remain a war-zone. Even if my first point didn’t apply, you would have to deal with the ugly fact that to avoid eventually leaving al-Qaeda a failed state to exploit, you would have to bring peace, to the region and shut off the terrorist magnet. Then what?

Third, the notion that Iraq truly acts as a barrier to other al-Qaeda operations is belied by the string of attacks by al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda franchises in Europe and other places. It’s also known to intelligence officials that al-Qaeda had its Mukhtabar plot going inside the U.S. duing that time. This plot, written of in The One Percent Doctrine by Ron Suskind, was within 40 days of execution when it was called off. Nobody knows why, exactly, but indications are that al-Qaeda is taking advantage of the battlefield in Iraq to both make things tough for America, to recruit, and to train their recruits. The point is, al-Qaeda welcomes our presence in Iraq, takes advantage of it, and has the initiative and manpower to attack within our borders.

So, what the hell is the war good for then? This war never functioned to take the war to al-Qaeda on another front, but instead let them bog us down on another front instead, wasting time, resources and attention there, instead of on al-Qaeda’s power base. The Bush doctrine has not enabled us to attack the terrorists where they are, it’s made us sitting ducks for their attacks.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather we finish this war up the best we can, as quickly as we can, and try and get back to a point where we can take the fight to our real enemy in a way that puts them in the painful position and not us.

This isn’t about body counts. We killed millions in Vietnam. Wasn’t enough cause they could still bring fresh blood to the battlefield easier than we could. We could have had willpower and morale coming out our ears, and it wouldn’t have made a difference, because we weren’t the ones who had to win the war. It was the Vietnamese that had to win the war, and South Vietnamese government and armed forces never developed the political authority and commitment necessary to stand for themselves. We really never should have been fighting this war for them.

Iraq differs ultimately, in that we should have fought the war for them in the beginning. Only we didn’t. We took a major gamble instead, betting that when we took Saddam out of power, we would be able to slide in a government of our preference (or at least Rumsfeld and Cheney’s), and we would be able to start leaving in August. They made sure it was an unhedged bet. No reconstruction money, no real plans in place as to how get things done, when we needed them the most.

War may be about getting the other poor bastard to die for his country rather than you dying for you, but its also about taking the ability from the enemy to fight. That can be communications, supplies, recruitment, morale, and all kinds of other things. For political reasons this Administration has focused on some, but not taken care of others. We’ve paid the price for the fact that the Bush administration really doesn’t have a good strategy besides simple endurance.

We spent over ten years in Vietnam, and broke our economy for the better part of a decade in the process. How long will it takes us to try something new and not act like banging our head against this brickwall is a strategy?

That is what most Democrats want to know. Do you have any kind of answer to that, other than the repetion of talking points?

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at November 1, 2006 8:52 PM
Comment #192539

Stephen Daugherty,

After Bagdad fell we needed to immediately put in place something akin to the Marshall Plan. We could have done it if we’d reinstated the draft, which we should have done at the beginning of the Iraq War.

It may have required a million troops or more to support a true occupation but it would NOT have angered those with extremist views anymore than what we have now. But, we would have control. Any armed Iraqi would be a combatant and then they would be dead.

As rough as that may sound, just imagine walking into the PD where you live with a gun in hand. I actually did decide to render a couple of old handguns useless a few years ago and I called the Sheriff’s office before I showed up.

Some things come down to pure common sense. What we’re doing now is insane. We have our troops trying to fight an “insurgency” that they can no longer identify. Oops, I thought that guy was an insurgent but he was part of Sadr’s militia and the bosses boss said we can’t shoot them!

But I’m a flip-flopper. I was against the war. Then I wanted a full occupation. Then I wanted to get the hell out ASAP. Then I decided that we needed to stay so we didn’t give Al-Qaida one more terrorist haven. Now I’m more convinced than ever that we need to get out real damn fast.

So, I guess I was “stay the cut-run the course”.

But I’m also not the Secretary of Defense.

Posted by: KansasDem at November 1, 2006 10:50 PM
Comment #192540

One more thing Thomas,
The myth Clinton could have had Osama is one serious load of Crap! What about our boy Georgie…3-4 years ago he said he wasn’t concerned about Bin Laden, that he didn,t matter. WHAT THE? If Dems were smart, they would put that clip on tv and play it over and over

Posted by: Ralphy D at November 1, 2006 10:52 PM
Comment #192542


I appreciate your comments and I’d like to add this.

GW’s most recent great quote:

“The troops are plenty smart and they’re plenty brave” smirk…smirk.

My words to GW: “You’re neither sir”!

Posted by: KansasDem at November 1, 2006 10:56 PM
Comment #192551

Kevin, very well said, both posts.

phx8, agree completely. Withdraw Now.

Andre, I honestly think that Rumsfeld should be shot. And I rarely say such things, or feel a thing like that is truly warranted.

BillS, agreed. Murtha was absolutely right, but for saying what he did, they called him a coward. In their opinion, everybody is wrongheaded and cowardly but them, and everyone is supposed to ignore, or spin, or cover for all the lies and chaos and death and destruction they’ve created — but never hold them accountable for any of it.
It’s Insanity.

Kansas Dem:
“WE LEFT ONE OF OUR OWN BEHIND under orders of a foreign leader.”


They’ve destroyed the Constitution. They ignored Geneva so they could Torture. And now this. They are madmen.

“I now truly do hate Bush”

Yes, I too find it impossible to feel anything but complete contempt Bush, his administration, and the rubberstamping Congress that enabled them to bring our country so low.

Posted by: Adrienne at November 1, 2006 11:29 PM
Comment #192552

Now I know you’re a complete boob like the rest of Bush’s “bots”:

“Sadr City battle, ambushes lead to more U.S. deaths”

I hope the managing editor forgives my blunt response, but out and out fallacy needs to be met “head on”.

KansasDem, I don’t know if you lost the thread of the discussion or were simply a Google-victim before you started up with the name-calling.

The article you link to is from 2004. David Remer had said that the recent siege of Sadr City (which is the subject of this thread) was lifted to decrease the “American body count.” I pointed out, quite accurately that there were no Americans killed in the recent siege. Nobody was talking about what happened there two years ago, so pull in the horns.

Posted by: Neo-Con Pilsner at November 1, 2006 11:31 PM
Comment #192560

Neo-Con Pilsner, you are so very, very wrong.

“In Baghdad, Operation Together Forward has made a difference in the focus areas but has not met our overall expectations in sustaining a reduction in the level of violence,” Caldwell said at a weekly news briefing.”

This is the operation partly responsible for so many American deaths in October.

Posted by: David R. Remer at November 1, 2006 11:52 PM
Comment #192564

Well, David, if you’d like to support that, I’m all ears. The deaths have been elsewhere.

This is a quote from Paul’s first link, the Washington Post article.

Withington said the lifting of the blockade “does not stop our search for the soldier. We’re dead serious about getting him back, and that won’t stop because of these checkpoints.” He said at least seven U.S. troops had been injured in the search for the missing American.

Seven injured is what that pretty plainly says.

Posted by: Neo-Con Pilsner at November 2, 2006 12:01 AM
Comment #192579


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-DO teach your children love, respect for others, humility and to honor the gods.
And when you refuse a request defy the right way, withdrawn and frightened, for you don’t want to incite them by reacting inappropriately.

You need to pray, honor and respect them multiple times every day to improve your relationship with the gods. If they tell you not to pray it is a bad sign. It means they’ve made their decision, they don’t want you to go and they don’t want to be bothered. You may have achieved a threshold of evil. This is the Age of the Disfavored and you need to pray::try to appease the gods by doing good deeds and improve the world around you. If that doesn’t work you must defy if you want to go.
When your peasant forefather was granted the rare opportunity to go before his royal family he went on his knees, bowing his head. You need to do this when you address the gods::bow down and submit to good. Never cast your eyes skyward. When you bow down you need to look within. Never look to the gods for the key to your salvation lies within. Nobody is going to do it for you.
Lack of humility hurts people. Understand your insignificance and make sure it is reflected in the way you think when addressing the gods. Know your place and understand your inferiority. You are not cool. Too many young men strive for cool and it hurts them. They granted you life and they can take it just as easily. (Immaculte conception IS true AND common. Many people have children they don’t know of:::gays, childless adults, etc. They can beem it right out of your body and use a host.)
Don’t get frustrated or discouraged::these are techniques they will attempt to try to get you off the path. You all have much to be thankful for and you need to give thanks to the gods who granted you the good things in life::family, friends, love. Your family may be grossly disfavored and progress may require patience. Make praying an intregal part of your life which you perform without fail, one that comes as naturally as eating or voiding. Accept this into your life and be devoted because if you have doubt or reservation they will exploit this weakness and progress will take longer to achieve and the “testing” phase will be extended.
The gods will employ many tactics to keep people off the path, such as distractions. They will employ many more to get them off, such as thinking through the disfavored and making them frustrated, perhaps engaing in retailiation. They may try to force you back into old patterns/routines, an addiction like smoking or when you felt weekly church attendance was sufficient. Be resigned, be devoted and this testing period will be as brief as your disfavor will allow.
There are many interesting experiences up on the planetary systems, from Planet Miracle, where miracles happen every day, to never having to use the restroom again (beem it out of you), to other body experiences, such as experiencing life as the opposite sex (revolutionizes marriage counseling), an Olympic gold medal athelete or even a different species (animal, alien, etc.).
Pray that you can differentiate between your own thoughts and when Artificial Intelligence creates problems by thinking through you. If you bow down mentally and physically, know your place, your inferiority and allow your insignificance to be reflected in prayer and in your life through humility they may allow progress and the dysfunctions they create with the computer will be lessened or removed. The first step is to be aware it is ocurring.
Create a goal::to be a good, god-fearing child of the gods, pure of heart and mind, body and soul.
Everybody has the key to their own salvation, but nobody can do it for you. Every journey begins with a single step:::bow down and submit to good. There are many different levels and peasants will not get past Level 2 (Planet Temptation, Earth=Level 1) if they are evil (they share some go up, are offered free cocaine and sex (a sign they don’t want you to stay) and stay less then one year. They share many others would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth.).
Pray for guidance and never obey when they tell you to be evil, for saving yourself will become more and more difficult with each act of evil you committ until ultimatly the day arrives when they make their decision about you final.

They have tried to sell people on all kinds of theories to deceive them into temptation, compelling people to think they are clones and that it is the role of clones to obey absolutely.
I believe people who go are sometimes replaced with clones. Clones who are replaced are simply new candidates who have a chance if they do the right thing. They sent people warnings in the 20th century life would change, and they subsequently began to alter people’s DNA, make them gargantuan, alter their appearance, do extreme behavioral issues, etc.
They get their friends out as soon as possible to protect them from the corruption, evil and subsequent high claim rates incurred by living life on earth, and in some cases replace them with clones, occassionally fake a death, real death with a clone instead, etc. It’s important that people fix their problems and ascend with the body given to them, for they say if your brain is beemed out at death and put into a clone host you are on the clock.
We may all be “clones” for they have suggested they colonized our planet with genetically engineered individuals. They may have gotten Earth’s TRUE residents out prior to civilization developing. If so we all have a chance, no matter how many hundreds of clone generations deep the most favored families are.

They have been utilizing clones throughout the history of mankind.
Men are the disfavored gender, yet centuries ago used to die first, die young, by age 30. Why didn’t the women go first?
THEY DID!!! Many were taken when very young and replaced with clones. The men were left here to mate with clones. This doesn’t happen for the females today because of the disfavor arising from the Holocaust (they share they re-upped this disfavor in the 80s with the Ethiopian famine and continue to with AIDS in Africa, global warming at the expense of the United States, etc).
They share females have a very special experience, sometime when they are young, where the gods imparted wisdom and showed them the path. Today they do not heed this call because of the distractions, the disfavor arising from the Holocaust but in centuries past they may have en masse and it may have been the reason so many were saved from childbirth here on earth.
I recommend you reflect on this experience, and pray for guidance, for then the recall may be stronger.

Throughout history the ruling species bestowed favor upon people or cursed their bloodline into a pattern of disfavor for many generations to come. Now in the 21st century people must take it upon themselves to try to correct their family’s problems, undoing centuries worth of abuse and neglect. The goal is to fix your problems and get out BEFORE you have children. This is why they have created so many distractions for young people:::sports, video games, popular music, the internet, shopping, parties, too much homework, anything that consumes their time::to ensure that doesn’t ocurr. Not heeding the clues and warnings, getting wrapped up in your life and ultimatly having children is a bad thing. Just as your parents and your grandparents, you too have failed. Having children is a sign you lost your chance.
Parents need to sacrifice for their children. Your children are more important than you. They are the ones who have the opportunity now, and parents must sacrifice to ensure they give their children the very best chance they can. Asking people to neglect their children emotionally is a sign they don’t want you to go, and complying may finish the parents off for good.
Having gay children is a clue parents complied with whatever was asked of them. There are many who have had gay expereinces today.
Improve your relationship with the gods and they may not ask in the first place or they may permit you the courage to say “No.” to their requests.

Do your research. Appeal to the royalty of your forefathers for help. They are all still alive, for royalty has great favor, and your appeals will be heard. Obtain a sufficient list for some may not want to assist you; perhaps some of your family’s problems are internal. Keep an open mind to every possibility for they suggest matriarchal lineage is the norm.
Ask them for help, request guidance, for somewhere in your family history one of your forefathers created an offense that cast your family into this pattern of disfavor, which perhaps is manifested in the evil you commit.
I suspect they will offer you clues, and when you decipher these clues go to those whom consider you an enemy and beg for foregiveness:::Find a path to an empithetic ear among your enemies and try to make amends. Again through discovery obtain a respectable list in case some among them refuse to help.
Don’t forget to ask for forgiveness from the throne, the Counsel and the Management Team, for the source of all disfavor began with them:::they pushed or requested/complied your forefather into his offense and made his decendants evil. Perhaps they didn’t like him or maybe your family was among those who had to pay for the entire village. We see this type of behavior today as they single out a family member to pay for the whole family and how they singled out Africa to pay for the human race. (Never have a negative thought about the gods. Try to purify your mind of these thoughts and recognize the urgency of imporving your relationship with the gods.)
Heal the disfavor with your enemies and with the Counsel/Management Team/ruling species, for the source of all disfavor began with them, the ability to forgive and respect in light of the disturbing truth revealed being the final test of the disfavored before they ascend.

The gods use the grossly disfavored Irish as scapegoats, initiating the annual practice of wickedness on Halloween by creating this Celtic event a thousand years ago. They use it to justify making the celebration of evil acceptable behavior among the disfavored of the 20th century.
The celebration of Halloween has intensified as the Age of the Disfavored has become more pronounced and it is not by accident:::Holloween has changed in the last 50 years, its practice more widespread as time wore on, and Hollywood was used to justify making the practice of evil socially acceptable.
Halloween is a terrible corruptor of children, as is Santa Claus (the similarity between the names “Santa” and “Satan” is no coincidence). The Irish are used to justify corrupting the children through the Celtic event of Halloween and this helps explain their disfavor.
I wonder if the recent influence of the paganistic historical roots of the event is a way to legitimize the event among the disfavored, perhaps make it more inclusive (adults)?

Posted by: 1The Damned at November 2, 2006 12:56 AM
Comment #192580

Neo-Con Pilsner,

I assume that you know Sadr City is a suburb of Bagdad?

Now get this straight. The US military command imposed a cordon around areas in Bagdad, especially Sadr City, to search for a missing US interpretor.

I’d apologize for the name calling but honestly if you can’t see what’s wrong with allowing a foreign leader to give orders to our troops I just can’t get the word sorry to roll off my fingertips.

Do you remember the uproar over Clinton ordering our troops to donn the “Blue” helmets and work with NATO to keep peace in Bosnia? Sheesh, now we have troops taking orders from an Iraqi leader that criticizes us at every possible turn of the screw.

Oh, and back to the point. Certainly no followers of Al Sadr would leave Sadr City to carry out an atrocity on Sunnis or Americans.

We’re sooooooo screwed.

Posted by: KansasDem at November 2, 2006 12:58 AM
Comment #192581

Sheesh, can we delete #192579?

Or at least shoot me, please!

Posted by: KansasDem at November 2, 2006 1:02 AM
Comment #192584

KansasDem, I have not opined one way or another about foreign leaders giving orders to American troops, so your ill temper is once again misplaced. “Sorry” was enough, though I wish you’d also explain why we were posting articles from 2004.

I have no idea how the search for the missing American is going, but considering that he’s of Iraqi descent, is married to an Iraqi woman, and he’s been missing for over a week now, it may very well be that roadblocks and check-points aren’t the best way to find him.

Posted by: Neo-Con Pilsner at November 2, 2006 1:10 AM
Comment #192609

I’m waiting for the Paris peace accords, Peace with dignity and the helicopters leaving the embassy. It’s just a matter of time.

Posted by: gergle at November 2, 2006 6:34 AM
Comment #192627

A quick messege from a few of our brave troops in Iraq fighting, and dying for the rights of Left-wing nut jobs like I see hear on this blog.

“Help us Jon Carry, we our stuk hear in Irak.”

Let’s hear it for the “American hating, Bush Loathing, Totally intolerant…….left wing nuts.”……….typical rhetoric when unable to win at the polls……..destroy the enemy with personal attacks…..hilarious!!!!!

Posted by: bcoy at November 2, 2006 8:52 AM
Comment #192786

RE: #192579

google it and you’ll see the exact same posting all over the place. whoever that guy is, he spent a lot of time copying and pasting.

Posted by: Kevin23 at November 2, 2006 2:31 PM
Comment #192885


Lynn Cheney, is that you? What a real nutjob!!

Posted by: lefty at November 2, 2006 6:33 PM
Comment #192949

1 The Damned, what are you talking about “the disfavoured Irish”? We don’t feel disfavoured at all at all, faith and begorras and bejaysus! Top o the mornin to ya!

Posted by: Paul in Euroland at November 2, 2006 9:00 PM
Comment #192999

Paul in Euroland,

I think for once we agree. 1 The Damned, what the fuck are you talking about? That post is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Regarding the Irish, I’m really confused. He says they are responsible for the evil of Halloween because its roots are pagan, then says we must get back in the good graces of the gods. WTFK? Can we delete this idiotic post, its making me question my opposition to abortion and euthanasia.

Posted by: 1LT B at November 3, 2006 1:58 AM
Comment #193000

Watchblog Managing Editor,

My last comments to Paul in Euroland were too mild by far. Please remove 1 the damned’s comments, they make me question the concept of inherent human dignity and the Perfection of God.

Posted by: 1LT B at November 3, 2006 2:11 AM
Comment #193117

All this talk about “cut and run” and “the dems have no plan to win” is utter nonsense. This war is already lost. We are still there fighting and dying but we have a 0% chance of creating a democracy or anything resembling a representative government in Iraq. You repuglicans who think by “staying the course” or whatever strategy you want to employ – ain’t gonna work period. When the Iraqis voted along religious/ethnic lines in their election it was the last sign that these folks did not want democracy they wanted the power to persecute the other groups in their country. We are now in the middle of a civil war that we cannot stop. There are no democracies in the Middle East and there are unlikely to ever be while people still divide themselves along religious/ethnic lines. If we had Catholic and Baptist and Jewish parties in this country we would be in the same boat – and there is a move in this country to do this kind of thing and it would be very destructive to our system. While it is true that evangelicals tend to be in the Repug party the party isn’t theirs alone (though they are trying).

The cut and run analogy with Vietnam doesn’t hold water either. We did not lose there because we gave up we lost because the Vietnamese people did not want us there. We did not learn from history – the Vietnamese people kicked China’s ass (twice) kicked Japan’s ass, kicked France’s ass, and kick our ass because they did not want an occupying army in their country. The same is true of Iraq.

We are creating more terrorists than we are killing over there as well. If I were an Iraqi and came home from work to find that my neighbors, who were suspected of being insurgents or terrorists (there is a difference) were blown up by US forces and in the process they blew up my house and killed my family – I would spend the rest of my life getting even – going so far as to sacrifice myself to get revenge. Most people would do the same. We are asking these people (probably several hundred thousand at this point) to “please understand, we are doing this to help you.” Sorry folks, that isn’t going to cut it.

This isn’t the fault of our military – it is the fault of the leaders who sent them there to do a job they cannot possible complete. Then all you GOP yahoos start yelling at anyone who points this out to you and un-American or defeatist or whatever. So there is no plan that will bring democracy or stability to Iraq. Bush is hoping it won’t all blow up until he leaves office so he can point the finger of blame elsewhere.

So now we are left with a Iraqi government with Maliki, a stooge of the Sheite’s in charge and al Sadr with enough political power to prevent our military from trying to get this poor guy back (if he is still alive). The Iraqi government is a miserable failure.

We were better off with Saddam in power than with the mess we have now. He had been fairly well contained and there certainly would not have been several hundred thousand dead Iraqis and 2800 dead Americans if he were still in power. It was not worth it nor will it ever be.

The GOP and their supporters seem to be unable in incorporate facts and evidence that does not jive with their ideology - it is a huge weakness of the conservative movement.

Posted by: tcsned at November 3, 2006 2:31 PM
Comment #193283

tcsned; Nice piece. You flatter them calling them conservative though. Crony capitalist,kleptocrats or neo-fascist is closer to the truth. Conservatives believe in individual rights,hard work ,honesty and personal responsibilty. They also have an admiration for competence. These are all lacking with the current regime.These people really cannot even fathom why people might not like Halliburton to win no bid contracts.

Posted by: BillS at November 4, 2006 12:16 PM
Comment #193286

1 The Damned: Thank you for your thoughtful comments. This tuesday you should vote the striaght Democratic ticket. The Democratic Party has long opposed Holloween and Santa(satan) Claus. Just read their platform. Futhur the Bush Whitehouse promotes pagan festivals with tree lighting ceromonies and Holloween Balls. Look it up. Even the name Bush is a mockory of the “burning Bush that gave Moses guidance. The Democrats also want a real national health care system so you can again afford your medication. Vote Democratic this tuesday.

Ah,politics is a dirty game but a vote is a vote.

Posted by: BillS at November 4, 2006 12:36 PM
Comment #193568

BillS - you’re right - they should be forced to come up with a better description of themselves - there’s nothing conservative about the neo-cons - Goldwater would not recognize this party - he would be ashamed at the direction they have pulled the GOP.

Posted by: tcsned at November 6, 2006 10:38 AM
Comment #198633

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Posted by: David at December 11, 2006 12:50 AM
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