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Iran has won the war. It is time to sue for peace.

According to Chatham House: “Iran, Its Neighbours and the Regional Crisis” Iran has gained the most from Bush’s war on terror.

The authors of the Chatham House report have written an excellent scholarly, in depth, insightful and definitive analysis of the Mideast crisis. Many of its conclusions have been articulated in, less in depth terms, by myself and others and some will be reiterated here, but for a thorough understanding of the Mideast crisis, click the link above and read the report. The report is copyrighted and I don't know how much "fair use" will let me quote. So if you want to be well informed on the Mideast, I will just leave it to you to read the whole thing.

It is obvious that Iran has the ability to help stabilize the Mideast and the ability to inflame the Mideast if pressed into a corner. We - especially the dry drunk, black and white, Texas gunslingin royal WE, have a tendency to see Iran as the enemy and assume from that that they only want to inflame and destabilize the Mideast. That is a simplistic one dimensional view of the problem.

Iran certainly is rivaling us in the region - especially since we handed them the power to do so - on a "barrel head." They certainly will destabilize the Mideast in order to achieve their strategic objectives. We, especially the royal dry drunk WE assume that their only strategic objective is the elimination of the state of Israel. Eliminating the state of Israel is not a strategic objective of Iran, rather it is a tactical objective. Iran's strategic objective is to establish its hegemony throughout the region. Eliminating Israel is a means to that end - much the same as the "Holocaust" was a tactic used by right wing extremist to consolidate their power in Germany. They hated Jews, and as divine Christian providence would have it, the Jews were an easy scapegoat to target for the purpose of consolidating their power. This is much the same as right wingnuts today labeling liberals as unpatriotic, weak, traitors who. It is a tactic. If we liberals would unpatriotic-ally betray America's liberal ideals - actually be weak and stop criticizing your inept failed policies - you would stop calling us weak and unpatriotic. It is a tactic. The Iranian leadership and many of its people do hate Israel, but their objective is to establish hegemony in the region, and Israel / U.S. is their only rival - now - thanks to the idiot who need not be named because you all know who I am talking about.

Aside: Blame America first...

"Blame America first is a right wingnut criticism of liberals. It is a very effective tactic. It shames critics into silence and it is a good way to simply dismiss their criticism without talking about the real issues. You win - but at the expense of undermining real political discourse. You guys are supposed to be "all about" responsibility and accountability. But whenever anyone tries to hold you, your leader, or your country responsible and accountable - you go all ape poop on em and dismiss them as the "blame America first" crowd. I had a wife like that once...

Actually blaming America first is exactly what intelligent patriotic Americans should do. The reason is simple, and should be obvious to anyone with intelligence. America is the one thing that we have complete control over. It is the one thing that we can easily change. Taking a "fearless moral inventory" of ourselves, and looking at the ways in which we create our own problems for ourselves - and stopping - would be the most powerful and effective thing that we could do to solve this crisis. The answers are within us. The solutions are within us. We should put our own house in order, instead of worrying about how tall the neighbors grass is. For example, we should stop sticking our nose in other people's business and telling them how they should live and start "living right" ourselves... Get rid of the SUV.

We should stop letting the idea of being the world's only super power go to our head - our little head that is - George Bush that is... We are the worlds only super power - but we are not Superman. He has one weakness - we have many. Our powers are limited. A bull is the most powerful thing in a bull fight - but it is not the smartest - that is why it winds up being the deadest... We need to understand that we have rivals in the world who can counterbalance us. France, Germany, Russia, and China combined can counterbalance us globally, and on a regional basis... ...Iran - thanks to the idiot - is one such regional power that can counterbalance us. We will need a policy of detente with them much as we had with the Soviets. Yes we must confront them - but we also must live with them... They have won the war and we are going to have to deal with it. George Bush has lost the war. There are consequences to losing wars. Pull your head out of the sand - or whatever other dark place you have it. Look at reality. Accept the loss. Accept and prepare for the consequences. And move on.

Quit throwing hundreds of billions of good dollars after hundreds of billions of bad dollars on a lost war in Iraq. Bankrupting America is bin Laden's strategy and it is working. Do not sacrifice more lives on a lost cause. Withdraw at least to the oil fields - that is what we went there for... Let the Iraqis have their civil war. If terrorist strongholds are identified in cites, go back in, smash them, and withdraw. Pay for the oil, but put the oil money in escrow on a per capita basis. Let each side in the civil war know that neither side will be allowed a decisive military victory since we will switch sides and provide tactical air support to whichever side starts to lose. Hold the escrow money until both sides agree to play nice. Talk to both Syria and Iran and involve them in a regional conference to solve the problem. We at least talked to the Soviets for God's sake...

Add a $2 per gallon tax on gasoline to pay for the war so that the free market can reflect at least part of the real cost of gasoline. But use the money that is being spent on the war to develop alternative carbon neutral fuels and fuel economy. We are in a war, fighting for our survival. We need a Manhattan Project to win it. Energy independence is the Manhattan Project we need. Break America's dependence on foreign oil. It is time for conservatives to pull their head out of the sand and accept the fact the that George Bush has lost the war. It is time for liberals to pull their head out of the sand and accept the fact that George Bush has bankrupted the country and that it is time to sell the Crown Jewels. ANWAR is a crown jewel. It is time to allow drilling in ANWAR. We are fighting for survival now. The Crown Jewels have to go, but only in concert with massive programs to increase energy efficiency, and develop carbon neutral alternative energy - otherwise drilling in ANWAR will be like giving a shopaholic another credit card. If we put a $2 tax on gasoline and institute a Manhattan Project for energy independence the price of gas at the pump will be $3 per gallon within 5 years, but over $2 of that will be going into our coffers instead of theirs. Crude oil will be $10 per barrel and they they still won't be able to sell it. They will be bankrupt. We will be booming. They will shut down their nuclear programs. They will shut down Hezbollah. Osama will get a tin cup and a cardboard "Homeless and Hungry" sign...

Developing fuel economy, efficiency, and alternative carbon neutral fuels will spur economic growth in America. It will break our dependence on foreign oil. It will drive the price of oil down. It will financially contain Iran's nuclear program by starving it for cash. It will eliminate our "vital national interest" in imperialistically controlling the Mideast in order to maintain access to oil. That will allow us to become honest power brokers in the region. It will allow us to stop sticking our nose into other people's business. Our imperial involvement in their internal affairs is what makes them think that their religion and way of life is threatened. Ceasing our imperialism will take the wind out of the sales of their hatred for us.

In the commentary thread of my last article titled: Tony Snow is Correct - Sort Of I created, Jack extended, and we discussed a metaphor about a moose and wolves - we being the moose and al Qaeda being the wolves. The debate came to a discussion of where and how an intelligent moose should take its stand. This is where and how the moose should take its stand... By "blaming America first" - because we are patriotic and we love it. Because by "blaming America first" we can look at the things that we can actually change. Because by "blaming America first" we can get our head out of our grandiose, egotistical, self centered, holier than thou, self righteous, "world's only super power" ass. It is dark in here. We are not going to see the truth until we pull our head out - and - the real patriots will gently point that out to us.

I guess that this "aside" is not an "aside." It is in fact the whole point.

My daughter, son in law, and new grandson are home on leave, so I probably will not defend my position as vigorously as usual, but I will monitor the commentary thread - so have your way with me - this is a freebie.

Posted by Ray Guest at September 7, 2006 2:10 PM
Comment #179641

I’m guessing we can start calling this the “axis of democracy”…???

Posted by: tony at September 7, 2006 3:19 PM
Comment #179642

I am beginning my self-reflection as soon as I finish my conversion to Islam. After all, therein lies the root of my problems. I’m an infidel and I have no one to blame but myself for that. Thanks Ray.

Posted by: Charles Adams at September 7, 2006 3:26 PM
Comment #179643

you offered solutions. But we will continue to read how the left can only criticize.

Posted by: Schwamp at September 7, 2006 3:34 PM
Comment #179658

Good article and well said, Ray!
Hope you enjoy your family visit.

Posted by: Adrienne at September 7, 2006 4:27 PM
Comment #179668

Premise faulty Ray…go back to the fairy-tale world you live in and start over. Can any of the liberals writing on this blog treat the President of the United States like a human being? Must you always use words that do nothing but inflame? Where is your humanity?

Posted by: Jim at September 7, 2006 5:12 PM
Comment #179673

“go back to the fairy-tale world you live in and start over”
“Must you always use words that do nothing but inflame?”


Posted by: Adrienne at September 7, 2006 5:31 PM
Comment #179674


“Can any of the liberals writing on this blog treat the President of the United States like a human being? Must you always use words that do nothing but inflame? Where is your humanity? “

Yeah, Jim my boy, politics is an ugly thing—thanks to Newt and Tom and Dick and Karl and Lee. Tell you what? I’ll show Bush my humanity when he shows me his (aside from his fart jokes, that is). He would go a long way in that regard if he got us out of Iraq, then apologized.

“Have you ever watched a crab on the shore crawling backward in search of the Atlantic Ocean, and missing? That’s the way the mind of man Bush operates.”


Posted by: Tim Crow at September 7, 2006 5:32 PM
Comment #179679



Posted by: tony at September 7, 2006 6:36 PM
Comment #179684

I’ve been reding some stats on prisons lately. I was stupified to learn that we have the highest per capita prison population in the world.

Welcome to the land of freedom.

I was listening to lecture on fuedalism in Europe. Sounds a lot like the USA. The peasants pay tribute to the rich. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. When they can’t survive on their pittance, and can’t pay their tribute, lock them up.

The plague dessimated the poor, and thus ended feudalism. They could no longer pay tribute, so they moved to the abandoned properties away from their lords and masters. Their lot improved and the rich had to devise other means of fleecing the peasants.

In the sixties, we asked,” what if they started a war and no one came?” We should begin asking, “What if no one paid tribute to the government (King)?” I suspect they would open the prisons, hoping we’d beg for their protection. What if the rich were forced to pay tribute? Allowing them to stay financially secure, but pay on penalty of imprisonment or death, the larger portion of their wealth? Would they all move to China and become Communists? Would they stay and fight? Would they begin to contribute to the society that provides them security?

I think we are approaching the end of America as formed in the 1780’s. It’s come a time in the course of human events for people to reevaluate their value in the world. Viva la proletariat!!!

Posted by: gergle at September 7, 2006 7:23 PM
Comment #179699

Ray, great post, and Bill W. would be proud.

Michael M.

Posted by: Michael M at September 7, 2006 8:31 PM
Comment #179705

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Iraq is a mistake, and a bloody, oily one at that. Bush messed up bigtime, maybe lied about it, didn’t do anything about his mess ups and now blames the media for poor public opinion.

Blame America first maybe, but give her no more than her fair share of the blame. Blame for the “War on Terror” lies very little with us. OBL blames us for liberating/stealing Spain back in 1493 (that was the year, right?) A gas tax…extensive research into alternate fuels? Why not? We obviously need alternate fuels and more gas to break energy dependence…Taxing gas would reduce consumption, reducing need…

Charles Adams
Wherever he suggested surrendur I did not read it.

Are you suggesting socialism? First, we’re not imprisoning people because they can’t pay taxes, that’s illegal. Actually we’re imprisoning people for breaking the law, mostly for theft, murder and drugs.

Second, the feudal age did not end when people moved to places without lords, since there were very few areas without them and any such areas would be inhospitable to any large population. Actually it ended when the black death wiped out lots of labor, creating demand for it which was exploited by workers to get higher wages. Also areas generally had carnivals, where people got together and traded for things at a set place and time every year. Eventually these carnivals became permanent settlements with special privileges, notably large self government, granted by lords in exchange for money from trade. Eventually these became either more powerful than lords or city-states. Thus ended feudalism, not as you described it.

Posted by: Silima at September 7, 2006 9:08 PM
Comment #179715

—-Silima— Does surfing an critiquing all those
you disagree with make you feel better or is it just a
bad habit?

Posted by: DAVID at September 7, 2006 10:49 PM
Comment #179717

Typical Liberal cut and run.
“We can’t win this war on terror”
“It’s just like Vietnam”
“Bush is Hitler”
“Bush is an idiot”

Oh, I forgot..your an intelligent patriotic American.

Posted by: Joe at September 7, 2006 10:55 PM
Comment #179721

I would be interested in reading comments by people that don’t think resorting to useless name-calling is a way to effectively express an opinion and solve a problem. Why do you do that? One person said he would show his humanity when Bush does. Such reasoning is EXACTLY why we have continuing problems, no matter who started it. Someone has to stop the cycle and reasonably get down to resolving the problems at hand. Why does it always have to be the other guy?

Posted by: Philip at September 7, 2006 11:48 PM
Comment #179725


“They have won the war and we are going to have to deal with it. George Bush has lost the war. There are consequences to losing wars. Pull your head out of the sand - or whatever other dark place you have it. Look at reality. Accept the loss. Accept and prepare for the consequences.”

Did you read that?

Posted by: Charles Adams at September 8, 2006 12:11 AM
Comment #179726

Thanks for your comments all - especially Adrienne, Gergle, and Silima.

Charles Adams, thanks also, losing the war in Iraq and making Iran the winner does not mean losing the so called war on terror. I thought that I presented one possible plan to address that by presenting a plan that plays to our strengths and their weaknesses.

Jim, yes I am inflammatory in regards to this regime. I won’t defend, apologize, or promise to change - but I will consider your criticism and possibly moderate my rhetoric in future - on the other hand…

Posted by: Ray Guest at September 8, 2006 12:30 AM
Comment #179738

saying people are put in jail for breaking the law is circular argument. The concentration camps were built for Jewish lawbreakers. Houston now has a law that it is illegal to sit, sleep or place your belongings on the sidewalk. Do they arrest business men waiting for the bus? No. They arrest those that are homeless. Tell me again it’s not about money. It is also illegal to panhandle.

The police also are using driving laws to arrrest thousands, on insurance type violations. Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican libertarian, called this a defacto police state.

My point wasn’t whether socialism is a solution, but whether the myth of a free and democratic society exists here. The problem with all this “bootsraps” talk is that the weak and helpless are being harrassed because of their poverty and mental and other health problems. Their filling up the jails and hiding this little lie from “decent folk”. Hitler made the trains run on time and reduced crime, too.

You simply assumed that it’s those lowlife criminals filling up our jails more than anywhere else in the world. There’s a growing industry around this. Harris County Jail has had several inmates die, due to lack of medical care.

I’m not saying it’s a religious purge, it’s a war on poverty and other unsavory types, but the guns are aimed at the poor, weak and unhealthy. Well, maybe it’s one way to clear the welfare deficit. I’m waitng for the old people ice-flows.

Posted by: gergle at September 8, 2006 1:54 AM
Comment #179742

George Carlin, said it poetically

Posted by: gergle at September 8, 2006 2:33 AM
Comment #179743

Absolutely right gergle, most people don’t realize that a large portion of homeless people are mentally disabled. Funding has been cut across the board for these folks and ultimately they end up in jail.

Posted by: Rob at September 8, 2006 2:36 AM
Comment #179745

great clip!

Posted by: Rob at September 8, 2006 2:45 AM
Comment #179750

Ray, your analysis of the middle east is dead on in my opinion, and the American interest in changing it’s energy policy. Sadly the coporatists who run the country, want to squeeze more money out of cheap oil, even if a few thousand troops die in aquiring it.

It will be the poor and middle class saps who die in this war. It will be the rich corporatists, selling their betrayal draped in flags, and patriotic free market mumbo-jumbo, who profit.

The saddest part of this are the saps who have no means to justify supporting the empty suits who are owned by the money sucking vampires, be they Democrat or Republican. If you don’t own your own corporation, and earn in the $100,000+/year category, you are supporting your own abuse. Snap out of it.

If you are truly in a free market business, while you gain the tax advantages of corporations, you are not participating in the robbing of the treasury that government subcontrators are. They are participants in the political patronage, or coporate welfare (known as privatization) that goes with this balooning theft of your taxes.

I see so many small business owners, get on that treadmill of rising expectations as they become more and more distanced from reality as they suck up to their political benefactors and join the “club”. This fuedal tribute system is what is leading us astray in energy and foreign policy. This will lead to our own “plague”. I remember working for a Palestinian engineer, who announced to me that he had never voted Repulican a few years ago. But now that we were doing about $1.2 million a year (gross) and were beginning to enter the government subcontractor pig trough, which would probaly double our revenues, he was going to vote Republican. Trust me, Tom Delay and his accolyte Abramhoff let you know who is buttering their bread. As do the County and City Politicians. Sadly few people know the names of the profiteers pulling the strings.

We are becoming more and more like some bannana republic. What does it take to wake people up?

Posted by: gergle at September 8, 2006 6:31 AM
Comment #179771


I could not disagree more with your sentiments that a) we have lost the war in Iraq and b) that we can fight the war against fundementalist Islam by merely bombing strongholds.

Iraq is a difficult place, yes. There are plenty of people left there that do not want to live in a theocracy. These people rely on us to finish the job. We cannot leave them now. We must continue to help people that want to live in freedom. Look at what happened in Viet Nam. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese streamed to this country when that country fell. They did not want to live in a socialist, communist dictatorship. I am happy to have these people here, but I’ll bet they’d rather be living in their own country under a freedom-loving form of government. We cannot keep absorbing the disaffected of the world. We have to fight back against the oppressor governments.

Al-Qaeda is an organization of assassins, saboteurs and spies. To be able to get them to spend their human capital in conventional warfare is exceptional. The more we can do that the better. This war is a recruitment tool for both sides. If we are losing the recruitment battle it is because we are not articulating our message. We are *not* the bad guys. (I can’t believe I even have to say that.)

Ray, it is your defeatist attitude that I find the most distasteful. Well, that and your suggestion that we are not taxed enough already.


Have you ever been in jail? By and large, the people that are there deserve to be there. I know. What you are spouting is pure class warfare stuff. The fact is that there are a lot of people that just don’t care anything about abiding by our laws. When they are caught, they go to jail. The prison population in this country is actually a little light. It should be raised by at least 535 — the current population of the US Congress.

Posted by: Charles Adams at September 8, 2006 9:16 AM
Comment #179784

Charles Adams,

Thank you for your comments. The only thing I sort of agreed with was raising the prison population by a little over 500 - some of em deserve probation…

We are over taxed - the rich are under taxed - a gas tax is regressive - Republicans should love that - it could be accompanied by a tax cut for the poor and middle class (would be accompanied by a tax cut for the rich) - we paying the money for the army that maintains cheap gas anyway - buy we are paying through income tax with no “free market” link to gas prices - transfering that tax burden to a gas tax gives people control over how much they pay and reflects the real price of gas.

I am not defeatest.

Your sentimental desire to help the poor victims of the Iraq debacle is well taken. You apparently do not want to help the poor in this country who are victims of our exploitive ecconomic system, or simple accidents of birth and life circumstances. At least some of the poor are adults and they are responsible for their children and for themselves. The Iraqi people are adults too and they are responsible for their country. We cannot save them from themselves. We might be able to help them help themselves. Our presence there is making the situation worse - for us and them. When your neighbor is pistol whipping his wife - you call the police - if you interfere he will shoot you and her - he has seen the way you look at her and he thinks you are having an affair with her as is - we are not the police - we are fighting for our own survival - and that is the best thing we can do for the Iraqi people - when the wife does finally get away we can provide her with a domestic violence safe house. But we can only provide that for the Iraqi people if we surrive and thrive as a nation. The Iraqis have seen the way that we look at their oil - it is so round and plump…

Posted by: Ray Guest at September 8, 2006 10:04 AM
Comment #179788

The world does need a powerful well trained, well equipped police force - but it should be broad based international in nature - a new and improved UN perhaps.

Posted by: Ray Guest at September 8, 2006 10:18 AM
Comment #179791

You tax what you want less of. We want less dependence on oil - tax it.

Posted by: Ray Guest at September 8, 2006 10:25 AM
Comment #179843


Good article. In the past I’ve summed things up much more simply by saying that our invasion and occupation of Iraq was basically like giving Iran a big wet kiss. I believe most of Iraq will eventually fall under the control of Iran, albeit indirectly, just thru the support and subsequent rise to power of the Shiite community.

Sadly I think that will be the outcome whether we withdraw one year, ten years, or 50 years from now. Much depends on how we deal with Iran in the next few years. Those who imagine a simple and fast military solution are simply deluded. “Precision” air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities and/or military installations would be met with full scale war and, while we probably would prevail, the international community would almost certainly view us as a “rogue” nation following such a move.

The disruption of oil supplies would raise long term havoc with the worlds economy. That leads me to the suggestion of a two dollar per gallon tax on gas. Ouch! I know a large number of poor and elderly folks that would suffer greatly with such an increase and the subsequent inflation that would result from such a move. I believe there would have to be some “exceptions” to the tax, especially regarding commerce.

I think that would sell to the voting public just about as well as my idea of reinstating the draft. Besides the government would simply “rob Peter to pay Paul” and the funds would be redirected to other than their intended purpose, uh, kind of like the Social Security Trust Fund.

Now, something off topic but IMO important:
Would everyone try to help me get out the word about contacting ABC about the upcoming ABC special about 9-11? I’ve done so here:

“Tell ABC to Tell the Truth About 9/11”

I only used their format and typed my own personal message but anyone can take one minute and just use the “boiler plate” message provided.

Thanks, KansasDem

Posted by: KansasDem at September 8, 2006 1:29 PM
Comment #179868

Kansas Dem,

Thanks as always for your comment.

About the hardship of the tax… Giving up an addiction is painful and the U.S. is not about to do it - not even the Democrats - but remember the idea is to transfer a tax burden not add a new burden. Seniors and poor are paying $5 per gallon anyway - actually in real terms more like $10 or $15 if you consider the environment. The only thing is that you pay $3 at the pump and the rest in income tax, insurance, other taxes, and other hidden cost. This would just transfer some of the real cost to the pump and give people control over how much tax they pay. Some adjustment should be made for people at the very bottom of the income scale in an ideal world. In the real world, the poor and disenfranchised would get screwed - just like normal. But they are going to get screwed regardless…

Posted by: Ray Guest at September 8, 2006 2:55 PM
Comment #179870

Charles Adams,

Hey Adams, is my grandmother’s family name. If you have family in eastern KY we could be cousins!!

Actually, I have been in jail. Only for traffic violations, but still I’ve seen the drunk tanks (I wasn’t), the homeless, helpless, stupid and confused. I once was arrested for driving on a supsended license. I had no idea it was suspended. The Department of Public Safety just has to say they notified you. No registered mail required. I never recieved a notification. I served three days.

I also count as a friend an excon out on parole. He is one of the most honest, and hadworking people I know. He fully admits he was a criminal and drug addict. He will be on parole he rest of his life. He still has a drinking problem.

Did you read my text about Houston’s new vagrancy laws? How about this. Some local cops arrest some 50 people in the parking lot of a local Walmart, because some teens were racing on the street at 2 in the morning. Turns out half of the kids arrested had nothing at all to do with racing group, but were coming and going from a nearby Denny’s. Inch by inch, the “laws” are hemming in everyone so that you cannot do anything without a license or permission from the government. Of course there’s a fee associated with that permission. Local police frequently sit in parking lots and pull over 20 cars every 15 minutes to issue violations. They have in the past admitted to meeting ticket quotas, to meet budget concerns at city hall. Is this about safety or revenue?

You are way to passive about this kind of authoritarian control, in my opinion. Where is your belief in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? Where is the America our founders died for?

There are 714 prisoners per 100,000 in the U.S. This is significantly higher than ANY OTHER NATION. Why? Are Americans more criminal-like? Or do we live in an authoritarian society? Why is our energy policy so screwed up? Why are we fighting a war that has nothing to do with Al Qaeda terrorism and saying that it does?

This feels to me a lot like fuedalism, and yes it is class warfare. O.J. got a different justice than you or I would. There is a local loon who chopped his neighbor into pieces still walking around free, because he is rich. The rich folk aren’t dying in Iraq.

Posted by: gergle at September 8, 2006 2:58 PM
Comment #179872
“One person said he would show his humanity when Bush does. Such reasoning is EXACTLY why we have continuing problems, no matter who started it. Someone has to stop the cycle and reasonably get down to resolving the problems at hand. Why does it always have to be the other guy?”

Posted by: Philip at September 7, 2006 11:48 PM

Can’t we all just get along??!

Sorry, Philip, after six years of lying and dissembling, corruption and cronyism, getting the US into a quagmire in Iraq, tearing up the Constitution, a jobless economic recovery that has not only erroded the earning power of the middle class while throwing tax cut after tax cut at the very people who don’t need it, complete disdain for the misery of New Orleans,stealing elections in broad daylight, the undermining of government agencies that are supposed to protect the people from corporate greed and malfesance—sorry, the gloves are off. My Buddhist tolerance has been used up.

Frankly, I’m of the opinion that “the cycle” not only doesn’t need to be stopped—I think it needs to be accelerated. With the GOP staring at the prospect of a real clock-cleaning in November, I was wondering when we’d start getting this “can’t we be reasonable” bleat. After the vicious, partisan vitriole that this administration and Congress as thrived on for the last six years, reasonablness is going to have to come from them—after all, they’re in power, Phil. Democrats have been trying to be reasonable for six years—the tire tracks on their backs from being run over by K Street GOP thugs with no compunction are merging into one big, sorry grease-spot.

And I think you’re going to wait a long time for an olive branch from these GOP gangsters. So, take a seat, and enjoy the show, bought to you by Greed Inc, makers of cluster bombs for every occasion.

Posted by: Tim Crow at September 8, 2006 3:06 PM
Comment #179880

Thanks for the message
I was noticing too the “Dish it out but can’t take it” Right Wingers
Totally Trash, defame, slander, mudsline anyone who disagrees with them and then whine and cry if anyone dare to honestly point out the failings of their Idiot-in-Chief (and then whine about “Bush-haters”)

Time to be PROUD to be a BUSH-HATER!!
It would definately be a way of demonstrating that one ACTUALLY HAS A BRAIN!!!
I HATE THAT HE IS A TOTAL EMBARRASEMENT TO THIS COUNTRY (at least to anyone with the brains that God gave them(yes I believe in God — despite your lies and slander re: the left and religion)
Your time will come — soon, we are retaking this country and will be restoring the freedoms you have been working so tirelessly to destroy!!

Posted by: Russ at September 8, 2006 3:21 PM
Comment #179893

Don’t forget to breathe Russ. *Breathe…*

Posted by: Tim Crow at September 8, 2006 3:51 PM
Comment #179926

Breathe… Deep slow diaphramic… follow the breath… We will learn to meditate one way or the other.

Posted by: Ray Guest at September 8, 2006 6:08 PM
Comment #179928

If the nazis had only seen Jews as a way of consolidating their power in Germany they would not have bothered to round them up and exterminate them in other countries, especially after they had already established absolute power. To say that eliminating Israel is simply a tactical move down plays the real significance of that issue. We are talking about the planned extermination of a race! If the Muslim world made a bigger issue out of their hatred of homosexuals and their desire to exterminate them would liberals mention this as nothing more than a tactical means to an end? I sense more and more a willingness on the part of the left to view Israel as a modern day Sudetenland that sooner or later they will be willing to hand over in order to achieve peace in our time.

Posted by: Carnak at September 8, 2006 6:24 PM
Comment #179942

—-Ray— I believe we would make a colossal error
by increasing taxes on fuel! Low wage earners, an
most elderly can not afford gas for cars or home
heating fuel along with the higher insurance and
health care rates. I thing there is enough
evidence to show gouging from the oil companies
an when the Democrats take over, can impose many optional penalties (to many to list) on the
oil companies if they refuse to bring their
prices down to the existing cost of living, or
at least a price every one can live with!

Posted by: DAVID at September 8, 2006 7:45 PM
Comment #179962

David, while I agree there has been manipulation of gasoline, oil and natural gas as well as propane, it’s largely Washington that has allowed it by reversing the results of anti-trust action taken upon Standard Oil.

The Democrats are not going to bite that hand any more than the Republicans. It brings them dinner, too. America needs to boot out most incumbants to send a message to party politics. We need easy recall legislation. Put your congressman on a leash.

Posted by: gergle at September 8, 2006 8:53 PM
Comment #179967


“there is evidence to show gouging from the oil companies.” Hmmmmm… you think?

Daddy Busch gave baby Busch some oil companies to play with back in the 90’s he completely screwed them up. Well he found a way to make himself and his oil buddies filthy rich, becomde president and declare war on Iraq. Wow what an idea! And if the price of oil starts to drop send Condy out to rattle some sabres at Iran or North Korea “damn if it dont work like a charm.” Look for some sabre ratteling at Venezuela next,
their getting awfully big for their britches.

Don’t look for a drop in gas prices to a sane level as long as long as daddy Busch and big oil are pulling baby Busch’s strings.

Posted by: wolfey at September 8, 2006 9:06 PM
Comment #179973

—wolfey— You are quiet right about that! I
think a huge price hike on all goods going to
all these “sabre rattlers” regardless of UN
dictates, an take a stand on imports an exports,
an start acting like a first rate, great National Leader we once were, I think we also need a Foreign debate with “all” Countries an
stop all this dam game playing an put a nix
on all these control freaks around the World.

Posted by: DAVID at September 8, 2006 9:56 PM
Comment #179984

—-gergle—- After just seeing some of the just
released full report on 9/11 just p——s me
right off an I hope some of those spineless
Senators an Congressmen Impeach that story telling President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: DAVID at September 8, 2006 10:30 PM
Comment #179994

—-Also Senate Panel Finds No Prewar Iraq-Al-Qaeda Link———My ears are burning!

Posted by: DAVID at September 8, 2006 11:14 PM
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