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Dear Mr. President: Please resign

The time has come sir; you must resign. From your early days as President, we knew who you were. We complained that you stole your presidency or you lacked the majority of the votes, at least. We knew that you were petty, secretive and vindictive. How else can you explain having the Vice President hold secret energy hearings with industry executives to help structure an energy bill? Or how your Republican staffers broke into Democratic computers to steal files and then used those files as ammunition against them? We knew who you were.

Even when you decided to take more time off than any President before you and after receiving a note describing Bin Laden's wish to use commercial airliners as loaded missiles. We knew who you were.

But 911 changed that.

Yes; I'll admit that. 911 changed the way the world looked at you. For whatever reason, good or bad, they needed a figure to take charge and lead the world through a terrible time of grief. They overlooked your massive inabilities to place their faith and trust in you to do the right thing for America and the world. Yes; 911 changed our perceptions of you, but alas, 911 didn't change who you were.

Instead of using the incredible responsibility of the faith and trust of the American people, you decided to use your new collateral for purpose of greed. And like most people who are driven by greed, corruption and scandal aren't far behind.

But as each scandal emerged, little chips began to fall from your pedestal.

When you announced that you would get Bin Laden for his heinous attack on America, you instead, chose to overthrow Afghanistan. Even though you knew that Bin Laden was reported in Pakistan, you overthrew the government of Afghanistan. It wasn't until months later and the Caspian sea pipeline was completed, did we realize the true motive; greed. How else can you explain the thriving Russian Luk Oil market popping up in every state in our union while Bin Laden roams free?

When you went before America and the world to claim that Saddam Hussein was a threat to America and Iraq's neighbors, all the while fixing the evidence to support the argument.

You actively and aggressively went after American dissent. Anyone and everyone that disagreed with your opinions, policies and point of view, you misused your power to promote your agenda. Joe Wilson, after all of your smearing, misinformation and out and out lying, was right; you went after him with all means available.

You decided that you would forgoe your constitutional responsibilities by sidestepped the Congress (in invading Iraq) and the Justice department, in developing a secret NSA program to eavesdrop on American citizens without the watchful eye of the law. Instead of following the law, you chose to go around it.

It is time. You must resign.

You are the CEO-President. At least that is what you were marketed as during your first few months. As most CEOs realize that a distracted CEO is an ineffective CEO. And as the CEOs of Merck, Boeing, Diebold, RadioShack, PeopleSoft and Nike have realized that CEOs must work for the best of the company. It's time that you step-aside to allow the country repair itself and allow the world to reconnect with the United States.

The only reason and I do mean the only reason, that you have survived this long, is because the Senate and Congress are stacked in your favor. You can rest assured that had the Democrats held a majority, as the Republicans did in 1998, you would have to deal with censure or impeachment charges.

Save America the pain and heartache of working through an actual impeachment process. Americans shouldn't have to go through that; we did nothing wrong. A real man would realize that they did wrong to their country and its citizens and step-aside to stave off further anguish. Please, Mr. President; do the right thing this one time.

It is time; you must resign.

One last thing: fire Dick before you leave.

Posted by john trevisani at April 7, 2006 8:52 AM