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Tom Delay is Loved By All

This man is truly cared about. He is well taken cared of and Everybody wants to be nice to him. Why are we prosecuting this guy? Why would we want to prosecute any politicians? Everybody (especially the wealthy) really love these guys.
Tom Delay is a popular man indeed.
Public documents reviewed by the Associated Press show some of the perks that have been kindly given to the leader of the Republican party.

48 visits to golf clubs.
100 flights aboard company planes.
200 stays at world class hotels.
500 meals at 4-5 star restaurants.

Tom Delay has visited cliff-top Caribbean resorts, golf courses designed by PGA professionals and many four star restaurants. All of these wonderful perks come courtesy of wealthy donors, lobbyists and special interest groups. Paid for by donations collected by campaign committees, political action committees and a children’s charity he created.

Since 1995 he has raised over $35 million for his campaign, PACs and legal defense fund.
The AP found Delay’s various organizations spent $1million over the past 6 years on luxury travel.
It is illegal to take money from political donations, it’s totally legal to do so in the guise of raising more money or just talking politics.

Delay’s lawyer says none of the above mentioned vacations, free travel, golf outings or gourmet meals “were for Delay’s benefit”(That's dedication), he goes on to say, “it takes money to raise money(don't we know it).”
Some might say that it is damaging to ethics laws and shines a light on the need for campaign finance reform.
This is not a Republican issue. It is a universal political issue that must be addressed before the people of the United States can once again feel we are represented by our elected officials with the same urgency and dedication as those who are wealthy and powerful.

Are these gifts given because of like minded political thinking, party affiliation or are there expectations that Delay and others like him will influence policy in their favor?

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at December 21, 2005 5:17 PM