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Bush and Co. Are Very Questionable

Those who support this administration and support the policies of our current President have on occasion accused those who do not support the president of ignoring facts, manufacturing evidence and having a preconceived doubt of his abilities and a need to rush to a negative judgement about his policies.
I see it a little differently. I see us as those willing to ask questions. We want to know more about what we’re being told.
We don’t always like what we find out and on occasion speak up about it.
Is that so bad?

We hear people say that this president supports our troops.
We ask:
This President and his Vice President had their opportunity to fight for their country and refused, why? They have cut soldiers benefits and benefits for their families, why? Why is it that low level soldiers, not high ranking officers and Pentagon officials are facing charges from Abu Graib incidents? Why did it take so long to get supplies to our soldiers that they needed to fight the war(armor)? Why did Rumsfeld respond with essentially "tough luck" when asked by our soldiers?

We hear people say the President is tough on terror.
We ask:
Why are U.S. borders still wide open years after the 9/11attacks? Why are we even debating whether to let sharp objects on planes? Why, after 9/11, has "Homeland Security" become such a failure despite pouring billions of tax dollars into the agency? Why do we check peoples shoes but not large shipping containers aboard commercial flights? What has been done to secure shipping ports, chemical plants and nuclear facilities? Who's profitting from the war on terror? Is it a mere coincidence that it's Dick Cheney's "old" company and the oil industry?

We hear this President is a moral person.
We ask:
Why has the gap between the wealthy few and the poor grown so rapidly under his watch? Why has corruption and greed become the norm while his administration has held office? Why does the oil and energy companies that have major ties to several members of the White House get to dictate environmental policies that benefit them but not the environment?
Why has government secrecy increased to record levels? Why the attack on civil liberties? Why would any United States President argue for the use of torture? Why staged interviews in front of pre-screened audiences?

We hear that the President has a plan in Iraq.
We ask:
Why attack those who question the justification of this war, rather than debate the merits of the justifications? Why have we been told several justifications for the war?(WMD, "regime change", "take the fight to the terrorists", "Iraqi Freedom") etc.? Why do they keep changing?
If the intelligence was flawed, why is it that those people who supplied the faulty intelligence reaped such great rewards(medals and power) for their mistakes? Why are the attackers of those who criticize this war so highly regarded by this President?
Why would the procurement officer for the Pentagon lie about the legality of contracts awarded to Haliburton? Where is the $8 billion dollars that was lost in Iraq? If the Pentagon can plant fake news in Iraq, why can't they seem to be able to accurately report and show all the "Infrastructure Rebuilding" that Bush and Cheney keep mentioning? Why is it that low level soldiers, not high ranking officers and pentagon officials are facing charges from Abu Graib?
Why do we get to use explosives that kill civilians(oops) and are the good guys, the terrorists do it and they are, well terrorists? Why do so many around the world not support this war? Why was this war being discussed and planned by Republican "Think-Tank" years before we actually invaded?
Why did it take so long to get supplies needed to fight the war(armor)? Why is it that Haliburton can over-charge the tax payers of the U.S. with no repercussions?

We like to ask questions.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at December 19, 2005 8:37 AM