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Democrats Overwhelmingly Reject Pullout

Last Friday, House Republicans pulled a total bullshit move to immediately withdraw US troops from Iraq. Democrats overwhelmingly defeated it, and rightly so. No one wants our troops to leave Iraq without a plan for defeating al Qaeda forces operating there. In fact, Democrats are still urging President Bush to change course — to finally give our troops a definition of victory and the manpower to achieve it.

President Bush invaded Iraq without overwhelming force, without well-defined goals, and without an exit strategy. Three years later, nothing has changed. Seriously, if President Bush hadn't fucked up so badly, we wouldn't be having this debate at all.

Congressman Murtha, the Democratic hawk who shook up Washington last week, had his military redeployment resolution shot down by Republicans, who instead forced a vote on whether or not we should just immediately leave Iraq. Murtha proposed maintaining a strong Marine presence near Iraq and establishing a Special Operations quick-reaction force to go after al Qaeda inside Iraq. Republicans proposed a simple cut and run retreat. Democrats immediately rejected their foolish, irresponsible proposal.

Murtha introduced his resolution because President Bush will not pony up the number of troops necessary to secure the occupation of Iraq, and I find it hard to disagree with his assessment. Even though I'm certain Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's new Provincial Reconstruction Team strategy can defeat al Qaeda in Iraq, I'm also aware that the Pentagon is not interested in that kind of operation, and President Bush and Republicans in Congress are unwilling to support Dr. Rice's blueprint for victory -- their silence on the new strategy is deafening.

So if President Bush and Republicans will not commit the number of troops necessary to secure the occupation of Iraq and defeat the al Qaeda forces operating there, Congressman Murtha's military strategy is just common sense. Barring aggressive support for the Provincial Reconstruction Teams, it's what we'll end up doing anyhow.

Posted by American Pundit at November 20, 2005 10:44 AM