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Ouch! That's gotta hurt: Libby indictment describes the lies behind the message

Scooter Libby is in deep do-do. Fair is fair however; an indictment is only one side of the story; in this case, Patrick Fitzgerald’s side. But if half of this is true, Scooter will still be making the same friends that Martha Stewart made, just for a longer amount of time.

I read the indictment (link). It appears that Libby hasn't been entirely truthful. One might say; he lied like a rug. But hey, that's for a jury to decide. It's evident that Scooter knew that the information about Plame was confidential because he told another person NOT to disclose the information to the press. Jeezeā€¦ Scooter, ever take your own advise?

But the indictment should also be of some interest to others too; notably, Rove and Cheney (known in the indictment as Official A and VP). These guys have got some 'splaining' to do:

  • Official A is described as talking to the press about Mrs. Wilson before this information was commonly known.
  • Cheney is on record as telling Libby that Plame worked for the CIA in the Counterproliferation Division. That's covert for those of you counting.

    Granted there are some other players that were discussed, notably the Under Secretary of State and the White House Press Secretary (at that time it was Ari Fliescher). But the brunt of this mess lies on the desks of Libby, Cheney and Rove.

    Now this report is public record. It is now public record that Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States, knew of the Niger trip, its findings and ultimately knew that the Niger allegation were false. It's now public record that Cheney, when he went on television news outlets and said that he never knew Joe Wilson, was lying.

    With Rove, it gets a little more complicated. He's described in the indictment as a person that discussed Plame with Novak, and that Novak was running a story about it. What's not discussed is how Rove got this information. In the indictment Rove independently spoke with Novak and later informed Scooter of the conversation. So where did Rove get this information? Did he get the information from Bush? What did Bush know? I guess we'll find that out in Rove's impending indictment.

    "Hello, This is Martha Stewart."

    "Um... Yes... this is Lewis Libby, my friends call me Scooter."

    "Ah... Yes... I was expecting your call."

    Posted by john trevisani at October 28, 2005 2:20 PM