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Run Dick. Run.

With the New York Times now reporting that Vice President Dick Cheney was the source of the Plame leak to Libby, what could be the possible fallout?

According to the article, included in Libby's notes were references to a conversation that took place between Cheney and Libby during which, Cheney revealed to Libby that Valerie Plame was Joe Wilson's wife. The notes also disclosed that Cheney fettered this information, at his request, from Tenet, then Director of the CIA.

So, based on that, we now know that Libby will be visiting a nearby prison soon for lying to investigators and lying to the federal grand jury. i'm sure he's already calling Martha Stewart for pointers.

But the new wrinkle is how Cheney might be implicated.

On June 5th, 2004, Dick Cheney was questioned by investigators relating to this case. Even though Cheney was not under oath during this questioning, lying to investigators is considered to be "Obstruction of Justice". In fact, OoJ is what Martha was convicted of, not insider trading. Martha wasn't under oath when she was questioned by investigators. Apples are apples.

Will Fitzgerald feel the same way and indict the Vice President on OoJ?

Why not? If the V.P. didn't answer the questions honestly about his knowledge of Plame's name and how the name was released, wouldn't he be held responsible too?

Fallout is fallout. Some questions will be answered when Fitzgerald issues his report. Some will not. If the V.P. isn't charged with OoJ, then I want to know why? What did he say to the investigators when he was asked about his conversations with his senior aides? Was he truthful or not.

Run Dick. Run.

Posted by john trevisani at October 25, 2005 1:10 PM